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For the similar looking monkey from Hot Air Bloon iOS, see Sinister Monkey Baron.
Professor Evil Banner

Banner featuring Professor Evil.

"Do you have what it takes to challenge the most dastardly Battles player of all time: Professor Evil? Take on his weekly Battle challenge using preset towers and claim your prize. Let the battle commence!" -Professor Evil's introduction banner, Version 6.8

Professor Evil is an A.I. that appears twice a week for the Battle Challenge in Bloons TD Battles Mobile and Bloons TD Battles Steam, added in version 6.8.

Each Battle Challenge uses random towers, powers, and map, and usually lasts for three days. The goal is to either defeat him by dropping his 100,000 health to 0, or to survive until the specified round number. Upon victory you will get a certain number of medallions, the amount of which is determined by the difficulty of the challenge. The "easy challenges" give 500 medallions and the "expert challenges" give 1000 medallions, with the difficulty changing on Fridays and Tuesdays respectively.

Professor Evil's challenges can be a great way to start getting medallions for new players, as you do not need to pay any medallions to enter, and you can retry each challenge as many times as you want until you complete it.


Professor Evil looks like a monkey with a black top hat, monocle, cape, and curly mustache. He may be comparable to Monkey Tycoon, due to both characters sharing a similar outfit.


Professor Evil is very aggressive, and he will send huge rushes of bloons often. Since he is an A.I., he can send bloons before you can, and he has an infinite amount of money. He originally had 150 lives, like a normal player, but in version 6.12 he was given 100,000 lives, making it practically impossible to defeat him.

It is important to get a large amount of eco early on to defend against his rushes. It is a common misconception that he sends bloons at certain rounds. He sends rounds at specific times, so stalling will not work against him. You should remember to use your powers when necessary. Previously all challenges began as normal, starting at Round 1 with $650, but now many challenges begin on later rounds with an increased amount of money, usually with a rush immediately after the challenge begins.

Challenge Details[]

