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A gifted monkey child, Psi uses only the power of the mind to destroy Bloons from the inside out.
~ BTD6 description

Psi is a Hero in Bloons TD 6 who was added to the game in update 26.0. They[1] use psychic vibrations to stun and destroy singular Bloons but initially cannot affect Purple, Lead, and Ceramic or stronger. They are one of the only heroes to detect Camo Bloons at base level, the others being Ezili and Sauda.

Psi's psychic attack will attack bloons from any range based on their target priority, and the attack always ignores Line of Sight. Once a bloon is affected by their psychic attack, the bloon will become shocked in place and eventually die off in full. Other towers will no longer target shocked bloons, as the affected bloons are already instakilled but visually are going through a process of being instakilled. Psi's psychic attack can be compared to a Druid of the Jungle but much stronger and faster. Minor secondary effects are created at higher levels, giving Psi a tad more DPS.

Psi's attack is unaffected by Acidic Mixture Dip, so leveling is required to pop all bloon types. Monkey Intelligence Bureau allows Psi to target and affect Leads and Purples but not Ceramics. At maximum level, Psi can instakill ZOMGs and DDTs, but still cannot pop or target Rock Bloons.

Psi costs $850 on Easy, $1,000 on Medium, $1,080 on Hard, and $1,200 on Impoppable. If Hero Favors is enabled, Psi will cost $765 on Easy, $900 on Medium, $970 on Hard, and $1,080 on Impoppable. Psi can be unlocked with a one-off purchase of BloonjaminsIcon5000.

In 30.0 update Psi received new skin called "Psimbals" changing their appearance, quotes and making them a bit more energetic.


Psi will start upgrading themselves every round upon placement. They earn more XP each round to unlock their next upgrade irrespective of how many bloons they pop. Their upgrades can also be immediately bought with cash, though the amount of cash required to purchase the next upgrade will typically increase as the upgrades get higher, making self-upgrading an important element for their overall power.

Psi upgrades automatically after being placed. Their XP requirement ratio is 1.5x, equivalent to Benjamin's leveling speed.

Level 1
COST: $850 / $1,000 / $1,080 / $1,200

Description: Over any range or obstacle, Psi sets up deadly vibrations that completely destroy one Bloon at a time. Can target Camo.
Effect: Psi creates psychic attacks that instantly hold and destroy their targets. Each psychic attack sends mind-powered vibrations that slowly destroy the targeted bloon at any range, ignoring Line of Sight. Initially cannot target Leads, Purples, Ceramics, or MOAB-class. Each bloon layer takes a set amount of time to destroy, and once fully popped Psi's psychic attack undergoes an attack cooldown before attacking again. Psi starts with a "dummy" range of 20.

Psi will instantly target a bloon, damages at a rate of 0.2s per single-HP layer, attack cooldown of 1.0s. Regardless of number of layers, a bloon will vibrate for up to 15 seconds before it fully pops, or 3 seconds if there are otherwise no more bloons on screen.

Level 2
COST: $270

Description: The psionic vibrations destroy Bloons faster than normal.
Effect: It now takes 0.15s per single-HP bloon layer until Psi can make another psychic attack, and then the attack cooldown begins.
Level 3
COST: $690

Description: Psychic Blast: Psi unleashes a wave of power that stuns nearby Bloons for a long time.
Effect: Gains the Psychic Blast ability. When activated, Psi creates a stunwave that stuns up to 200 nearby bloons for 6s, or 1.5s for MOAB-class. Range of 60. Cooldown of 40 seconds. The blast can affect any bloon type, even those that Psi cannot attack with vibrations.
Level 4
COST: $1500
UNLOCK: 1,500 XP

Description: Psi's attack can hit another Bloon if very close to the targeted Bloon.
Effect: Psychic attack produces a tiny blast that can hit up to 1 nearby bloon with a very small gap between. Blast radius of 6. Can affect more bloons with pierce buffs (e.g. Berserker Brew).
Level 5
COST: $2790
UNLOCK: 2,790 XP

