Pop 20,000 Rainbow Bloons with Magic Monkeys
~ BTD6 Official Description

Rainbow is Magic is an Achievement in BTD6, introduced in version TBA. It is achieved by popping 20,000 Rainbow Bloons with Ninja Monkeys, Wizard Monkeys, Super Monkeys, Alchemists, and Druids.


  • This achievement can be obtained relatively easily by simply playing the game normally, as it tracks Rainbow Bloons popped by Magic Monkeys across all games.
  • To earn the achievement quicker, play Deflation Mode with only Magic Monkeys for attacking bloons. Strategies such as 2-0-3 Dark Knight + 4-x-x Stronger Stimulant + 2-0-2 Monkey Village (Jungle Drums + Monkey Commerce) + 3-0-2 Double Shot are good for beating Deflation Mode with just Magic Monkeys on most maps.


  • The name of this Achievement is a reference to the popular TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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