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Pyramid Steps (Battle Sands on mobile) is one of the eight tracks featured in Bloons TD Battles, added on July 19, 2013.


A sandy place, based on lots of stairs, forming a pyramid shape, hence the name. There are four little ponds in which the player can place water towers. Bloons come from the top and the bottom, depending on which side the player is on.


Since this track is essentially three long straight lines, juggernauts and dartling guns are very effective. When placed at the "intersections" of these "lines," they can target the middle and towards both entrances, allowing them to practically cover bloons along the whole map. Two juggernauts is enough to fairly easily destroy a RRRoD (with some other cleanup towers like wizards, engineers, and/or 0,3 darts). The water space is very limited, allowing a maximum of 4 monkey buccaneers to be placed. Using subs (also known as "ships") is also decent (not confirmed). This map also features tight corners leading to the middle path, which is a common place for tack shooters, mortar shells, and other burst/group damage towers