Description: Attacks slightly faster.
Effect: Psychic attack cooldown reduced from 1.0s to 0.85s. Uses the same waiting formula as Level 2.
Level 6
COST: $4920
UNLOCK: 4,920 XP

Description: Psi's powerful mind can penetrate through Lead Bloons.
Effect: Psi's vibrations can target and affect Lead Bloons. Psi's contagious blast affects two bloons instead of one.
Level 7
COST: $7770
UNLOCK: 7,770 XP

Description: Psychic Blast pulses twice. Psi can now destroy Ceramic Bloons.
Effect: Psychic Blast pulses twice, with a short delay of 2.0s between, each pulse remaining to stun up to 200 bloons each. Vibrations now target and affect Ceramics, dealing damage to each unit health remaining. Vibrations damage the Ceramic layer at a rate of 0.15s per unit health remaining.
Level 8
COST: $12480
UNLOCK: 12,480 XP

Description: Destructive Resonance causes Bloons destroyed by Psi's main attack to damage other Bloons nearby.
Effect: Once the bloon pops, it will generate Destructive Resonance; it creates an explosion that inflicts 1 damage to up to 10 bloons. Explosion is plasma type. Blast radius of 20. Destructive Resonance can deal collateral damage to any non-Purple bloon type, even DDTs and BADs.
Level 9
COST: $14070
UNLOCK: 14,070 XP

Description: Split the Mind. Psi can now target two different Bloons at once.
Effect: Gains twice the attacks. Second psychic attack just like the first one, vibrating bloons and creating a contagious blast and the resulting destructive resonance, except the second psychic attack has independent targeting. The second psychic attack will attack on First if bloons are past halfway or otherwise on Strong, mimicking Elite targeting. Both psychic attacks work independently.
Level 10
COST: $20430
UNLOCK: 20,430 XP

Description: Psionic Scream: Psi unleashes a silent scream that throws the Bloons into utter chaos.
Effect: Gains the Psionic Scream ability. Psionic Scream causes up to 2000 affected bloons to have a random 50/50 chance of either getting blown backwards towards the start or undergoing an instakill. It can only affect bloons Psi can target with their main attack. Bloons affected by the blowback effect move backwards between 50 and 300 units. 60 second cooldown.
Level 11
COST: $24570
UNLOCK: 24,570 XP

Description: Not even Purple Bloons can resist the power of Psi's mind attacks.
Effect: Psi's psychic attack and Psionic Scream can target and affect Purple Bloons.
Level 12
COST: $21600
UNLOCK: 21,600 XP

Description: Psychic Blast pulses three times.
Effect: Psychic Blast now pulses a 3rd time after 2.0s from the 2nd.
Level 13
COST: $24975
UNLOCK: 24,975 XP

Description: The psionic vibrations destroy Bloons even faster.
Effect: Vibrations now take 0.1s per bloon layer. Additionally, contagious blast affects up to 3 nearby bloons instead of 2.
Level 14
COST: $22410
UNLOCK: 22,410 XP

Description: Psi's immense psychic power allows targeting and destruction of MOABs.
Effect: Can target and affect MOABs, now instakilling MOABs. Psionic Scream now can blowback or instakill MOABs depending on chance. Vibrations also deal damage at a much faster rate. Psychic attack now deals 4 damage every 0.1s instead of the old vibration formula. Psi's main psychic attack can now affect MOAB-class but does not allow its secondary vibrations to affect MOAB-class.
Level 15
COST: $24570
UNLOCK: 24,570 XP

Description: Destructive Resonance is more destructive.
Effect: Popped bloon explosions now deal 3 damage onto up to 10 bloons.
Level 16
COST: $26730
UNLOCK: 26,730 XP

Description: The psionic vibrations destroy Bloons very fast. Psi can now target BFBs.
Effect: Can target and affect BFBs. Will be able to instakill BFBs including its children. Psionic Scream now can blowback and/or instakill BFBs. Vibrations damage bloons even faster, with the psychic attack now dealing 4 damage every 0.075s.
Level 17
COST: $28890
UNLOCK: 28,890 XP

