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Creates a solid line of annihilation. You can erase most Bloons at your leisure.
~ BTD6 description

Ray of Doom (sometimes abbreviated as RoD) is the Tier 5 upgrade of Path 1 for the Dartling Gunner in Bloons TD 6. Like the Ray of Doom in BTD5, the Ray of Doom shoots a solid beam of constant destruction. It is a much more powerful version of Plasma Accelerator, creating a nearly endless giant laserbeam (except Line of Sight obstacles) that deals extremely high damage, focusing damage on the bloons closest to it and spreading the rest of its damage throughout, allowing it to evaporate strong and weak bloons with relative ease. Ray of Doom now gains the normal damage type, allowing it to damage any bloon type including Purple Bloons.

The solid beam of destruction deals 25 damage per 0.20s, plus an additional +55 against the first bloon zapped, and the Laser Shock status effect deals 20 damage per 1.0s for 5.0 seconds. The RoD's intense laser can also pierce up to 1000 bloons, which for most cases is roughly infinite. Its base projectile size is 6, improved to 9 with the 5-0-2 crosspath.

It costs $68,000 on Easy, $80,000 on Medium, $86,400 on Hard, and $96,000 on Impoppable.



Ray of Doom is an extraordinarily large-sized death ray that produces an endless red laserbeam. It is supported by a grey-colored stand that supports the massive death ray. The base of the stand has four trapezoid-shaped feet, and its pad rotates both the death ray and a black-colored seat built for the operator. The operator sits on the designated seating, and controls the death ray with levers.

Ray of Doom's death ray has a complex supervillianous design, with three distinct prongs channeling electricity between each of them. The central prong is a large red ridged cone, lined with yellow rings, whilst the outer prongs sport grey coils surrounded by yellow shrouds bearing fins and rows of red lights; the outer prongs link into the seat with red tubes.

The operator wears a dark red bodysuit with a complex design, with yellow bands on its wrists and ankles, a yellow belt with a red emblem around its waist, a red-tinted visor with yellow rim, a yellow wing emblem with a red dot, and a yellow stripe along the top of its head.

In the upgrade portrait, the operator stands on the middle of the death ray and curls his fingers outwards in a villainous gesture, suggesting an achievement of maximum malevolent power. He looks upwards at the player with his arms raised high, hands open, fingers tensed, all while the death ray powers up.


Ray of Doom converts the thin beam ending in a high damage point of Plasma Accelerator into a larger (6 base beam width, 9 with Powerful Darts) beam that deals significantly increased damage with 1000 pierce.

The beam itself deals 25 damage and inflicts a 20 damage per second Laser Shock for 5 seconds, and only Ray of Doom may make use of the bonus damage from this Shock effect, for a total of 45 damage every 0.2 seconds. (0.133 seconds with Faster Barrel Spin)

Additionally, the beam gains +55 damage dealt (for a total of 80) to the first target it hits; in total this is 100 damage dealt accounting for the Laser Shock (this is, however, currently bugged)

It inherits the unique interaction with Powerful Darts from Plasma Accelerator, that being +25 pierce and +50% beam width.

Targeting Priorities[]

Ray of Doom customly aims based on direction and angle of where the Dartling points towards. It continually shoots a nearly endless laserbeam controlled in a aim-based mobile style guided by touch-based mobility.

  • Normal: Rotates towards the direction of where the player last tapped. On desktop versions, always rotates towards direction of the cursor inside the game.
  • Locked: Locks the Dartling in place. By default, locks at center of map, but can be adjusted in the same way as a Mortar Monkey. On desktop versions, using a hotkey to switch to Locked will default to wherever the mouse currently is pointing.

Since all Dartlings already attack based on custom aim, Dartlings don't receive Camo Prioritization even with Advanced Targeting.



Ray of Doom is the best solo option at dealing huge damage with the least amount of lag possible. As such, if there is a great excess of money available, Ray of Doom should be the main option to go for main DPS while using as little device energy as possible. Because it is weak against DDTs , support against them should be added too. Most of the time, you don't even have to worry about superceramics swarming your defenses, due to the Ray of Doom's ridiculously high amount of pierce and the fact that it can destroy superceramics in less than a second.

