Timer starts when you press play. Send next rounds early to improve your time but be careful! Race games will not save so try not to quit mid-game. Best time wins on the global leaderboard - good luck!
~ BTD6 Race Event notice description
Race Event Description

Race Event description

Race Event is an event released in Version 7.0 in BTD6. Players can compete with other players around the world to pass all rounds as fast as possible on a predefined map with a specific set of other rules. In addition to this is a new function exclusive to this mode unofficially named "Bloon Rusher", in which the next wave of bloons from the next round can be immediately sent to quicken the pace of completing all forementioned rounds. To prevent unfair records that do not involve strategy (in particular spamming in Super Monkey Storm to win very fast), Powers and premiums such as Double Cash are disabled for all Race Events.

Players can play the event once every 4 hours within the 7-day period. This can be sped up for Btd6monkeymoney100. The player will gain higher ranks when they beat the map faster. Players who end up on a certain rank at the end of the 7-day period will earn specific rewards.

Race Event Challenge HistoryEdit

Typical Race Events will use the below format to display the Nth event, available towers/heroes, the map played alongside respective difficulty modifiers (Easy, Medium, or Hard alongside one of the following Submodes: Standard, Reverse Mode, Alternate Bloons Rounds, Double HP MOABs, Impoppable, CHIMPS) and Challenge modifiers (i.e. No Lives Lost, No Monkey Knowledge, No Selling). Race Events automatically have Apopalypse rules by default, alongside any additional any special submode. Race Events automatically disable Continues and Powers (though the player may reattempt the Race Event after a single Btd6monkeymoney100 payment or 4 hours wait time).

Typical Race Event format may be displayed below:

Unless clearly stated and specified, the following rules apply to all race logs:

  • Easy is from Rounds 1 to 40 with 200 Lives
  • Medium is from Rounds 1 to 60 with 150 Lives
  • Hard is from Rounds 3 to 80 with 100 Lives
  • Starting cash is always $650
  • Monkey Knowledge and Selling is enabled
  • As many of available towers can be bought, unless specified:
    Max. x Towers or Heroes at a time means, that a sum of a number of Towers and a number of Heroes in a particular Race Event can't be higher than x at any given moment.
    No more than x of any Tower and Hero type means, that you can only put x of every Tower and Hero available in a particular Race Event at any given moment.
  • Time span for each race is slightly less than 4 days long, starting from 20:00 UTC until 8:00 UTC.

One example usage may appear like this:

The list of Race Events that have been hosted by Ninja Kiwi are as follows (additional info can be found on this official fan BTD6 excel tracksheet):


Below are the current rewards, as of Race 15:

  • 1st Prize: Btd6monkeymoney 1000, ZOMG Badge, 50 Trophies, 1 Monkey Boost, one 5th-tier Insta-Monkey
  • 2nd Prize: Btd6monkeymoney 750, BFB Badge, 40 Trophies, 1 Super Monkey Storm, one 4th-tier Insta-Monkey
  • 3rd Prize: Btd6monkeymoney 500, MOAB Badge, 30 Trophies, 1 Cash Drop, one 4th-tier Insta-Monkey
  • Top 1%: Btd6monkeymoney 400, Gold Badge, 25 Trophies, one 3rd-tier Insta-Monkey
  • Top 10%: Btd6monkeymoney 300, Gold-Silver Badge, 20 Trophies, one 2nd-tier Insta-Monkey
  • Top 25%: Btd6monkeymoney 200, Double Silver Badge, 15 Trophies, one 1st-tier Insta-Monkey
  • Top 50%: Btd6monkeymoney 100, Silver Badge, 10 Trophies, one 1st-tier Insta-Monkey
  • Top 75%: Btd6monkeymoney 50, Bronze Badge, 5 Trophies, one base Insta-Monkey
  • Below 75%: No reward



  • In Version 7.0, the event was removed within the first few hours due to iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and other widescreen devices users exploiting the use of Powers when other mobile device models cannot access Powers. The Race Event was re-released on Version 7.1 after the maintenence fixes.
  • Increased lag via Bluestacks app or a lower-end device lowers the speed of the game, making it easier to buy-and-resell fast, thus indirectly improving the race time. It is unlikely that this was ever intended.
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