Description: Split the Mind. Psi can now target three different Bloons at once.
Effect: Gains a third independent vibration attack. Third psychic attack mimics the second and is independent from the other psychic attacks.
Level 18
COST: $31050
UNLOCK: 31,050 XP

Description: Psi's attacks affect Bloons within a larger radius of the target Bloon.
Effect: Contagious blast now affects up to 5 bloons. Blast radius increased to 15.
Level 19
COST: $24705
UNLOCK: 24,705 XP

Description: Destructive Resonance is much much more destructive.
Effect: Popped bloon explosions now deal 10 damage onto up to 10 bloons. Blast radius of Destructive Resonance increased to 30.
Level 20
COST: $25920
UNLOCK: 25,920 XP

Description: Psionic Scream holds and damages all Bloons on screen. Psi can now target DDTs and ZOMGs.
Effect: Psionic Scream now guarantees chance of affected bloons to become instakilled rather than the off-chance of receiving blowback instead. Main attack and Psionic Scream ability can affect DDTs and ZOMGs.

Activated Abilities

See also: Activated Abilities (BTD6)#Psi

Psi has two activated abilities: Psychic Blast (Level 3+), and Psionic Scream (Level 10+).

Psychic Blast Ability


Psychic Blast Ability

When activated, Psychic Blast produces a pulse (or continous pulses at Level 7+) that stuns up to 200 bloons within 60 range. At Level 7+, a second pulse triggers after 2.0s from the first pulse. At Level 12+, a third pulse triggers after 2.0s from the second pulse. All pulses stun ordinary bloons for 6.0s and blimps for 1.5s.

Psychic Blast has an ability cooldown of 40 seconds.

Psionic Scream Ability


Psionic Scream Ability

When activated, Psionic Scream causes a 50/50 chance for up to 2000 targetable bloons to become instakilled or blown 50-300 units backwards. Like the main psionic attacks by Psi, any target considered instakilled actually undergoes a visual state of vibrating rapidly before disappearing. Psionic Scream changes dramatically at Level 20; all affected targets on screen are instakilled.

Initially, it will be able to target up to Ceramics, as Psi is able to target Ceramics by the time they unlock the Psionic Scream ability. After reaching respective levels, Psionic Scream can target bloon types that Psi can naturally target (Level 11+: Purples, Level 14+: MOABs, Level 16+: BFBs, Level 20: ZOMGs and DDTs).

Psionic Scream has an ability cooldown of 60 seconds.

Leveling up

Level Cost / XP Cumulative   
1 Base Base
2 270 270
3 690 960
4 1500 2460
5 2790 5250
6 4920 10,170
7 7770 17,940
8 12,480 30,420
9 14,070 44,490
10 20,430 64,920
11 24,570 89,490
12 21,600 111,090
13 24,975 136,065
14 22,410 158,475
15 24,570 183,045
16 26,730 209,775
17 28,890 238,665
18 31,050 269,715
19 24,705 294,420
20 25,920 320,340



Psi is a support DPS hero. Their attacks are long-ranged and attack a limited number of bloons at a time, but can instakill with their base attack. Initially, they will struggle a lot against Ceramics and MOAB-class due to the slow leveling curve of Psi, but at much higher levels Psi becomes a very strong hero capable of doing a lot of damage. Psi has two abilities that also act as support, with Psychic Blast as a way to clump bloons up with a large stun wave, and Psionic Scream as a large-scale damage and blowback source. At max level, Psi is extremely powerful against anything below a BAD, and with Psionic Scream, can even solo Round 98. That being said, a majority of that power comes from the Psionic Scream ability.

When it comes to synergies in-game, Psi works well as a supporting DPS to existing tower combinations. Psi comes with built-in camo detection and infinite range, and their abilities can help assist the defense whenever needed. Much of their true power comes behind higher levels, given their exponential power over each level, and as such faster leveling is essential for Psi's potential. Use of hero leveling boosts such as adding a nearby Energizer, are very helpful. Note that Heroes, like Psi, levels faster on harder map difficulties.

