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This is a page containing strategies for the Expert Map Quad from BTD6.


The Killzones[]

Quad killzones

Many Quad strategies rely on setting up two killzones, marked in red in the following image. One killzone (the bottom-left section of track) collects all bloons coming in from the bottom and right entrances, and the other killzone (the top-right section of track) does the same to the top and left entrances. By design, these killzones allow some time for the rest of the defense to chip away at bloons coming from the top and bottom entrances before the bloons from the left and right entrances double up on the defense. If the killzones are overrun, the result is generally lethal unless the player has a panic button ability ready to go. The killzones also have the advantage of easier diagnosis of leaks, which comes in handy as Quad is notorious for allowing leaks to blend in with recently spawned bloons with deadly ease.

The killzones themselves are almost always staffed by Spiked Balls boosted with Berserker Brew, allowing for the effective popping of both Super Ceramic Bloons and, with DPS and support assistance, early MOABs and later DDTs. To prevent overcrowding of the killzones by late-game ZOMG and BFB rushes, a combination of MOAB Glue, MOAB Press, and Bloon Sabotage is recommended. In the early game and Half Cash, a Wall of Fire in one killzone (or both, if needed) remains cost-effective early popping power. In Half Cash, low-level Ice Monkeys in front of the Walls of Fire give them much more room to breathe and even allow them to be viable until Round 75.

It is imperative to know where key rounds deploy Bloons. The camo bloon in Round 24 appears from the left entrance while Round 33 camos will pass through both killzones. The Round 40 MOAB and first instances of blimps afterwards will also appear from the left entrance.

Beware of Round 94, as it will force only two ZOMGs into the top-side killzone but four ZOMGs into the bottom one.


  • The sole viable CHIMPS start is three Dart Monkeys, two of them placed in the quadrilateral's side corners, and the third placed on either the top corner or bottom corner. On Round 7, either the right Dart Monkey (if using the top corner first) or the left Dart Monkey (if using the bottom corner first) must be switched onto Strong.
  • Monkey Subs do poorly on this map in mid-late game as while they can cover all of the tracks with Advanced Intel, they will always be shooting perpendicularly to the track, making the subs not use their airburst dart pierce to their maximum. However, Airburst Darts is a viable early game option, being able to handle difficult early rounds such as 15, 22, 27, 35, and 36 (if Triple Guns is bought with alchemist buff).
    • Another way to optimize subs in the mid game would be to upgrade to Reactors, and have two of them cover tracks adjacent from each other, as well as range buffs from Village and Alchemist. This can make high Bloon cluster rounds and dealing with MOAB children especially easy.
  • A Grandmaster Ninja is able to reach all four paths if placed correctly with the Arctic Wind to freeze the water.
  • MOAB Maulers combo very nicely with Spiked Balls, and for a long time has been a favorite Black Border strategy. The spammable nature of Maulers and Spiked Balls makes the DPS throughout the game significant while not having to make any difficult save-ups, such as other strategies would have to make to get a key tier 5 tower, like a Grandmaster Ninja, Prince of Darkness, or Sky Shredder.
  • First Strike Capability comboed with a nearby Reactor has enough cooldown time to have two uses of the ability while attempting to kill a Round 100 BAD. It works for Quad CHIMPS runs against Round 100 if the left and right trusses are removed.
  • The four trusses are very expensive obstacles, costing $1500 to remove each one. However, it is often necessary to remove them to get more time to attack Bloons in later rounds. Furthermore, the Bloons are invulnerable while under the trusses, such that Pre-Game Prep spikes are not consumed, Spirit of the Forest's vines do not deal damage, and most importantly Pre-Emptive Strike's passive ability will deal no damage, wasting it.
  • Place 4-1-0 Ice Monkeys at all intersections no later than the first ZOMG round. If trusses aren't removed by then, don't fret, they can reach the MOABs anyway - apply range buffs if that's still a concern. They will help with weakening MOABs, and since they pass one more intersection before the exit, the children MOABs will have to go through the next ice monkey, and once more if anymore children survive.
  • A Monkey Pirates with enough range buffs can pretty much cover the entire map, combined with being able to shoot cannons from both sides simultaneously, it can effectively pick off MOABs approaching from all angles, and when upgraded to Pirate Lord, the Takedown ability can make one ZOMG less to deal with per round, especially on a map like this.