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Random Cards
Random Cards Icon


15 Random Cards, 15th Card will be a power set card

Random Cards is a club rule that is only available in Card Battles. It is available in any Card Battles arena. Each player is given the same fifteen random cards to play with, instead of a regular deck. It is the alternative to Random Trio.


Every time the game begins, both players will have the same set of 15 randomized cards, with a mix of low-tier (red) to high-tier (gold) cards, along with the 15th card guaranteeing a power card. In addition, each player will have the same randomized set of three Powers. All card sets are guaranteed to contain low-cost and high-cost camo detecting towers.

Interestingly, finishing a game allows XP to be gained to whatever power categories are randomly equipped.



  • Random Cards formerly used the Random Trio icon, but has since changed to a unique icon since Version 4.7.
  • The colors of the cards found on the Random Cards icon are green, red, and blue, respectively from left to right.