During the early-game, their expertise is much like the Sniper Monkey, excelling against spaced bloons and strong bloons alike, plus breezing through Round 24. During the mid-game, their most valuable role in that stage is to excel at handling Ceramics from underneath blimps, plus an available stun ability via Psychic Blast to clump up bloons. During the late-game, their Psionic Blast adds the majority of their power, clearing up many of the excessive bloons on screen. The best synergies with Psi include Ground Zero, First Strike Capability, and Energizer, which all in turn counter Psi's major weaknesses during later stages of the game.


Main article: Synergy#Psi


  • Even though Psi has infinite range, they should still be positioned close to the track to utilize Psychic Blast.
    • Psychic Blast's range is 60 which is the same as the range of a base Monkey Buccaneer, so a Buccaneer can be used to simulate the range that Psychic Blast would have.
  • Due to Psi's slow attack speed, they should typically be treated as a support role instead of a raw damage hero, outside of some Contested Territory tiles.
  • Target priority of Psi is very useful. Psi takes longer to take down stronger bloons, but faster on weaker bloons. Strong helps pick off stronger bloons at the cost of a slower instakill, as instakilling strong bloons works with Psi's strengths, but First helps pick off bloons nearest to the exit. However, at Level 20 they will often benefit from Strong to make use of the high damage to ZOMGs and DDTs.
  • Psi synergizes with Energizer, as Energizer helps Psi get more progress towards level 20. Such an investment is very expensive and doesn't necessarily fully cover the costs of manually upgrading Psi later on. One additional benefit is that all abilities will recharge faster, including their Psychic Blast and Psionic Scream abilities.
  • It takes time for Psi's instakill effects to pop bloons in their entirety. If Psi instakills an entire round, especially with their Psionic Scream ability, there is a time delay before ending the round.
  • Level 20 Psi is not useless against Round 100, as a properly timed Psi's Psionic Scream ability can instantly destroy the BAD offspring in one shot once the BAD layer pops.
    • Their Psychic Blast does stun the bloon for a significant period of time when it is caught in the blast radius.
  • Towers that are effective at handling blimps are the best synergies for Psi, especially during the mid-game. 4-2-0 Maim MOAB can stun the blimps to stall time to pop groups of blimps for the mid-game, while Ground Zero destroys various dense mid-game bloons with its ability. Psi during the mid game can assist at handling the Ceramics underneath the MOABs.
  • During the late-game, use typical counters to MOAB-class and Super Ceramics. As Psi is mainly a support DPS, they won't do much at killing stronger bloons until reaching much higher levels. Use Psionic Scream to help clear out big waves of bloons up to Psi's highest-ranked targets (Levels 7-13 = Ceramics, Level 14-15 = MOABs, Level 16-19 = BFBs, Level 20 = ZOMGs and DDTs).
  • Ground Zero synergizes with Psi by destroying large groups of bloons and weaker blimps into more manageable clumps to pair with their Psionic Scream ability. For the mid-game, Ground Zero's ability can be used to handle overwhelming blimps and bloons during necessary emergencies.
  • Perma-Spike can be paired with Psi to tank weaker bloons and counter DDTs before reaching Level 20. Its capability to tank weaker bloons is to reduce overdependence on Psionic Scream, as that ability has a long cooldown, while 0-2-5 Permaspike paired with Alch buff can counter DDT rounds such as Round 95.
  • Psi is fairly useless in Boss Events, as their CHIMPS utility is too expensive in a boss event, and their utility is limited.
  • Although Psi is incredibly powerful at Level 20, their Level 16 upgrade that allows targeting of BFBs is arguably more practical for CHIMPS. Starting from Level 16, Psi can deal with heavy RBE rounds containing large quantities of BFBs, such as Round 94, Round 96, and Round 98, a lot easier.
  • Level 4+ Psi is a good synergy with Berserker Brew and Stronger Stimulant. The increased pierce helps Psi’s contagious blasts to hit even more Bloons per shot, in addition to the extra attack speed. The extra damage provided becomes a benefit for Level 8+ Psi’s Destructive Resonance to output greater generalistic damage.


