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Random Trio
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3 Random Towers, No Bonus Tower

Random Trio is a new club that is introduced in Bloons TD Battles. This mode can be played with arena leagues and opens for a limited time like MOAB pit and BFB colosseum like other clubs.

Both players will get 3 random towers in this mode and the bonus towers are disabled. As of Version 6.0, a random set of 3 powers of their unique categories are also chosen too.

In Card Battles this is called Random Cards, where you get 15 random cards to play with.

Bloons TD Battles Mobile History[]

Only one change has ever happened to Random Trio in Bloons TD Battles Mobile in terms of gameplay.


BUFF One guaranteed reliable camo-detecting tower will be provided in the random three-tower loadout. (Unreliable camo-detecting or non-camo-detecting towers include: Tack Shooter, Bomb Tower, Ice Tower, Super Monkey, Bloonchipper, and COBRA.)


  • Random Trio is more commonly in the Assault Club and Rainbow Ruins.
  • The day before the day BTD Battles Steam was released, there was a MOAB Pit R3 with fire that always had the loadout Glue-Ice-Village.


10 Combinations were screenshoted to show the rarity of different towers in random trio.

Tower strategies[]

The following are strategies suggested by Bloons Wiki users. Your mileage may vary.

Mortar, banana farm and ninja: On super monkey lane or bloon circles with bananza game mode

  1. Start with a banana farm
  2. Start by a mortar with the explosion with between a circle
  3. Upgrade your ninja to 2-0 on round 2
  4. Send red bloons on round 2
  5. When you get 600 eco, buy a mortar
  6. Upgrade your ninja to 3-2 before round 6
  7. Upgrade your mortar to 2-3 before round 9
  8. Upgrade your banana farm to 2-0 on round 15
  9. Buy 4 more bananza farms and upgrade them to 2-0
  10. Upgrade your banana farms to 3-0 and sell 4 for a 4-0 factory
  11. Upgrade your banana farm to 4-2 before round 20
  12. Upgrade your mortar to 2-4 and your ninja to 4-2.
  13. Get another ninja and upgrade it to 2-4
  14. Get another mortar and upgrade it to 4-2
  15. Buy 2 BIA banana farms
  16. Send lots of regen rainbow bloons to get thousands of eco.