While it is extremely expensive on CHIMPS, it can be reasonably afforded on most maps with intense maximization of the Plasma Accelerator alongside general defense. Ray of Doom can be reasonably afforded between Rounds 87 and 90 with a moderate amount of income budgeting and micromanagement. Once afforded, it is a dominator against weaker blimps and Super Ceramics, accounting positioning, though it will need support against DDTs (e.g. Icicle Impale, Spike Storms) to handle rounds where they appear.


  • The 5-2-0 crosspath is highly preferred. There is no real benefit in adding faster swivel speed because combining extreme damage from the power laserbeam with +50% attack speed compensates for the Dartling Gunner's slow rotation speed, and the pierce buff from Powerful Darts is insignificant due to the Ray of Doom's already massive pierce.
    • As well, even with the increased beam width, Ray of Doom's beam is already quite wide, thus that effect is also less necessary.
  • Add Jungle Drums and Overclock to optimize the Ray of Doom's performance.
  • Despite its massive pierce, the Ray of Doom's comparatively low single-target damage causes it to struggle somewhat against Fortified ZOMGs, Fortified DDTs, and BADs. For these cases, adding countermeasures against high-HP blimps addresses the Ray of Doom's weaknesses to those types of bloons.
  • Ray of Doom cannot pass through Line of Sight obstacles, making it a bad option on maps with lots of obstacles, unless it is placed on high ground.
  • If deciding to buff Ray of Doom with Alchemist, make sure to have a 4-2-0 Stronger Stimulant buff a single Ray of Doom. This will allow the buff to stay on almost continuously, unless there are more attack speed buffs in place, where you will need more Alchemists. Do note however, that a single 4-2-0 Alchemist will only provide approximately +6% damage to the Ray of Doom, due to its already high base damage.
  • With constant attacking, a Ray of Doom can wipe out Super Ceramics in under half a second, MOABs in approximately 1.5 seconds, BFBs in approximately 6 seconds, Round 80-100 ZOMGs in approximately 20-30 seconds, and Round 100 BADs in approximately 155 seconds.
    • For the first bloon hit, if it was a Super Ceramic, it will only take 1 hit, with MOABs up to round 100 taking about half a second, BFBs up to round 100 taking 1-2 seconds, ZOMGs up to round 100 taking 8-11 seconds, and round 100 BADs taking 56 seconds. (This assumes Laser Shock functions; multiply all times by 1.25x since currently it does not)
  • Target Ray of Doom along a straight line, specifically along the straight paths on maps such as In The Loop or Resort. This will optimize its extremely high pierce and damage potential.
  • Even though Ray of Doom is an extremely expensive upgrade, Prince of Darkness + Plasma Accelerator can actually fully save up for Ray of Doom on easier CHIMPS maps, allowing the rounds up to Round 100 to become almost trivialized.
  • Ray of Doom and M.A.D are a good pair for many late-game rounds, as M.A.D can pop most blimps with ease, and Ray of Doom can pop a large quantity of ceramics spawned from these blimps.


  • [31.0] When Ray of Doom had received a buff that causes the first bloon in the ray to be dealt extra damage, there is a bug where the first target hit cannot receive Laser Shock status effect.
  • [31.0] When Ray of Doom upgrade with Powerful Darts doesn't appear any beam width effect or visual effect.

None (so far)

Version History[]

While it was achievable to afford a Ray of Doom on CHIMPS, even on initial release, its power-versus-price efficiency was considered too low, so a considerable price reduction and attack speed buff were added to balance this. Ray of Doom previously had a major single-target weakness, which is resolved in Version 31.0 by letting it deal more damage to the first bloons zapped.

