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Primary Monkeys Only is a game mode in Bloons TD 6. In this game mode, only Primary Monkeys and the selected Hero can be used in a gamemode otherwise same as Easy Standard (i.e. the player has 200 lives, bloons move slightly slower, towers cost 85% of their Medium price.

It is unlocked upon beating Easy Standard on the respective map.





  • Because it is still Easy Mode, this mode is still very easy on most maps.
  • Typically, Dart Monkeys are used for their ability to pop camo and their excellent early game, but otherwise, players are free to use their normal strategies that involve Primary Monkeys.
  • In this gamemode, only Dart Monkeys and Heroes can reliably pop camos. Embrittlement can detect camo and its upgrade can decamo them, but they tend to be unreliable.
  • No primary towers can be placed onto water unless placed in radius of an expensive Arctic Wind, meaning this mode may be harder to complete on tracks with lots of water such as Spice Islands and Peninsula.
    • Arguably, the hardest map to beat Primary Monkeys Only on is Flooded Valley, where the only tower that can attack besides the hero is a Crossbow at the bottom rock of the map. Typically, Adora and Blade Maelstrom are used for this map as they bypass line of sight blockers.
  • To take the game to Round 90+, it is recommended that one of the below strategies be incorporated to counter DDTs.
    • Etienne
      • Starting at level 8 provides global camo detection, allowing non-Dart Monkeys to attack Camo Bloons reliably.
    • Plasma Monkey Fan Club with Enhanced Eyesight Dart Monkeys
    • Ezili
      • Can decamo non-MOAB class with her main attack starting at Level 9.
      • Sacrificial Totem allows towers within its radius to detect camo, although there is element of luck. Her Sacrificial Totem can also be paired with Bomb Blitz to destroy all bloons currently on screen on-demand.
    • Captain Churchill
      • On certain maps, Churchill can deal with most rounds with investment by virtue of his massive firepower.
    • Crossbow Master
      • Note that Crossbow Masters cannot solo DDT rounds and only act as additional damage.
    • Geraldo
      • He has See Invisibility Potion to provide long-term camo detection to a single monkey, preferably a strong one that is effective against DDTs (e.g. Inferno Ring, Bloon Crush)
      • By placing multiple Gerry's Fire, these can provide some extra DPS alongside a solid defense.
      • His Genie Bottle helps dispatch DDT-heavy rounds in addition to clearing some weaker bloons in high-RBE rounds.
    • Corvus
      • He has variety of useful spells that can pop Lead, Camo and Line of Sight.

Version History[]

  • Change Round 100 or every 100 rounds Instamonkey now only rewards Primary instamonkey for that same category from this game mode.