  • Unlike other Heroes, Psi cannot directly attack the Golden Bloon, even at Level 20. Their Psionic Scream ability is also ineffective at any level.
  • Psi can be targeted by brews from Berserker Brew and above but not Acidic Mixture Dip, because it technically increases attack speed and range.
  • Psi's "dummy" range will allow Advanced Intel subs to target Camo Bloons within the range.
  • Psi cannot attack a B.A.D or any Boss Bloons, including Rock Bloons. If these are the only bloons present on the map, Psi will not attack.

Version History

Balance Changes

Psi had received a small change in a mini-update, allowing Psi to partially synergize with Monkey Intelligence Bureau. Version 29.0 was where Psi gained their first actual balance change, which now lowers the Psionic Scream ability's blowback RNG. Psi still remains a high-tier hero among experienced players, particularly on Expert Maps.

As Psi was seeking dominance in the CHIMPs meta after the Version 26.0 Etienne nerfs, in a similar manner to many of the previously top-tier Expert Map heroes in earlier updates, Psi received nerfs for the first time. Version 31.0 increased Psi's price in order to reduce their strong early-game power in CHIMPS games (particularly reaching Level 4 too soon), and reworked Psionic Scream ability's blowback as a measure to reduce their stalling potential.

  • Released
MIB still wont [sic] allow ceramic/MOAB targeting early. But, Lead and Purple should be seen more as 'properties' rather than tiers of Bloon... So we agreed that it was a little weird that MIB wasn't at the very least allowing them to be targeted.
~ Rohan Spibo, Version 26.1 comment about Psi + MIB interaction
  • BUFF Monkey Intelligence Bureau will now allow Psi to target Lead & Purple Bloons
Psi's Psionic Scream often didn't feel as satisfying if a lot of the blown back targets rolled a minimum distance, so we have upped the minimum distance that it can blow back
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Level 10-19 Psi's Psionic Scream ability's minimum blowback increased (10 → 50)
We felt that Psi’s early game too easily carried into some extremely powerful endgame setups. These setups were overperforming due to certain cooldown interactions with stalling out cooldown, however in an effort to try to avoid nerfing the cooldown for the average player we decided to make that stalling synergy harder to pull off instead.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Psi base cost increased ($800 → $1000)
  • NERF Level 10-19 Psionic Scream ability's "blowback speed" increased from 300% → 600%, taking half as long to come out blowback status. Blowback distance remains the same.
    • Rohan Spibo from Ninja Kiwi stated here that their intention was to let the double blowback speed translate to "half as strong stall potential", which to them translates to a nerf
Psi felt too easily able to keep up with early waves given their strong endgame, and given the improved attack rate was then unchanged from level 2 to 20, we have shuffled around the Lv2 and Lv5 upgrades to address this. Psi from Lv5 onwards is unchanged from before.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Change Level 2 is now swapped with Level 5. Level 2 no longer decreases attack cooldown from 1s to 0.85s, but instead reduces attack bloon destruction rate from 0.2s to 0.15s. Level 5+ remains unchanged.
    • NERF Overall, this is a nerf, as Psi does worse against weaker bloons until Level 5.
Psi’s stalling out of the end of round is an odd mix of useful / annoying / out of control, so we are for now capping this to a 3 seconds of overtime stalling. Psi’s Psychic Blast ability also has weirdly low pierce for a long cooldown ability with no damage, we are increasing the base pierce greatly but it no longer increases in pierce at Lv7 since the extra pulse brings more pierce anyway.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Change If no Bloons are left unpopped on screen aside from ones Psi is currently holding & destroying, these Bloons will be destroyed after a maximum of 3 seconds
  • BUFF Lv3 Psychic Blast pierce increased from 50 → 200
  • BUFF Lv7 Psychic Blast pierce increased from 100 → 200
While we like giving players lots to choose from as early as possible, we’ve seen feedback that the current hero unlock flow can feel overwhelming with all Monkey Money unlockable heroes becoming available immediately at account level 10. To address this, we are spacing this period out with a few different groupings of Hero unlocks and holding back some of the more complex Heroes until account level 35.
~ Ninja Kiwi, Version 42.0 preview notes
  • NERF Psi now unlocks at Level 35 instead of Level 10
Purple Popping is underwhelming with how late it comes online, so this is swapping around with level 11’s slightly faster pop speed.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Change Psi's Level 11 (Faster Popping) and Level 13 (Purple Popping) are now swapped

