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Sweet and formidable, Bubblegum uses her high-tech guns and Princess powers to win the day.
~ BATTD description
Uses her custom bubblegum blaster to damage and slow bloons.
~ Short description

Princess Bubblegum (frequently shortened to PB) is a hero in Bloons Adventure Time TD. She is the third Adventure Time-related hero in the game, along with being the fourth hero to be unlocked in the game. She is unlocked in the Candy Throne Room, by completing every level in the Candy Cornered adventure. Her main attack is to shoot wads of bubblegum at Bloons, which is similar to a Glue Gunner with Glue Splatter but with a small blast radius, and it also pops one Bloon layer upon impact. As with all BATTD heroes, only one of Princess Bubblegum may be placed at one time. She costs $650 to place and uses Gun weapons.

PB has a character variant called Warrior Bubblegum who fits in with a later phase of the character's history. This variant wields a sword and spawns characters that act as sentries, much like the Monkey Engineer.


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  • Slows bloons with bubblegum
  • Low Damage


Icon super intelligence
Super Intelligence
COST: $700
Description: PB's attacks remove camo and regrow
Effect: Self-explanatory, also grants camo detection, does not work on DDTs
Icon bloon science
Bloon Science
COST: $400
Upgrade(s) Required:
Super Intelligence
Description: Guns do increased damage to ceramics and MOABs
Effect: +5 damage to Ceramic and MOAB class bloons, also gives +3 pierce
Icon jellybeans
Jellybeans Have Power
COST: $4,000
Upgrade(s) Required:
Bloon Science
Regal Presence
Locked by
Royal Decree
Description: Ability: Sprays a jet of bloon popping jellybeans
Effect: During ability, switches main attack to an infinite ranged attack that shoots jellybean projectiles every 0.1s with 50 pierce and 10 sharp damage (attack speed and pierce can be boosted, damage cannot unless it's a bonus to other bloon types) over 4.5 seconds. 30 second cooldown.
Icon soda mints
Soda and Mints
COST: $8,000
Requires Star Level 7+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Jellybeans Have Power
Description: Jellybean attack does increased explosive damage
Effect: Ability pierce increased to 100, damage increased to 15 and changed to normal type, and duration increased to 10 seconds.
Icon regal presence
Regal Presence
COST: $600
Description: Characters in range get increased range and pierce
Effect: +3 range and +1 pierce to all towers in range
Icon royal decree
Royal Decree
COST: $2,500
Requires Star Level 5+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Regal Presence
Description: Ability: Grants extra cash once per round
Effect: When activated, gives $750 after a short delay, can only be activated once per round
Icon royal promise
Royal Promise
COST: $1,500
Needs Finn nearby with Bound by Word!
Description: Finn's Bound By Word becomes permanently active
Effect: Self-explanatory; Bound by Word speed boost becomes permanent once purchased, until the penality is activated, as long as PB is in Finn's range.

Penalty: If Finn or PB is sold (only their regular variants) or if the player loses at least 1 life while upgrade is active, 50 lives are instantly lost, and Royal Promise deactivates immediately
Icon unwavering loyalty
Unwavering Loyalty
COST: $400
Description: Princess Bubblegum's allies attack faster
Effect: +20% attack speed to all allies equipped to Princess Bubblegum
Icon to me
To Me
COST: $500
Requires Star Level 3+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Unwavering Loyalty
Description: Can place 2 more of PB's allies
Effect: 2 more copies of each ally equipped to PB become available to place
Icon gun expertise
Gun Familiarity
COST: $250
Description: Increases blast radius of gun attacks
Effect: +25% blast radius and +5 pierce
Icon gun expertise
Quick Draw
COST: $300
Upgrade(s) Required:
Gun Familiarity
Description: Increases attack speed
Effect: -0.2s attack cooldown
Icon gun expertise
Gun Expertise
COST: $400
Upgrade(s) Required:
Quick Draw
Description: Increases blast radius of gun attacks even more
Effect: +30% blast radius and +8 pierce

If you break the Royal Promise, by losing lives or by selling Finn or PB, you will instantly lose 50 lives.

