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Using Purple Bloon Farm to get $50000 in one round.

Purple Bloon Farming is a farming method bases on the characteristics of the Purple Bloon. It is based on the lack of popping power of an energy-based attacker (e.g. Sam) towards Purple Bloon and using a blowing item/attack/ability (e.g. Wizard Lord Wand) to infinitely blow back the bloon, allowing the money-maker to generate theoretically infinite money.


Believed to be the first photo evidence of Purple Bloon Farming. Please correct this if you find an earlier one.

The Basic Principle: For example, as a Purple Bloon cannot be popped by Sam, if Sam is equipped with the Wizard Lord Wand, the Purple Bloon can be infinitely blown back and stall the round forever, so the money-makers BMO and COBRA can generate cash meanwhile.

Advantages and Disadvantages[]


  • It is easy to set up on most maps.
  • It does not lag or even crash the game like Regen Farming.


  • It is exclusive to Bloons Adventure Time TD.
  • It is generally an unnecessary extension of time, as maps can be beaten with popping rounds as fast as possible, and spamming income towers will generally get the player all the towers they want in Martian Games before they struggle.
  • It may be harder to set up on maps with significant obstacles and negative effects.
  • It requires using specific characters with certain items and the appropriate money-makers. (e.g. Sam with Wizard Lord Wand equipped and BMO/COBRA placed down) (See Useful towers for Purple Bloon Farming below)
  • The Purple Bloon must not be range of towers with purple-popping power, otherwise it can be popped by them.
  • Its effectiveness is capped in Martian Games as there is a flat $10,000 limit of generating money per round.

Example Methods (BATTD only)[]

Preparing to Purple Bloon Farm[]

Equip Wizard Lord Wand to Sam, as Sam will be the blower. Flame Princess is not suggested to be the blower because her Flamebits upgrade can pop Purple Bloons.

Place Sam at a position where is at the relatively front of a map. Place other characters at the back to pop the leaked Bloons. Do not place let other characters be able to pop Bloons near Sam.

Upgrade Sam to at least Intense Beams and Forked Lightning, so she can pop multiple Bloons, avoiding them clock-blocking the Purple Bloons, otherwise they may leak.

Actually Purple Bloon Farming[]

At round 21 or round 24, Purple Bloons will come out. Micro Sam a little bit so she can blow back the Purple Bloons (e.g. change targetting to "Last"). After most Bloons are popped or leaked to the other characters at the back, only one or two Purple Bloons will be left and the Purple Bloon Farm is done. Then, place BMO to generate money. BMO costs $700, but if there's not enough cash, wait for all the bloons that slip past the blower to be popped, and then sell enough of the towers not being used for blowing.

When done farming, sell Sam, move/place/upgrade a tower, or use an ability to allow popping the Purple Bloon and end the round.

Useful towers for Purple Bloon Farming[]


Essential to the farm, the only needed part on definition. Blowers blow back the Purple Bloon to stall the round, while Money Makers make money in the meantime.

  • Sam: She cannot pop Purple Bloons and can be equiped with a wand, ideal for Purple Bloon Farming. Give her a good spot (close to the track and clear Line of Sight, while relatively near the entrance and set to last) so she can maximize the ability to blow. She can also create a near-exit portal via Mystic Portal to catch the Purple Bloon if it escapes, but reactivating it needs quite a recharge.
  • Flame Princess: Alternative to or assists Sam. Cannot pop Purple Bloons on default but can pop them with Flamebits upgrade, do not use this upgrade if you are using Flame Princess as the blower. Not recommended for camo purple farming, as Heat Sense requires Flamebits to be bought.
  • Wizard Lord Wand: The main weapon for the farm. Summons a whirlwind to blow back the Purple Bloon.
  • Beauteous Wings: Trinket that blows back (Purple) bloons, just like Wizard Lord Wand. It is recommended to equip this to Tuxedo Jake, as he does not damage bloons.
  • Magic Door Portal: Place the cheap character close to the exit, then activate the portal, sell the character, and repeat. Just make sure they do not damage the Purple Bloon.
  • BMO: Generates money over time as long as there is at least a bloon onscreen.
  • COBRA: Generates money (as cash suitcases) and lives (as med crates) over time. Pops leaking bloons.

