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Race Pass

Race Pass is a premium item available in Bloons TD 6, added in Version 24.0. It is used to provide unlimited passes for a single race. These can be redeemed for Race Events. Race Passes are used upon participation in a Race Event.

Race Passes can be bought for real-world money or they can be earned every 50th day on the Daily Rewards chest. It costs $3.99 USD and $9.99 USD to purchase 4 Race Passes and 12 Race Passes, respectively, in the form of two different in-app purchases.

Before version 28.0, a race pass will be used every time a race event is participated in. This means it's not possible to choose when to use race passes or not unless you simply decide not to participate in a race! Below are the Break Even amounts when compared to buying the same amount of monkey money with the Pile-o-Monkey Money purchase (most sensible comparison):

Purchase Paid race attempts needed to Break Even

(without Grand Prix Spree MK)

Paid race attempts needed to Break Even

(with Grand Prix Spree MK)

4 Race Passes 28 31
12 Race Passes 70 77

Race Passes can also be obtained from Daily Rewards, which is earned every 50th day.

Version History[]

  • Released
  • BUFF Added Race Passes to Daily Rewards
  • BUFF Race Passes now do not consume when using up free Race Attempts