For quests in Bloons Tower Defense 5, see Quests (BTD5).

Building-related quest completed in the Adobe Flash version

Quests are optional tasks that a player may try to complete in Bloons Monkey City. They are assigned as the player levels up. All of the quests give a reward in City Cash as well as Experience Points. These quests can be anything from conquering a certain kind of tile and to purchasing a certain upgrade or amount of upgrades. Each quest has an icon related to what kind of quest it is.

Building-related questsEdit


These are indicated with a hammer icon.

Name Cash XP Task
Switched On 100 20 Build a Windmill
Build a Watermill 100 25 Build a Watermill
Juiced 200 45 Reach Lightning thing-0250 by building Windmills and/or Watermills
Store More 200 35 Build a second Monkey Bank
More Money! 250 30 Build a second Banana Farm
Third Farm 500 60 Build a third Banana Farm
Tack Attack 150 25 Build a Tack Shooter Storage Facility
Target Acquired 150 25 Build a Sniper's Recluse
Bombs Away! 150 25 Build a Bomb Range
More Monkeys Needed 150 50 Increase Dart Monkey population to 6
Army of Dartness 500 100 Increase Dart Monkey population to 10
Super 500 250 Unlock Super Monkeys
Camo Countermeasures 100 40 Build a Centre of Camo Countermeasures
We H8 MOABs 500 250 Build an Anti MOAB Research Lab
Monkey v Monkey 120 30 Build a Bloon Inflation and Deployment Factory
Precious Precious Bloontonium* 150 60 Build a Bloontonuim Generator
Store Bloontonium* 150 60 Build a Bloontonium Storage Tank
Bloon Research 250 60 Build a Bloon Research Lab
Game of Farms 500 250 Build a Micro Agriculture Research Building

*: Only on Flash

Tower Upgrade related questsEdit


These are indicated with a magnifying glass icon.

Name Cash XP Task
Long Range Darts 100 20 Research Long Range Darts Upgrade
Better Boomerangs 120 35 Get Multi-Target upgrade from Monkey Academy
MOAB Mauler 500 250 Research MOAB Mauler upgrade from Ornance and Munitions Support Building
Fast Bloons 250 75 Research Fast Bloons from Bloon Research Lab
Lead Bloons 250 100 Research Heavy Bloon Armour from Bloon Research Lab
Ceramic Bloons 400 200 Research Ceramic Bloon Construction from Bloon Research Lab

City Resource-related questsEdit


These are indicated with a wrench icon.

Name Cash XP Task
Power Spike 500 300 Get more power by upgrading an Windmill or Watermill
Megavolt 750 400 Reach Lightning thing-01000 by building or upgrading Windmills and Watermills
Big Vaults 700 350 Upgrade a Monkey Bank to Bigger Vaults
Big Farms 1000 400 Upgrade a Banana Farm to Banana Plantation

Land-related questsEdit


These are indicated with a dart icon.

Name Cash XP Task
Toughen Up 300 50 Capture 1 piece of land rated "Hard" or higher
More Preparation* 1000 300 Capture 3 more tiles rated "Hard" or higher
Special Terrain 200 60 Capture a piece of land with Special Terrain on it
Gather Supplies* 3000 750 Capture 4 more tiles of Forest or Heavy Forest
Land Grab I 350 150 Capture 40 pieces of land
Land Grab II 1000 750 Capture 70 pieces of land
Land Grab III 5000 2000 Capture 150 pieces of land
Big Bloon Hunter 1000 350 Capture some land by defeating a MOAB
Bigger Bloon Hunter 1500 500 Capture some land by defeating a BFB
Biggest Bloon Hunter 2500 800 Capture some land by defeating a ZOMG
The Bigger They Are 3000 1000 Capture 10 pieces of land that show ZOMG bloons on them
Dark Dirigible Titan 2000 800 Capture some land by defeating a DDT

*For some reason, this quest is marked with a hammer icon instead of the correct dart icon.

Monkey v Monkey-related questsEdit


These are indicated with a double dart icon.

Name Cash XP Task
Raid Someone! 300 100 Raid another player's City with some Bloons
Revenge is Best Served Hot 250 250 Launch a Revenge Attack on other player after they attacked you
Pillage! 300 100 Raid City cash1000 from other players

Treasure-related questsEdit


These are indicated with a treasure chest icon.

Name Cash XP Task
Treasure Chest 200 30 Get a Treasure Chest
Treasure Raider 500 750 Get 3 Treasure Chests

Tier Four Upgrade-related questsEdit

These are indicated with a padlock icon.

Name Cash XP Task
Real Power 1000 500 Unlock a Tier 4 Upgrade for one of your Monkey types
May The 4s Be With You... 1500 500 Unlock five tier 4 upgrades

Unused questsEdit

These are quests that can be found in the game's files, but are unobtainable.

*This quest used to be available upon reaching level 25, and it had a blue circle with a "!" inside it. However, since the Portal Artifacts were never implemented in the game, this quest was still impossible to get, although there is evidence of some portal artifact sprites by looking through the game's files.

Name Cash XP Task
Ancient Portal Knowledge* 1000 500 Find a piece of the lost Portal Artifact
Explorer 500 250 Capture a special terrain square
Friends 100 100 Invite a friend to play Bloons Monkey City
Upgrade Town Hall 30 30 Upgrade your Town Hall
Monkey Tech 250 500 Build a Monkey Tech Lab
Bloonstone Power 60 50 Use Bloonstones to powerup an attack on a piece of land.
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