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The circle around a character shows their range. Make sure to place them close enough to the track that they can reach the bloons!
~ Cuber loading screen tips, BATTD

Range is the dark circle around the Dart Monkey.

Monkey Sub Line of Sight

The trees are blocking the line of sight of this Monkey Sub.


Icon for range in Bloons TD 6

Range is a game mechanic in the BTD series. It is the limit of where a tower can detect bloons to attack. It is signified by a dark circle around towers. Contrary to popular belief, the range is not the limit of where it can attack but the area where it can detect bloons to attack. The range of a tower is independent from how far the projectile(s) can reach.

Because range increases the tower's detection of bloons, it can change the angle at which towers can attack from. This is especially the case for upgrades such as Juggernaut and Crossbow, which benefit from straight lines.

Certain towers and upgrades have infinite range like Sniper Monkeys, Mortar Towers, Aircraft Carriers and Dartling Guns. For the Banana Farm however, the range is how far it will deploy bananas.

A very important tip is to make the dark circle touch the map's path. If the tower's range doesn't touch the path, the tower won't be able to attack Bloons. The exceptions are towers with infinite range. For these towers, there is little worry about them not attacking Bloons, so feel free to place them whereever you like. There is an exception though, in BTD6.

In Bloons TD 6, a tower's range can be restricted by sight-blocking objects in the track, by a feature called "Line of Sight". This applies to both limited range towers and infinite range towers. For example, if a bloon is in a Super Monkey's range circle, but the bloon is behind a rock and the tower can't "see" it, the Super Monkey won't attack the bloon. Areas where sight is blocked in BTD6 are colored red.

There are two distinct types of range: detection range, and projectile range. Detection range is the range that the tower can detect bloons and therefore can trigger its attack(s). Projectile range is dependent on projectile lifespan, and it is normally approximately +25% of the detection range assuming normal projectile speed. The Tack Zone, BTD6 Blade Maelstrom, and BTD6 Grape Shot are examples of the stark differences between projectile range and detection range.


Before Bloons TD 4[]

Prior to Bloons TD 4, the range is always shown by a white circle when interacted by the player. Bloons are always detected by their centerpoints. For Monkey Beacon, the range determines which towers get influenced by its buffs.

In Bloons TD 4[]

Several new towers now have unique range functionalities that are different from the usual range system. Examples of this include Monkey Ace, Mortar Tower, and Banana Farm. Some of these have "dummy" ranges, the only exception being Monkey Ace in that game; these ranges are purely for display purposes. Dartling Gun was introduced later on as another immobile tower with a "dummy" range but infinite on-demand aimable targeting.

In Bloons TD 5[]

The Sniper Monkey has infinite range, making it the first offensive immobile tower to have a "dummy" range. Advanced Intel was introduced in BTD5, the first tower to make use of other towers' ranges to expand its own range. Some towers and upgrades allow mobility, Heli Pilot joining Monkey Ace as the only towers with mobility by default, and Aircraft Carrier being among the first upgrades to grant a mobility option.

In Bloons TD 6[]

In Bloons TD 6, the range of a tower determines the range at which it can attack bloons. As with all previous games, a tower's range is indicated by a dark circle when interacted by the player. There is a new game mechanic called Line of Sight that prevents most towers from attacking over obstacles with Line of Sight. Some towers naturally ignore line of sight, while certain upgrades can remove Line of Sight restrictions for the tower.

Some attacks have infinite range, a classic example being Sniper Monkey and a new example being Inferno Ring's meteor. Other attacks simply have more range than their displayed range shows, an example being Sticky Bomb's sticky bomb, which has precisely 50% more range than current range of the Ninja Monkey with said upgrade. Attacks with infinite range are marked as Full Map Range Full Map Range (unspecified description of how the tower can attack beyond basic range), while attacks with more range than the given range but not infinite range are marked as Extended Range Extended Range (unspecified extension of range beyond current base range, whether it be infinite range or just extended range), both for purposes of gameplay research on Bloons Wiki.

Most towers detect bloons by detecting the bloon's hitbox. If any significant part of the bloon's hitbox overlaps with the tower's range, the tower will attack the bloon. There are a few towers that will only detect bloons' centrepoints however, and those have the property Target Bloon Midpoints Target Bloon Midpoints.

