Rally as it appears in BTD Battles

Rally (Race Track in Bloons TD Battles Mobile) is one of the 17 tracks in Bloons Tower Defense Battles and was the first new track to be introduced in the game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Its overall appearance is a race track, full of sharp bends, placed in a rather plain environment with two trees and a few other forms of vegetation. Each side also has a medium-sized pond with a few cones surrounding it and the map itself has a rotational symmetry splitting the two sides up. The map only consists of one path for either side and in-game, natural bloons appear from the top on the left side and sent bloons will come from the bottom and vice versa for the opponent. The immense length of the track is what makes it a favorable map for some players. One of the main complications players face on this map however, is the lack of space to place larger sized towers like Monkey Aces or Banana Farms due to the map's path, water and environment taking up the majority of the space.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

This track is called "Jungle" in the Mobile edition's game files.

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