Week Map Towers Powers Medallions won
1 Battle Park Ninja, Bomb, Sniper Super Eco Boost, Damage Boost, Red Hot Spikes 100
2 Cards Dart, Wizard, Tack 250
3 Battle River Ninja, Mortar, Heli 500
4 Patch Bloonchipper, Bomb, Mortar 500
5 Ice Flow Sub, Bomb, Spike 500
6 Snowfall Glue, Ninja, Super 760
7 Bloon Circles Glue, Sub, Sniper, Spike 500
8 Wattle Resorts Sniper, Spike, Farm 1500
8.5 Snowy Castle Heli, Ace, COBRA, Sub 500
9 Yin Yang Dartling, Dart, Village 1500
9.5 Roadblock Sniper, Ice, COBRA, Glue 500
10 Hydro Dam Ninja, Wizard, Tack 1500
10.5 Mountain Pass Boomerang, Farm, Dartling 500
11 Indoor Pools Ace, Mortar, Heli 1000
11.5 Offside Farm, Boomerang, Dartling 500
12 Yellow Brick Road Dartling, Farm, Ninja 1000
12.5 Super Monkey Lane Dart, Farm, Ace 500
13 Concrete Alley Tack, Bloonchipper, COBRA 1000
13.5 Volcano Ninja, Super, Mortar 500
14 Ice Flow Ace, Sniper, Super 1000
14.5 Snowfall Wizard, Bomb, Ninja 500
15 Battle Park Spike, Village, Super 1000
15.5 Race Track Dart, Bloonchipper, Heli 500
16 Bloon Circles Ice, Farm, Village 1000
16.5 Mine Tack, Engineer, Boomerang 500
17 Offside Super, Farm, Village 1500
17.5 Race Track Dart, Super, Ace 500
18 Mountain Pass Dartling, Dart, Ace 1000
18.5 A-Game Ninja, Bomb, Dartling Super Eco Boost, Big Bloon Beatdown, Spike Storm 500
19 Park Path Ninja, Farm, Bomb Long Tower Boost, Better Bundles, Long Bloon Boost 1000
19.5 Pinball Ninja, Bomb, Heli Salted Wounds, Big Bloon Beatdown, Juggerlanche 500
20 Concrete Alley Bloonchipper, Farm, Village Super Eco Boost, Red Hot Spikes, Range Boost 1000
20.5 Shapes Ice, Village, Heli Cash Injection, Range Boost, Best Bundles 500
21 Snowy Castle Mortar, Farm, Village Bloon Boost, Pop Boost, Shield 1000
21.5 Offside Ninja, Tack, Mortar Big Bloon Buster, Best Bundles, Improved Eco Boost 1000
22 Temple Bomb, Farm, Bloonchipper Fertile Soil, Big Bloon Slow, Beefy MOABs 1000
22.5 Patch Dartling, Glue, Village Slow, Glue Storm, Improved Eco Boost 500
23 Battle Sands Ninja, Super, Ice Improved Eco Boost, Upgrade Bloons, Better Bundles 1000
23.5 Yellow Brick Road Tack, Bomb, Spike Improved Eco Boost, Camo Shred, Lightning Bolts 500
24 Park Tack, Village, Mortar Improved Eco Boost, Best Bundles, Improved Towers Boost 1000
24.5 Wattle Resorts Dart, Buccaneer, Heli Rubber to Gold, Lightning Bolts, Improved Bloon Boost 500
25 Park Boomerang, Village, Bloonchipper Intense Tower Boost, Shield, Super Eco Boost 1000
25.5 Indoor Pools, Ninja, Wizard, Sub Super Eco Boost, Big Bloon Buster, Best Bundles 500
26 Temple Bomb, Farm, Bloonchipper Fertile Soil, Beefy Moabs, Big Bloon Buster 1000
26.5 Moon Landing Wizard, Bloonchipper, Dart Super Eco Boost, Exploding Mega Pineapples, Pop Boost 500
27 Swamp Boomerang, Bloonchipper, Super Super Eco Boost, Slow, Shield 1000
27.5 Ink Blot Dart, Super, Sniper Tower Blindness, Beefy MOABs, Big Bloon Slow 500
28 Mine Dartling, Village, Super Intense Tower Boost, Glue Storm, Improved Eco Boost 1000
28.5 Snowy Castle Tack, Boomerang, Mortar Super Eco Boost, Intense Tower Boost, Glue Storm 500
29 Battle Park Sniper, Farm, Village Long Tower Boost, Best Bundles, Super Eco Boost 1000
29.5 Roadblock Ninja, Engineer, Ace, Super Big Bloon Slow, Better Bundles, Super Eco Boost 500
30 Bloon Circles Glue, Farm, Village Genetically Enhanced Crops, Improved Tower Boost, Lots of Glue 1000
30.5 Park Ninja, Sniper, Village Rubber to Gold, Bloon Boost, Exploding Mega Pineapples 500
31 Battle River Buccaneer, Mortar, Ace Eco Boost, Best Bundles, Range Boost 1000
31.5 Wattle Resorts Dart, Bomb, Buccaneer Eco Boost, Pop Boost, Lots of Glue 500
32 Snowfall Bomb, Sniper, Village Improved Eco Boost, Monkey Glue, Slow 1000
32.5 A Game Boomerang, Village, Bloonchipper Improved Eco Boost, Bloon Boost, Sheild 500
33 Offside Chipper, Village, Mortar Super Eco Boost, Monkey Acid, Damage Boost 1000
33.5 Mondrian Tack, Wizard, Village Intense Tower Boost, Exploding Mega Pineapples, Fertile Soil 500
34 Super Monkey Lane Ninja, Wizard, Ice Cash Injection, Red Hot Spikes, Big Bloon Slow 1000
34.5 Swan Lake Sniper, Mortar, Bloonchipper Slow, Improved Bloon Boost, Red Hot Spikes 500
35 Indoor Pools Ninja, Ace, Village Rubber to Gold, Pop Boost, Bloon Boost 1000
35.5 Riverside Wizard, Farm, Bloonchipper Pop Boost, Budget Bloons, Lightning Bolts 500
36 Interchange Wizard, Village, Heli Super Eco Boost, MOAB Boost, Lightning Bolts 1000
36.5 Inlets Spike, Tack, Farm Slow, Improved Bloon Boost, Juggerlanche 500
37 Dreadbloon Cave Bomb, Farm, Village Intense Tower Boost, Super Eco Boost, Best Bundles 1000
37.5 Blastapopoulos Inferno Super, Farm, Village Slow, Improved Bloon Boost, Red Hot Spikes 500
38 Space Station Spike, Village, Glue Pop Boost, Improved Bloon Boost, Monkey Acid 1000
38.5 Cards Dart, Spike, Bomb Intense Tower Boost, Rubber to Gold, Exploding Mega Pineapples 500
39 Snowy Castle Farm, Village Damage Boost, Genetically Enhanced Crops, Best Bundles 1000
39.5 Roadblock Bomb, Farm, Dartling Better Soil, Slow, Red Hot Spikes 500mor
40 Temple Ninja, Sniper, Mortar Super Eco Boost, Intense Tower Boost, Shield 1000
40.5 Battle River Glue, Sniper, Heli Super Eco Boost, Pop Boost, Juggerlaunche 500
41 Ink Blot Dart, Farm, Ace Slow, Improved Bloon Boost, Red Hot Spikes 1000
41.5 Farmyard Buccaneer, Farm, Sub Improved Eco Boost, Long Tower Boost, Exploding Mega Pineapples 500
42 Glacier Melt Dartling, Glue, Village MOAB Boost, Eco Amplifier, Spike Storm 1000
42.5 Shallow River Sub, Farm, Ice Fertile Soil, Range Boost, Best Bundles 500
43 Temple Village, Bloonchipper, Heli Cash Injection, Jam Packed, Sheild 1000
43.5 Offside Ninja, Bomb, Farm Genetically Enhanced Crops, Pop Boost, Best Bundles 500
44 Temple Ninja, Boomerang, Bloonchipper Camo Shred, Super Eco Boost, Bigger Globs 1000
44.5 Swamp Tack, Wizard, Buccaneer Cash Injection, Camo Shred, Spike Storm 500
45 Hydro Dam Ice, Farm, Spike Genetically Enhanced Crops, MOAB Boost, Shield 1000
45.5 Shapes Wizard, Engineer, Tack Slow, Improved Bloon Boost, Tower Mega Boost 500
46 Ink Blot Boomerang Range Boost, Eco Boost, Shield 1000
46.5 Racetrack Ninja, Ace, Spike, Glue Pop Boost, Super Eco Boost, Glue Storm 500
47 Mountain Pass Tack, Bloonchipper, Engineer Big Bloon Slow, Cash Injection, Big Bloon Buster 1000
47.5 Zen Garden Dartling, Farm, Boomerang Tower Boost, Better Soil, Shield 500
48 Ghostly Coast Glue, Farm Fertile Soil, Intense Tower Boost, Turbo MOABs 1000
48.5 Bloonarius Sub, Farm, Glue Tower Boost, Bloon Boost, Red Hot Spikes 500
49 Snowy Castle Sub, Farm, Ice Range Boost, Improved Bloon Boost, Red Hot Spikes 1000
49.5 Marsh Dartling, Mortar, Bloonchipper Improved Tower Boost, Bloon Boost, Super Eco Boost 500
50 Wizard's Keep Sniper, Mortar, Ninja Tower Boost, Bloon Boost, Super Eco Boost 1000
50.5 Hot Tub Glue, Bomb, Heli Long Tower Boost, Improved Bloon Boost, Lightning Bolts 500
51 Ice Flow Ice, Village, Heli Long Tower Boost, Bloon Boost, Improved Eco Boost 1000
51.5 Mountain Pass Glue, Spike, Super Tower Boost, Bloon Boost, Super Eco Boost 500
52 Ghosty Coast Tack, Sub, Boomerang Damage Boost, Bloon Boost, Glue Storm 1000
52.5 Swamp Sub, Bomb, Wizard Tower Boost, Bloon Boost, Red Hot Spikes 500
53 Offside COBRA Fertile Soil, Camo-Regro Efficiency, Better Bundles 1000
53.5 Treasure Map Wizard, Chipper, Super Monkey Boost, Bloon Boost, Best Bundles 500
54 Hot Tub Buccaneer, Wizard, Heli Range Boost, Bloon Boost, Cash Injection 1000
54.5 Shapes Dart, Wizard, Spike Big Bloon Slow, Improved Eco Boost, Best Bundles 500
55 Wattle Resort Dartling, Super, Tack Pop Boost, Bloon Boost, Beset Bundles 1000
55.5 Offside Ninja, Super, Chipper Improved Tower Boost, Duel Eco Boost, Exploding Mega Pineapples 500
56 Area 52 Boomerang, Farm, Mortar Tower Boost, Bloon Boost, Red Hot Spikes 1000
56.5 Swan Lake Buccaneer, Wizard, Sub Tower Boost, Improved Eco Boost, Shield 500
57 Shipyard Sub, Farm, Chipper Damage Boost, Fertile Soil, Shield 1000
57.5 Inlets Boomerang, Ace, Village Long Tower Boost, Super Eco Boost, Juggerlaunche 500
58 Dreadbloon Cave Dart, Farm, Ace Tower Boost, Improved Eco Boost, Monkey Acid 1000
58.5 Temple Dart, Farm, Chipper Spike Storm, Rubber to Gold, Bloon Boost 500
59 Roadblock Bomb, Dartling, Farm Improved Tower Boost, Super Eco Boost, Exploding Mega Pineapples 1000
59.5 Cards Wizard, Glue, Farm Tower Boost, Bloon Boost, Red Hot Spikes 500
Ink Blot Dartling, Farm, Ice Genetically Enhanced Crops, Damage Boost, Red Hot Spikes 1000
Concrete Alley Ice, Chipper, Heli Tower Boost, Bloon Boost, Lots of Glue

There are currently 120 challenges as of November 26, 2021.

Version History[]

  • Released
  • Change New Professor Evil challenges now occur twice a week (1/week → 2/week)
  • NERF Professor Evil now has more lives (150 → 100,000)
  • BUFF Powers in Professor Evil challenges no longer cost Battle Energy to use



Sinister monkey baron

Similar looking monkey that may possibly be Professor Evil in the iOS version of Hot Air Bloon

  • In the iOS version of Hot Air Bloon, there is a villain in the game that looks quite similar to Professor Evil in Bloons TD Battles Mobile. This may be him, but he is referred to by a different alias in it's trailer, 'monkey baron'.