For new tower Beast Handler, it has 2 different ranges: a short-ranged area for the base tower's stabbing attack, and a larger-ranged area for the placement of all beasts. For the main larger range, upgrading aquatic or aerial beasts requires water or track to upgrade it, respectively. One or two beasts can be placed or targeting anywhere in its larger range. An upgraded Beast Handler's beast has one or two secondary ranges via its beasts, with each beast's independent range detecting and popping bloons.

When it comes to Tower Buffs with limited range, such as a Monkey Villages or Shinobi Tactics, the middle of a tower's footprint must be detected within the range of the buffing source in order to gain a tower buff.

In Bloons TD 6, the range of an entire in-game map is approximately 286 units wide. The biggest possible non-dummy range comes from Level 20 Adora with a recent full effect Blood Sacrifice, and paired with the following external buffs: a True Sun God with full Support sacrifices on both tiers, Monkey Village, Level 14+ Geraldo's See Invisibility Potion, and Ezili's Sacrificial Totem.

List of Tower Ranges in Bloons TD 6[]

Updated as of Version 38.3.

Tower Base range Range upgrades Max possible range[note 1]
Ice Monkey 20 Path 2

+10 range (30) from Snowstorm
+10 extra range (40) from Absolute Zero
Path 3
+7 range (27) from Larger Radius
+16 extra range (46) from Cryo Cannon
IcyChillIcon Icy Chill: +3 range (30/33/43/49)

47 (0-5-1)

50 (0-5-1 + MK)

Tack Shooter 23 Path 1: +12 range (35) from Inferno Ring

Path 2
+4 range (27) from Long Range Tacks
+4 extra range (31) from Super Range Tacks
Path 3
+7 range (30) from The Tack Zone
+16 range instead (50) from Super Range Tacks crosspath
BigInfernoIcon Big Inferno: +3 range for Inferno Ring

50 (0-2-5)
Dart Monkey 32 Path 1: +15% range (36.8) from Juggernaut

Path 2: 40 min. range for Super and Plasma Monkey Fan Club ability
Path 3
+8 range (40) from Long Range Darts
+8 extra range (48) from Enhanced Eyesight
+8 extra range (56) from Crossbow
+4 extra range (60) from Sharp Shooter
+20 extra range (80) from Crossbow Master
Paragon: 85 base range
CrossbowReachIcon Crossbow Reach: +3 range for Crossbow and higher (59/63/83/88)

80 (x-x-5)

83 (x-x-5 + MK)
85 (Paragon)
88 (Paragon + MK)

Spike Factory 34 Path 3: +8 range (42) from Long Reach 42 (x-x-1)
Druid 35 Path 2: +10 range (45) from Jungle's Bounty

Path 3
+10 range (45) from Druidic Reach
+5 extra range (50) from Avatar of Wrath

55 (0-4-1)
Bomb Shooter 40 Path 1: +3 range (43) from Bloon Impact

Path 2
+4 range (44) from Missile Launcher
+5 extra range (49) from MOAB Mauler
+5 extra range (54) from MOAB Assassin
Path 3
+7 range (47) from Extra Range
+2 extra range (49) from Frag Bombs

63 (0-4-2)
Wizard Monkey Path 1

+20 range (60) from Arcane Mastery
80 base range for Archmage shimmer
Path 3: +10 range from Monkey Sense
Paragon: 80 base range

70 (3-0-1)

80 (5-x-x shimmer)
80 (Paragon)

Ninja Monkey Path 1: +10 range (50) from Grandmaster Ninja

Path 2: +10 range (50) for all Shinobi from Grand Saboteur
Path 3
+7 range (47) from Seeking Shuriken
+8 extra range (55) from Sticky Bomb
Paragon: 70 base range

55 (x-x-4)

70 (Paragon)

Monkey Village Path 1

+8 influence range (48) from Bigger Radius
+7 extra range (55) from Primary Expertise
Path 3: +10 influence range (50) from Monkey City

58 (1-x-4)
Banana Farm Path 3: +20 income collection range (60) from Monkey Wall Street 60 (x-x-5)
Engineer Monkey & Sentry Path 2

+20 range (60) from Larger Service Area
Paragon: 60 base range

60 (x-1-x)
45 (sentry) Path 1: +5 range (50) from Sentry Expert

Path 2: +4 range (49) from Larger Service Area
Paragon: 70 mega-sentry base range, 50 lesser sentry base range

54 (4-1-0)

70 (Paragon)

Monkey Sub 42 Path 1+10 range (52) from Longer Range

Range extension to the radius of all other towers, from Advanced Intel
Path 2: +8 range (50) from Ballistic Missile