Bloon Poppers[]

Pop leaking Bloons, can be ignored if you have extra lives.

Movement Reducers[]

These give the bloons more time to move, usually by slowing them down, so blower(s) has/have a smaller chance to miss, especially if the blower is blowing perpendicularly to the track.

  • Slime Princess: Slows bloons down, but don't upgrade her to Toxic Slime, otherwise the Purple Bloon will be popped.
  • Dr Monkey: Slowing Solution slows bloons that touch them, but don't upgrade him to Damage Decoction, otherwise the Purple Bloon will be popped.
  • Lumpy Space Princess: Stuns bloons, but don't upgrade her to Gotcha, otherwise the Purple Bloon will be popped.
  • Ice Monkey: Freezes bloons, but don't upgrade him to Snap Freeze, otherwise the Purple Bloon will be popped.
  • Hunson Abadeer: Sucks the soul of Purple Bloon so it slows down. Fortunately, the Purple Bloon still retains its energy immunity. If handling multiple bloons, upgrade him to Grave Rusher to suck more souls quickly.
  • Slowing items such as CryoJet and Margaret's Music Box.


Increases the effectiveness of the blower(s) and/or movement reducers

  • Lemonhope: Speeds up blower(s) and/or movement reducer(s).
  • Tuxedo Jake: Similar to Holiday BMO (see Others), but can also buff the blower with instrument and upgrades. Do not upgrade him to Inspiring Melody or use the Rock Out! ability, otherwise the Purple Bloon will be popped.
  • Marceline: Buffs the blower with instrument, but might pop the Purple Bloon, better move her away (never set her to Pursuit).
  • Jake: Same as Marceline, but consider his placement.
  • Princess Bubblegum: Same as Marceline, but with Regal Presence (range and pierce only). Kind of risky since it also buffs other buffers, who may pop the Purple Bloon. Also increases Lemonhope allies with To Me.
  • Other boosting items if necessary, such as Treetrunk's Apple Knife and Lute Suit; instruments that boost speed or range are helpful.


Characters/items you may add if you want to.

  • Warrior Bubblegum: Adds more allies (such as BMOs and COBRAs) onto the field with Born to Rule; can help pop leaking bloons. Try not to upgrade her to Candy Archers, otherwise the summoned units may pop the Purple Bloon.
  • Lady Rainicorn: Provides blowers and movement reducers with placement positions near hard-to-reach spots. Do not upgrade her to Rainbow Magic, otherwise the Purple Bloon will be downgraded and become vulnerable to damage.
  • Holiday BMO: Similar to Banana Farm, not suitable for Purple Bloon Farming due to generating fixed amount of cash per round.
  • Protection Gem/Red Cowboy Boots/Candy Dive Suit: Niche item. Protects the blower from stuns.
  • Monkey Farmer: Collects items from COBRA, but not from BMO.
  • Magic Coin Purse: Adds more starting cash to help build early stalling defenses.


  • In this game, there are many other similar methods of infinite stalling for infinite money generation. Here are some examples:
    • Jake (before upgrading to Mace Hand or Harmful If Swallowed; or any instrument character) buffing LSP's (with Can't Handle This) speed to stun a lead bloon continuously
      • Or Jake buffing LSP's (with Can't Handle This) speed to stun any regular bloon continuously, provided the bloon is outside of Jake's attacking range
    • A level 9 or lower Ice King with Power Ring of Strength equipped freezing a white bloon, knocking it back continuously
    • Finn with Power Ring of Strength equipped attacking a ghost bloon, knocking it back continuously (works with Thief King's Dagger)
    • C4 Charlie with Bloon Impact and Time Bomb or Power Ring of Strength against a Ghost Bloon, which constantly knocks it back.
    • If the player is up to the task, they can use the tactics as mentioned above to stall the 25 red bloons without popping them on Round 1 and make money at the same time. This requires having some extra starting cash, placement position considerations, and initial micromanagement.
  • Alternatively, the player can utilize any of the stalling methods listed so the player can stack Plasma Goggles buffs on Sam, but Sam must not be in the range of the bloon being stalled.


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