Check out this pretty bloon coming up...
~ Round 12 in Bloons Tower Defense 2
Rainbow bloons are fast and mean, and have 2 blacks and 2 whites in them.
~ Round 12 in Bloons Tower Defense 3
At the end of the next round are 3 rainbow bloons. They contain 2 Zebra bloons, enjoy.
~ Round 35 in Bloons Tower Defense 4
Rainbow bloons, pretty fast, pretty mean, and pretty pretty. They're rainbows after all, right?
~ Round 35 in Bloons Tower Defense 5
Ring a round the rosie, a pocketful of - Rainbow Bloons.
~ BTD5 round 56

The Rainbow Bloon is a bloon that originally appeared in Bloons Tower Defense 2 and has appeared in every other BTD game since. It is the parent of two Black and White Bloons in BTD2 and BTD3, and the parent of two Zebra Bloons in BTD4, BTD5, and BTD6. Rainbow Bloons are quite fast, having a relative speed of 2.2 compared to a Red Bloon. They are faster than White Bloons but still slower than Ceramic Bloons. In the original Bloons, there is a Helium Bloon, which is also rainbow colored and is often confused with this type of bloon. It first appears on round 12 in BTD2 and BTD3 and on round 35 in later games.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Rainbow Bloons are relatively strong bloons because, although its own layer is easy to pop, it can spawn a large total of bloons, summing up to 47 bloons per Rainbow Bloon. It is also relatively fast too, having a relative speed of 2.2 compared to a Red Bloon. Many towers or towers with high upgrades are well recommended to dealing with these bloons.

Super Ceramic behavior[edit | edit source]

In Rounds 86+ in BTD5, Rounds 30+ in both Bloons Monkey City Flash and Mobile, Rounds 35+ in BTDB Flash, Rounds 43+ in BTDB Mobile, and Rounds 81+ in BTD6, with the introduction of Super Ceramics, Rainbow Bloons will only spawn one Zebra Bloon when popped. Additionally, that Zebra will only pop into one White Bloon, and that White will only pop into one Pink Bloon, greatly reducing the total amount of child bloons in late-game.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Main article: Rainbow Bloon/Strategies

Monkey vs Monkey (BMC)[edit | edit source]

Rainbow Bloons are unlocked by the Multilayer Tech upgrade. It costs City Cash3500 and BloonstoneIcon.png5 to research at the Bloon Research Lab. In BMC Mobile, Multilayer Tech requires the Bloon Compression Tank.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[edit | edit source]

The Rainbow Bloon (specifically the grouped version) has become notorious among players for being hard to defend, especially when paired with the regrowth property, having earned the nickname Regrow Rainbows Of Doom (RROD). However, it's since been nerfed overall via game updates to make it more costlier and less effective to send.


Nerf.png Grouped Rainbow Bloons price increased ($450 → $675).


Buff.png Grouped Rainbow Bloons price decreased ($675 → $550).

Nerf.png Grouped Rainbow Bloons spacing increased by 20%.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It changed its appearance twice throughout the series. In Bloons TD 2 and Bloons TD 3, it has a red spiral, and looked like the Helium Bloon in Even More Bloons, while in Bloons TD 4, it has a vertical rainbow pattern. In BTD5 it was just different color lines that don't fade/collide together
  • In BTD3, it makes its first appearance before any of its children.
  • When an Ice Tower upgraded with Snap Freeze freezes a Rainbow Bloon, the Rainbow Bloon will pop leaving behind two Zebra Bloons in its place (shown to the right). Though they are immune to bombs and ice, the Zebra Bloons will be frozen. This one of the few known ways to freeze a Zebra Bloon, the other way is to use the Viral Frost.
  • In BTD2 and BTD3, it is the only bloon to contain two different types of bloon, while in BTD4 and BTD5, it is the Zebra Bloon. In BTD6, the B.A.D. does too.
  • Although the Rainbow Bloon is a rainbow-colored bloon, it is not the parent of any bloon that is any color of the rainbow.
  • The Rainbow Bloon in Bloons Super Monkey only has 6 layers.
  • Before Round 35 in Bloons Tower Defense 4, the game tricks the player by saying there are 3 Rainbow Bloons at the end of the level. There are 3 Rainbow Bloons at the end of the level, but only after 5 are seen earlier in the level.
  • In BTD2, round 43's pre-round comment is misspelled and it says "Letting a raindbow bloon escape will cost you the princely sum of 37 lives!". "Princely sum" means a humorously large amount.
  • The official last appearance for Rainbow Bloons in BTD5 is Round 82, where Camo Regen Rainbows among with B.F.Bs incoming, though it wouldn't be a problem because camo detectors used in Round 78 can usually handle it, it also gives Ice Shards and Bloon Area Denial System ability come through it's spotlight since they can hit the B.F.Bs from behind.

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