52 (1-x-x)

52 + other towers (2-x-x)

Boomerang Monkey 43 Path 3

+33% range (57.2) from Long Range Rangs
100 base range for MOAB Domination special kylies
75 (base range)
60 (orbital)
100 (special kylie)

57.2 (x-x-1)

100 (x-x-5 special kylie)
75 (Paragon)

Alchemist 45 Path 1: +20 range (65) from Permanent Brew

Path 2
67.5 base range for Unstable Concoction potions
+27 range (72) during Transforming Tonic & Total Transformation ability

65 (5-x-x)

67.5 (x-3-x concoction)
72 (x-4-x ability)

Glue Gunner 46 None 46
Super Monkey 50 Path 1

+5 range (55) for Sun Temple & True Sun God with Support sacrifices
Path 2
+10 range (60) from Super Range
+12 extra range (72) from Epic Range
+10 extra range (82) from The Anti-Bloon
Path 3
+3 range (53) from Ultravision
+4 extra range (57) from Legend of the Night
Vengeful True Sun God: 55 base range, 65 with Support sacrifices
SuperRangeIconBTD6 SUPER Range: +10% range for Super Range (60.5/66/79.2/90.2/58.3/62.7/71.5)

82 (x-5-x)

90.2 (x-5-x + MK)

Monkey Buccaneer 60 Path 3: +11 range (71) from Long Range 71 (x-x-1)
Beast Handler 20 (itself)

60 (w/beast)

Path 1: 25 base range for Piranha

+5 range (30) from Barracuda
+10 extra range (40) from Great White
+10 extra range (50) from Orca
+10 extra range (60) from Megalodon
Path 2: 20 base range for Microraptor
+4 range (24) from Velociraptor
+6 range (30) from Tyrannosaurus Rex
+20 range (50) from Giganotosaurus

60 (5-x-x/x-x-1)
Sniper Monkey Infinite

20 (radius)[note 2]

Dartling Gunner
Heli Pilot 42

22 (heliport)[note 2]

Path 2: 50 base range for deployed Marine 42
Monkey Ace Infinite

22 (radius)[note 2]

Mortar Monkey Infinite

30 (radius)[note 2]

  1. Not including buffs from other towers. Different cases for max achievable range are listed separately.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Towers with infinite (or practically infinite) range still have tower radius for range buffs and Monkey Sub's Advanced Intel upgrade.

In Bloons Adventure Time TD[]


Range values in BATTD

In Bloons Adventure Time TD, the range of a tower functions quite differently from the other Bloons TD games. Unlike BTD6 and before, towers can only attack bloons if the tower can reach the section of the track where the bloons are present, and thus exhibit the Target Bloon Midpoints Target Bloon Midpoints property. This means that towers will refuse to attack MOAB-Class Bloons (which are wider than the track) if the towers cannot reach the portion of the track that the blimp is flying over, even if the blimp itself is clearly in range of them.



Tribal Turtle attacking out of range

  • Monkey Villages don't attack using range until upgraded to High Energy Beacon. Instead, they help support all towers within its range.
  • The Pontoon Pro does not grant a range boost to the Meerkat Spy.
  • The Super Monkey can attack bloons slightly out of it's range.(?)
  • If a bloon is off the map, but there is a tower with enough range to see the bloon if it is on the map, then said tower will attack the bloon. This doesn't happen with towers that have unlimited range, except for the Ray of Doom. However, Sniper Monkeys may attack bloons that are "off" the screen but haven't leaked yet.
  • In Bloons Tower Defense 5, the range circle will go above towers when you place a tower near another tower. However, in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe, the circle will go below the tower, making Temple of the Monkey Gods harder to fit together.
  • The highest finite range possible in BTD5 is the Temple of the Monkey God upgrade with Epic Range with a 1/x Monkey village, Tier 2 Super Monkey Lair activated, and on a Pontoon Pro. In BTD5 Mobile, it would be the same, except the Temple of the Monkey God would be replaced with a Temple of the Vengeful Monkey.
  • In relation to the Advanced Intel upgrade for the Monkey Sub, infinitely ranged towers have their circle as their range.
  • All towers can attack MOAB-class bloons slightly outside their range. This is because MOABs are bigger than standard bloons.
  • The range circle for towers could be turned off in Bloons TD 6 by the "Line of Sight" option, for performance purposes. This was the only BTD game that has this option. This option has however since been removed.