For the BTD5 counterpart, see Ray of Doom (BTD5).
Creates a solid line of annihilation. You can erase most Bloons at your leisure.
~ BTD6 description

Ray of Doom, or RoD, is the fifth upgrade of Path 1 for the Dartling Gunner in BTD6. Like the Ray of Doom in BTD5, the Ray of Doom shoots a solid beam of constant destruction. It is a more powerful version of Plasma Accelerator, and it deals extremely high damage with its laserbeam to compensate the lack of a high damage focal point. Ray of Doom now gains the normal damage type, allowing it to damage any bloon type including Purple Bloons.

The solid beam of destruction deals 5 damage per 0.25s and 25 damage per 0.25s versus MOAB-class, and the Laser Shock status effect deals 15 damage per 0.1s for 5.0 seconds. The RoD's intense laser can also pierce up to 1000 bloons, which for most cases is roughly infinite.

It costs $80,750 on Easy, $95,000 on Medium, $102,000 on Hard, and $132,000 on Impoppable.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Ray of Doom is the best solo option at dealing huge damage with the least amount of lag possible. As such, if there is a great excess of money available, Ray of Doom should be the main option to go for main DPS while using as little device energy as possible. Because it is weak against DDTs and BADs, support against those types should be added too. Most of the time, you don't even have to worry about superceramics swarming your defenses, due to the Ray of Doom's ridiculously high amount of pierce and the fact that it can destroy superceramics in less than a second.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The 5-2-0 crosspath is highly preferred. There is no real benefit in adding faster swivel speed because combining extreme damage from the power laserbeam with +33% attack speed compensates for the Dartling Gunner's slow rotation speed, and the pierce buff from Powerful Darts is insignificant due to the Ray of Doom's already massive pierce.
  • Add Jungle Drums and Overclock to optimize the Ray of Doom's performance.
  • Despite its massive pierce, the Ray of Doom's comparatively low single-target damage causes it to struggle somewhat against Fortified ZOMGs, Fortified DDTs, and BADs.
  • Ray of Doom cannot pass through Line of Sight obstacles, making it a bad option on maps with lots of obstacles, unless it is placed on high-ground.
  • An alchemist buff to the Ray of Doom is almost useless to the Ray of Doom unless upgraded to Permanent Brew, due to Ray of Doom's fast attack speed, wearing off Acidic Mixture Dips and Berserker Brews quickly.
  • With constant attacking, a Ray of Doom without attack speed buffs or Faster Barrel Spin can wipe out Super Ceramics in less than 3 seconds, Fortified Super Ceramics in less than 6 seconds, and even shorter for regular MOAB layers (roughly 2-3 seconds). The same Ray of Doom takes roughly 7-10 seconds to wipe out BFB layers, Round 80-100 ZOMG layers take between 40-60 seconds to pop, Round 90-100 DDT layers take roughly 5-6 seconds to pop, and Round 100 BAD layers take roughly 280 seconds to pop.

Version History[edit | edit source]

22.0 (Dartling Gunner update)
  • Initial release
  • Nerf.png Ray of Doom costs more ($55,000 → $110,000)
  • Nerf.png Only one Ray of Doom can be placed per player
  • Buff.png Ray of Doom now deals significantly more damage
  • Buff.png Ray of Doom costs less ($110,000 → $95,000)

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Ray of Doom's redesigned model was revealed in the Dartling Gunner reveal trailer.
  • Ray of Doom is the first Tier 5 upgrade of an introduced returning tower in BTD6 where the BTD5 counterpart was a Tier 4 upgrade. Other Tier 5 upgrades in BTD6 that were formerly Tier 4 upgrades include Glaive Lord, Cripple MOAB, and Absolute Zero, but the Boomerang Monkey, Sniper Monkey, and Ice Monkey were all released on the initial release of BTD6.
  • The Ray of Doom's outfit and design could be close to Iron Man, However, its much close from Red Ranger/Akai Sentai from Power Rangers/Super Sentai.
  • The design of the Ray of Doom is likely based on stereotypical supervillain death rays.
  • Before Version 23.0's price buffs, the BTD6 Ray of Doom upgrade alone costed twice as much as the upgrade alone in BTD5.
  • At 75,000 XP, the Ray of Doom has the fourth highest XP requirement, followed by the Super Monkey's Tier 5 upgrades The Anti-Bloon, Legend of the Night, and True Sun God in that order.

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