Bug Fixes and General Changes

  • Level 20's description first sentence changed from "Psionic Scream no longer distracts Bloons." to "Psionic Scream holds and damages all Bloons on screen."
  • Level 11 and Level 13 descriptions swapped


Psi has different cosmetics that can be bought to add visual flair to them. These are purely visual and do not influence how they perform in-game. Hero Skins for Psi are available once they are unlocked.


Psi has one hero skin available. Their first and currently only hero skin is Psimbals, which dons them as a cymbal-playing band musician capable of playing multiple musical instruments simultaneously, and later promoting into a multi-instrumental band conductor.

Image Skin Description Added
PsiPortrait Original Psi A gifted monkey child, Psi uses only the power of the mind to destroy Bloons from the inside out. 26.0
PsimbalsPortrait Psimbals Are you ready for a show?! 30.0


Psi Bison Pet
  • Description: An exemplary specimen of the even-toed ungulate genus, which Psi happens to find mega adorable. Original Psi only ;)
  • Added: 29.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: Psi Bison
    • Bison walks around and makes sounds.
  • Trophies: Trophies 110

Profile Pictures

Custom Avatar - Action Psi
  • Description: Being at one with the universe all the time doesn't mean Psi can't have a little fun now and then! Rock this awesome Psi avatar to show them some love.
  • Added: 29.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: Action Psi Avatar
    • Depicts Psi Level 20 empowered.
  • Trophies: Trophies 10



Psi's teaser

They were revealed on Twitter on May 20th, 2021, alongside their abilities. Psi was tagged with "My awareness grows..." in quote marks, alongside a description of them and three hashtags relating to Bloons TD 6.

"My awareness grows..."
Check out the newest hero, Psi, and their captivating abilities! Coming soon to BTD6.
#btd6 #ninjakiwi #bloonstd6

~ Ninja Kiwi, Twitter teaser

In-Game Quotes

Original Psi

When Selected on the Heroes menu:

When Placed:

When Selected:

Leveling Up:

When MOAB Class bloons Appear:

When a MOAB-Class Bloon is Destroyed:

When activating Psychic Blast:

When activating Psionic Scream:

When Bloons Leak:


When Selected on the Heroes menu:

When Placed:

When Tapped:

Leveling Up:

When MOAB Class bloons Appear:

When a MOAB-Class Bloon is Destroyed:

When activating Psychic Blast

When activating Psychic Scream:

When Bloons Leak:


Other sound effects related to Psi that are not specifically their voicelines are shown here.

When activating Psychic Blast with Hero Voicelines off:

Psychic Blast subsequent pulses with Hero Voicelines off:

When activating Psionic Scream with Hero Voicelines off:


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See Psi/Gallery to find the new fresh gallery section!

Other languages

Language Name Meaning
English Psi
Simplified Chinese 灵机 Roughly translates to "Brainstorm".
Russian Пси Psi (transliteration)