22.0 (Dartling Gunner update)
  • Initial release.
  • Nerf Ray of Doom costs more ($55,000 → $110,000).
  • Nerf Only one Ray of Doom can be placed per player.
  • Buff Ray of Doom now deals significantly more damage.
As our most recently added tower we are very happy with all the excitement surrounding this beloved monkey tower and the general middleground play position. We're happy enough with its time in the wild to make some first impression changes here which we hope you'll continue to enjoy.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to multiple Dartling upgrades
  • Buff Ray of Doom price decreased ($110,000 → $95,000).
[...] Plasma Accelerator attack delay has been buffed so that now the beam 'tic rate' matches the attack speed at tier 3, overall giving it a 20% buff to all DPS which carries on up to the Tier 5. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to buffing both Plasma Accelerator and Ray of Doom
  • Buff Ray of Doom attack rate increased (0.25s → 0.20s).
[...] Ray of Doom's damage bonuses have been shuffled around in order to not be so weak against Super Ceramics as by the time anyone reasonably affords this SCs are the only ones you'll be seeing.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Ray of Doom now deals 25 damage per 0.2 seconds to both regular bloons and MOAB-Class Bloons, instead of only doing 5 damage to regular bloons and 25 to blimps.
  • Buff Laser Shock damage per second increased from 15 to 20.
Dartling’s Ray of Doom is far too expensive for general use, so before looking at any further power related buffs we’re lowering the price. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Ray of Doom price decreased ($95,000 → $80,000)
Ray of Doom suffers from the downsides of being designed as a high piercing tower, for the price this makes it feel far too weak against the round 100 BAD if you invest in it too early without some other forms of single target, to bring back a little of the interesting sort of targeting that the T4 has and help with this single target problem it will now deal a massive damage bonus to the first target hit along the beam’s path.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Ray of Doom now deals bonus damage to the first target hit, dealing +55 damage to them
  • Buff 5-0-2 Ray of Doom beam width increased from 6 -> 9


Ray of Doom versus MOAB-class[]

Official artwork[]



  • The Ray of Doom's redesigned model was revealed in the Dartling Gunner reveal trailer.
  • Ray of Doom is the first Tier 5 upgrade of an introduced returning tower in BTD6 where the BTD5 counterpart was a Tier 4 upgrade. Other Tier 5 upgrades in BTD6 that were formerly Tier 4 upgrades include Glaive Lord, Cripple MOAB, and Absolute Zero, but the Boomerang Monkey, Sniper Monkey, and Ice Monkey were all released on the initial release of BTD6.
  • The Ray of Doom's outfit and design could be close to Iron Man, However, its much close from Red Ranger/Akai Sentai from Power Rangers/Super Sentai.
  • The design of the Ray of Doom is likely based on stereotypical supervillain death rays.
  • Before Version 23.0's price buffs, the BTD6 Ray of Doom upgrade alone costed twice as much as the upgrade alone in BTD5.
  • At 75,000 XP, the Ray of Doom has the fourth highest XP requirement of any non-Paragon upgrade, followed by the Super Monkey's Tier 5 upgrades The Anti-Bloon, Legend of the Night, and True Sun God in that order.
  • Prior to the Version 24.0 Plasma Accelerator and Ray of Doom attack speed buff, with constant attacking, and not taking Laser Shock damage into account, a Ray of Doom without attack speed buffs or Faster Barrel Spin can wipe out Super Ceramics in less than 3 seconds, Fortified Super Ceramics in less than 6 seconds, and even shorter for regular MOABs (roughly 2-3 seconds). The same Ray of Doom takes roughly 7-10 seconds to wipe out BFBs, Round 80-100 ZOMGs take between 40-60 seconds to pop, Round 90-100 DDTs take roughly 5-6 seconds to pop, and Round 100 BADs take roughly 280 seconds to pop.
  • The laser particles are still normal size when the small monkeys option is turned on.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's December 3rd 2021 blog, Ray of Doom Dartling sits on a recliner seat. The operator describes it as "relaxing on a cloud", but Dr. Monkey says it's his "patented La-Z-Monkey technology" according to the thoughts of Ninja Kiwi.