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Allows all Monkeys in the radius to attack Camo Bloons.
~ BTD6 Description.

Radar Scanner is the second upgrade on the second path for the Monkey Village in BTD6. It allows all the towers in its radius to gain camo detection, allowing them to detect and attack Camo Bloons.

It costs $1,700 on Easy, $2,000 on Medium, $2,160 on Hard, and $2,400 on Impoppable.


Radar Scanner is the most reliable form of allowing towers that normally do not detect camo to detect camos. Unlike decamo, such as from Submerge and Support or Shimmer, Radar Scanner has 100% reliability against Camo Bloons, as this upgrade grants nearby towers with full-time camo detection and this form of camo detection doesn't necessarily have to rely on attacks to strip off camo properties.

Generally it is difficult to afford a camo village to deal with early-game Camo Bloons, so other camo detection options are still recommended until you need the village buff.


  • This upgrade, like in BTD5, is the most reliable form of camo detection to nearby towers. As long as the towers are within range of this Village, they can always detect and damage Camo Bloons.
    • In addition, it is able to be crosspathed with other strong upgrades.
  • It is possible to afford a 0-2-0 Radar Scanner by Round 24, where the first Camo Bloon appears, but it is usually a poor option on earlier camo rounds due to alternate anti-camo options being a lot cheaper to afford, such as a Ninja Monkey or a Dart Monkey with Enhanced Eyesight.
  • If Etienne Level 8+ is on screen, there is no need to buy the Radar Scanner upgrade unless it's to purchase Monkey Intelligence Bureau or its further upgrades. This is because Etienne's Level 8 buff effectively acts as a global Radar Scanner.
  • The better crosspath for Radar Scanner depends on the situation, but generally 2-2-0 Radar Scanner is preferred for the greater coverage and Jungle Drums benefits, though pairing two Monkey Commerce villages nearby each other with one as 2-0-2 and the other as 0-2-2 is still a good option.
  • According to Advanced Intel, Radar Scanner itself and any nearby towers affected by Radar Scanner count as camo range.

Version History[]

No changes since Radar Scanner was first released into the game, although it's worth taking note that a non-crosspathed BTD6 Radar Scanner is overall cheaper compared to the corresponding non-crosspathed BTD5 counterpart.


Official artwork[]


  • The icon is a enemy radar scanner used on military ships to track the enemy similar how the radar scanner works, letting other towers detect camo bloons. Unlike BTD5, this upgrade icon also features a Camo Green on top of the radar.
    • This could reference round 24, in which a camo green first appears in BTD6.
  • Compared to BTD5, the cumulative cost of a base Radar Scanner is significantly cheaper to afford in BTD6.
  • The XP requirement for the Radar Scanner upgrade alone is much more than that for just the Primary Training upgrade. In fact, Radar Scanner has the highest XP requirement of a Tier 2 upgrade alone, second being Plasma Blasts, third being Ultravision, and fourth being Epic Range.