  • Psi uses they/them pronouns.[1] This makes Psi the first original named character in the Bloons TD franchise to use gender-neutral pronouns.
  • Psi was released in Version 26.0 on June 4, 2021, during Pride Month in the United States.
  • Psi's gender identity has not been confirmed. Ninja Kiwi "liked" a tweet from a fan asking if Psi is non-binary,[2] making the possibility likely, but not definitive.
  • Psi Bison Pet's description has a wink emote placed after "Original Psi only"; this was likely a teaser from Ninja Kiwi regarding Psi's first hero skin that was added in Version 30.0, the update after the Psi Bison Pet was released. At the time, some of the BTD6 community wanted Psi to receive a hero skin.
    • This could be an allusion to Aang from the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise as Psi and Aang are both children, based off of real world monks, have psionic abilities, and have pet bison. Some fan interpretations often compare the two.
  • Psi is the shortest base tower name in BTD6 (3 letters long).
  • Psi floats in the air above blue lotus leaves. Around the lotus leaves are 6 incense candles in a hexagonal arrangement. Their tail seems to slightly anchor them to the ground.
  • Psi is the only Hero in the game to have a different number of Artworks/Portraits between their (currently) two costumes. The original Psi has 7 Portraits and Psimbals has 5, the extra two coming from Psi's hands being outstretched by the "Split the Mind" Levels.
    • Additionally, with these "Split the Mind" levels, Psi's base skin had the most unique pose changes between all of their level portraits with four between Levels 1-8, 9-16, and 17-20 prior to Version 40.0, the heroes who fall behind is Benjamin with three with his level 1-7 portraits simply adding onto his portrait, and both of his Level 10 and 20 portraits adjusting Benjamin's pose and changing what device he is interacting with, followed by Admiral Brickell with two due to her level 3 and 7 portraits raising her flag while her level 1 and level 10 and onward portraits do not show her raising the flag, and Captain Churchill with two with his default pose seen from levels 1 and 3 and him holding on to the minigun attached to his tank at level 5 onward.
      • As of Version 40.2, they have been beat out by Corvus, as his spirit companion changes pose and position with each level portrait, resulting in six unique poses, and seven in total as at level 20, Corvus himself is posed differently unlike previous portaits where he's simply moved in accordance to the spirit companion and having more added onto his apearance like with every other hero.


  • Psi's instakilling methods on MOAB-class is a possible reference to a bug in Version 8.0 where Striker Jones Level 9+ (Level 5+ at present) + Druid of the Jungle allowed Druid vines to affect MOAB-class bloons, instantly destroying blimp layers on every shot. However, Psi can instakill MOAB-class in full with Level 14+.
  • Psi is the second hero to have infinite range basic attack after Benjamin's level 7 Bloon Trojan. As such, they also have a "dummy" range like Snipers or Dartling Gunners.
  • The Version 35.0 rework to Psi changed them such that they are less effective against bloons below Green Bloons at Level 2-4. Any bloon type above Green and they actually kill the affected bloons quicker. This is due to the vibration formula summing the vibration "digestion" time and the attack cooldown of the attack itself together. At worst case scenario, a Red Bloon takes 0.10s longer to kill.

Cultural references

  • The dots on Psi's forehead are a form of Jieba ritual received by Shaolin monks for finishing their training.
    • The dots also form the Greek letter "psi", or Ψ/ψ.
  • The line "There is no Bloon" references the "There is no spoon" scene from The Matrix.
  • Psi is likely a reference to Avatar the Last Airbender. Psi and Aang are both monks, children, and have marks upon their heads. Aang has a pet flying bison, and Psi's pet bison is probably a reference to this.

Ninja Kiwi Blogs

  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 27th August 2021 blog, Psi is being employed as a child because of "pocket money." From another comment, they also meditate or read in their spare time.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 22nd April 2022 blog, Psi won't play their drums if they get a headache.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 3rd June 2022 blog, it is implied that Psi utilizes an "inner eye" to access the power of the mind.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 19th August 2022, Psi is not afraid of the dark. Because they have the "ultimate power of mind", and thus implies a mastery of controlling the mind, they understand that fear is simply a state of mind.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Ninja Kiwi referred to Psi with gender-neutral pronouns on their initial teaser as posted on May 21, 2021:
  2. @NickDaDroid replied "Non-binary monkey hero? I see those they/them pronouns 👀👀👀" in response to Psi's initial teaser on Twitter, which later was given a like by Ninja Kiwi's Twitter account: