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Secret of the Rainicorns' past reveal ways to combat bloons. It reduces the number of bloons spawned from all bloons, including the BAD!
~ BATTD description

The Rainicornicopia is an Epic Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has no character restrictions, letting any character equip it.


The exact effect of this trinket is bloons popped by the equipped character spawn one less subsequent children. This means Ceramics and its subsequent children will only spawn one child, while MOAB-Class Bloons will spawn 3 instead of 4 children, with BADs being an exclusion, causing one less DDT to spawn, so it would spawn 2 ZOMGs and 2 DDTs.


  • Equipping this trinket will make you lose most of your bloon income, since you lose cash from the bloons that don't spawn that normally would. Therefore, this trinket could be useful for a "cash starve" type challenge, where upgrades that give extra cash by popping MOAB-class (like Max's Big Bloon Bounty) or items like TCW or TCK would normally trivialize maps. Consequently, this results in less loot.
    • MOAB + DDT: $28 with Rainicornicopia, $381 without
    • BFB: $113 with Rainicornicopia, $1525 without
    • ZOMG: $453 with Rainicornicopia, $6101 without
    • BAD: $963 with Rainicornicopia, $13346 without
  • Ceramic Bloons effectively become Super Ceramics, without all the extra health. This could be particularly useful for older or low-specced devices that struggle to run the game effectively.

Update History[]

  • BUFFnow affects all bloons, including the BAD


  • TBA