Primary Monkeys Only is a game mode in BTD6. In this game mode, only Primary Monkeys and the selected Hero can be used. It is unlocked upon beating Standard Easy on the respective map. Easy Difficulty rules apply by default.


  • Be aware that you should use Dart Monkeys in order to pop the camo bloons, as none of the other primary towers can pop camos without their highly expensive 5th tier upgrades. Alternatively, use heroes that are capable of detecting camo such as level 5 Quincy or Ezili.
  • No primary towers can be placed onto the water unless placed in radius of an Arctic Wind, meaning this mode is harder to complete on tracks with lots of water such as Spice Islands and Peninsula. The hardest map to beat Primary Monkeys Only on is Flooded Valley, which has notable line of sight blockers and water to the point where the only tower that can attack besides the hero is a Crossbow at the bottom rock of the map.
  • Any Hero is allowed in Primary Monkeys Only. This means you can have Etienne to replace Rader Scanner with the level 8 upgrade. Or you can use Admiral Brickell to still have a monkey to place on water.


  • To simply beat most maps to round 40, you can simply spam Dart Monkeys with upgrades such as Triple Darts or Crossbow, while using Bomb Shooters or other towers to pop Lead Bloons.
    • Another way is to use Gwendolin as the hero, placing a Boomerang Monkey to 2-2-x and a Glue Gunner to 2-x-2. Place some other towers for towers such as x-x-2 Dart Monkeys for Camo Bloons and maybe a Bomb Shooter for the sneaky leads that get past your glue gunner. Try to upgrade your towers further, but easy doesn't last long. It'll be over before you know it! (Strategy by happybeau)
  • Most maps are able to be beaten to Round 100 if using Ezili as the hero. For rounds 90+, using Sacrificial Totem will grant camo detection to nearby towers, allowing D.D.T.-poppers without camo detection (such as Bloon Crush or The Tack Zone) to become more effective. The totem is also capable of activating Bomb Blitz's life loss ability, meaning that D.D.T.s can also be instantly popped.
    • Alternatively, using Plasma Monkey Fan Club with other Dart Monkeys with Enhanced Eyesight are capable of popping D.D.T.s when the ability is active.
    • Besides Ezili, one other very useful hero to consider is Etienne, as his Level 8+ upgrade grants camo detection to all towers on screen. As such, it will allow towers such as 0-5-2 Perma Charge, 2-0-5 Icicle Impale, x-5-x Super Maelstrom, and 5-x-x Inferno Ring to become useful against DDTs, while support such as MOAB Glue can be utilized to slow DDTs to a reasonable amount. However, Ezili is usually much easier to use for achieving Round 100 on Primary Monkeys Only in most cases.
    • Super Brittle is now capable of decamoing D.D.T.s as well, making it easier for Primary Monkeys to target them.


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