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Ravine is an Expert Map in Bloons TD 6 added on Version 23.0 on February 2nd 2021.


The centerpiece of the track is three bridges that are similar in style to the castle featured in the Dark Castle map.

There are two entrances to the track. Shortly after these entrances, each of the bloons' paths split into two divergent paths, and these four paths then cross the three bridges, then split again to leave the map via four exits. On even-numbered rounds, the bloons enter via the left entrance. On odd-numbered rounds, the bloons enter via the right entrance.

The map is forested, with many trees blocking towers' line of sight and limiting tower placement. The sides of the bridges also block line of sight. These blocking elements cannot be removed.

The ravine contains a river, but the water level is so low that water-based towers placed in it are unable to target the bloons above because of the steep ravine walls and the tall sides of the bridges. However, there are a few tricks that allow a Monkey Sub placed in the river to be useful despite these limitations (with upgrades). See the Trivia section below for details.


Tapping the sword on the stone 24 times will cause the sword to be flung out of the rock. Starting from Version 24.0, if there are bloons on screen, the sword will fly to the strongest bloon on screen, piercing it and dealing three layers of damage to it (and only it). This may not seem particularly useful, but it is an important secret to make Ravine CHIMPS possible. This sword can damage any bloon type, including frozen, camo, lead, zebra, and purple. Note that this sword can be used only once per game.


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $300
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $330
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $495
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $550
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $825
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $880
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $1980
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $1320
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $1980
Completed $60
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $66
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $99
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $110
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $165
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $176
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $264
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $264
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $396


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  • Ravine is very hard because of the way it is set up. There are 4 different paths that alternate rounds, meaning you have to have protection on both sides of the track to not lose a life.
  • Perma-Spike is bad on this map, because the stockpiled spikes will only be on one side of the track.
  • Water towers are generally bad on this map. The only ways for water towers to attack are via Aircraft Carrier's planes, First Strike Capability's ability, Monkey Pirates' ability, or a Bloontonium Reactor with enough range. Ballistic Missile coupled with Advanced Intel is also capable of hitting the entire map with missiles. Energizer still can reduce cooldowns.
  • Pre-Game Prep and Mana Shield are essential to surviving the earlier rounds.
  • Etienne is a strong hero on Ravine because of the UCAV ability and his generally larger range being helpful to hit most of the split paths. He provides early game damage with Drone Swarm as well.
  • Psi is also an extremely good hero as they have infinite range attacks that see through walls. Although their mid game damage is not as powerful as Etienne's UCAV, they provide much more help late game by sniping super ceramics and screaming MOABs and BFBs.
  • If you're playing on Impoppable or CHIMPS and missed a Green Bloon or lower, try tapping on the sword twenty-four times to pop it. In fact, the only possible way to beat both Round 6 and 7 on CHIMPS is to utilize this special sword on either round.
  • If using Sauda for the map, place her at the fork where the left spawn is and not at the intersections near the bottom. You'll need all the DPS you can get for the early game, especially for the left spawn for how short those paths are, so utilizing her as cleanup would be a waste.

Version History[]

  • Released
  • BUFF Triggering the sword removal now aims at the strongest bloon on screen


When removing the sword:



  • Ravine was not beaten in CHIMPS after the initial release of Version 23.0, as it is impossible to beat Round 7, with that round leaking a single Red Bloon at best. While there were successful attempts to complete Round 7, beating Round 6 and 7 in a single run is so far impossible. 24.0 changed the sword so that it now attacks one bloon when pulled, so that CHIMPS would become possible.
    • Ravine CHIMPS with Co-Op Starting Cash was achieved the second day after initial release of Version 23.0 by JustANormalSock. Link.
    • Ravine CHIMPS with 2 lives was achieved almost a week after initial release of Version 23.0 by Jajajosh. Link.
    • The first successful CHIMPS run on Ravine was completed on the first day of Version 24.0 by hanshubaby. Link
  • Ravine was unable to be beaten on CHIMPS in Version 43.0 due to a bug that changed the flight duration of the Dart Monkey's darts. That was since fixed in Version 43.1.
  • If the player taps the sword that sticks in the rock at the top of the screen 24 times, it will fly off screen. If there is a bloon, the sword will fly towards the bloon and pop it before doing so.
  • As featured in the solution for the 20th/21st February 2021 Advanced Challenge, there is a secret Sniper spot on this map that allows it to cover a substantial amount of the path along the left exit lanes (after the bridges). See the image in the gallery above. Additionally, a Sniper placed near the second exit from left in the lower left-hand corner of the map will be able to cover a portion of all four exit lanes.
    • This Advanced Challenge is the first one to feature this map, and the map has never been featured in normal Daily Challenges (obviously because it's too difficult for the average player). The second Advanced Challenge to feature this map is 7th/8th May 2021's Advanced Challenge "Metallic Misery".
  • It is debatable whether Ravine is the new hardest Expert Map in BTD6, as the mid-game can be beaten with Neva-Miss + Alch buff, while the late-game is beatable with Etienne as the main firepower. This is because the track length is quite generous for an Expert Map and that towers that ignore Line of Sight can beat the later rounds. However, in the early game, it is among the hardest maps in the game, primarily because of the complex pathing and significant line-of-sight issues.
  • There was a bug where 0-4-2 Spike Storm and 0-5-2 Carpet of Spikes target the wrong lanes. Specifically, on odd rounds they will always target the front of the right entrance before the bend, while on even rounds they will not dispense storms of spikes at all. This was fixed in Version 24.0.
  • Although it cannot target bloons directly, there are several ways that a Monkey Sub placed in the river can still be quite useful on this map. Submerge and Support can de-camo bloons through bridge walls. The same applies for Bloontonium Reactor popping bloons through walls. And a Monkey Sub with Advanced Intel and Ballistic Missile (2-3-0) will be able to target any bloon that can be targeted by any of the other monkeys on the map.