Are you sure you wish to make the Royal Promise?

Yes / No

~ Warning dialogue that shows every time the player attempts to purchase Royal Promise

Star Boost[]

PB will receive the following permanent boosts as she levels up:

  • 2 stars - Base attack cooldown decreased by 0.1*
  • 4 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 6 stars - Base attack blast radius increased by 2
  • 8 stars - Base attack cooldown decreased by 0.1*
  • 9 stars - Base range increased by 3
  • 10 stars - Base attack changed to corrosive gum which does 1 damage per second to bloons

*Shows "attack speed increased by X" in the official patch notes and in the game - this is misleading. The attack speed stat is the inverse of attack cooldown.


When placed:

When selected:

When upgraded:

When a MOAB-Class Bloon appears:

When a MOAB-Class Bloon pops:

When activating ability:

When a Bloon leaks:


Princess Bubblegum is a relatively even split support-damage dealing hybrid.

As a base tower, PB is to be used like the Glue Gunner. Due to her blasts dealing area damage, she can solo the first few rounds on easier maps. However, the low damage dealt also makes her gum (which is basically glue) less effective against stronger bloons. The damage is applied before the gum effect, and her gum only soaks through one layer. Additional upgrades can make her better suited for crowd control though. Super Intelligence is particularly useful as it allows her to both remove regrow and remove camo statuses from Bloons. Thus, before the player has good speed trinkets and Liquifier, she is best used as a support with lots of range if the player lacks Tuxedo Jake.

Later on, especially starting at Level 7, she is best used as a DPS tower with her ability. Her ability makes her shoot a fast stream of jellybeans with high pierce and high DPS potential. This ability is only affected by specific bonus damage and attack speed, so MOAB Damage and Attack Speed are top priority.


  • Her ability is her main source of DPS and is mostly affected by attack speed, so certain weapons give it better DPS than others. Candy Cane Shotgun does not triple the projectiles of her ability, so it nerfs its attack speed. Instead, Liquifier should be used, combined with attack speed trinkets, Engineers Blueprints and Baby Tooth. This build is recommended especially if PB is level 7, as not only is she required for Royal Promise for Finn, but she also contributes a good amount of DPS and the support role is largely covered by Tuxedo Jake.
  • If opting for a support build instead, she is primarily for covering the map with influence buffs and debuffs. Thus, range trinkets, Web Gun, Googoomamameter, and Treetrunk's Apple Knife are most useful for the support build. Note that her support build gets outclassed by Tuxedo Jake once the player acquires him.

Version History[]

  • Change Damage type changed to sharp/energy (can pop purple, frozen and ghost)
  • BUFF Damage type changed to normal
  • Change Regal Presence range changed from +15% to +3


Character Profile and Leveling Up[]






  • The Super Intelligence upgrade icon is a possible reference to the Bloons TD 4 Camo Bloon popping into Pink Bloons.
  • Even without the Super Intelligence upgrade, PB can indirectly deal damage to Camo Bloons and cover them in gum by splashing. But she first should have a non-camo bloon be close to the camo bloon, so it's not a reliable strategy for Impoppable, especially with fast bloons starting with Round 10.
  • Despite the upgrade's description saying that it does "explosive damage", Soda and Mints' damage type is Normal Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Lead, Frozen) Normal, not Explosion Type (pops White, Purple, Lead, Frozen) Explosion, so the ability still damages DDTs.
  • PB is also part of a hidden achievement. If she is with Finn and Flame Princess on a map at the same time, the player will earn the achievement named "Awkward...".
  • The Royal Promise upgrade can be bought if Finn has Warrior Bubblegum but not Princess Bubblegum in his range, while still being in range of the latter.
  • In Martian Games events with the Magic Man rule, Magic Man can trigger the Royal Promise penalty by kidnapping Finn or PB while the Royal Promise is active.


  1. The game does not report her default damage type on her information screen, simply stating that it is "N/A". However, her gun attacks can pop Purple Bloons, Thermal Bloons, Lead Bloons, and Ghost Bloons