Quick Shots is the first upgrade of the second path for the Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It increases the Dart Monkey's attack speed by 17.6%~ or an 85% reduction in reload time, to 0.8075 seconds per shot. It is unlocked with 80 XP.


This upgrade adds a green headband to the Dart Monkey.


  • Like many other low tier Dart Monkey upgrades, the main use of this upgrade is to improve your Dart Monkey cheaply, or as a stepping stone to a higher tier Dart Monkey.
  • It is usually the better crosspath for both the Top Path Dart Monkey and Bottom Path Dart Monkey.
    • Bottom crosspath may be more useful if you need to align Top Path Dart Monkey shots.
    • Top crosspath for Bottom Path Dart Monkey is only really useful for Crossbow Master if you are struggling against Rounds like 63 or 78, but usually you can use other towers as support.


  • This upgrade is the second-cheapest Dart Monkey upgrade, second to Long Range Darts.
  • In BTD5, purchasing any Tier 1 upgrade would change the Dart Monkey to have a green headband. Now, the green headband is reserved for Quick Shots.


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