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This page is dedicated for strategies on how to beat Ravine.

General Tips[]

  • Ravine is very hard because of the way it is set up. There are 4 different paths that alternate rounds, meaning you have to have protection on both sides of the track to not lose a life.
  • Perma-Spike is bad on this map, because the stockpiled spikes will only be on one side of the track.
  • Water towers are generally bad on this map. The only ways for water towers to attack are via Aircraft Carrier's planes, First Strike Capability's ability, Monkey Pirates' ability, or a Bloontonium Reactor with enough range. Ballistic Missile coupled with Advanced Intel is also capable of hitting the entire map with missiles. Energizer still can reduce cooldowns.
  • Pre-Game Prep and Mana Shield are essential to surviving the earlier rounds.
  • Etienne is a strong hero on Ravine because of the UCAV ability and his generally larger range being helpful to hit most of the split paths. He provides early game damage with Drone Swarm as well.
  • Psi is also an extremely good hero as they have infinite range attacks that see through walls. Although their mid game damage is not as powerful as Etienne's UCAV, they provide much more help late game by sniping super ceramics and screaming MOABs and BFBs.
  • If you're playing on Impoppable or CHIMPS and missed a Green Bloon or lower, try tapping on the sword twenty-four times to pop it. In fact, the only possible way to beat both Round 6 and 7 on CHIMPS is to utilize this special sword on either round.
  • If using Sauda for the map, place her at the fork where the left spawn is and not at the intersections near the bottom. You'll need all the DPS you can get for the early game, especially for the left spawn for how short those paths are, so utilizing her as cleanup would be a waste.