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Primary Monkeys are the first class of towers in Bloons TD 6 and Bloons TD Battles 2. In Bloons TD 6, they are unlocked at the start of the game. The common traits shared by all Primary Monkeys is that they form the main tower elements of a typical tower defense game, with straightforward functions and upgrades. Primary Monkeys are identified by a light blue background, resembling the calm theme of Primary Monkeys.

There are 6 Primary Monkeys in the game:

Primary Monkeys affect the sacrifice categories for Sun Temple and True Sun God (and by extent, Vengeful True Sun God too). Primary Monkeys also gain exclusive benefits from the upgrades Primary Training, Primary Mentoring, and Primary Expertise, and from the Monkey Knowledge "Come On Everybody!" They can also be placed on the blue emblem on the map Encrypted. On Primary Monkeys Only, a sub-mode on Easy Difficulty, the only available towers to place are all the Primary Monkeys and the selected Hero. Primary Monkeys are also affected by Dreadbloon's first class-specific immunity phase.

Introduction to the Primary Monkeys[]

  • Dart Monkey: The key staple of an early-game defense, the Dart Monkey throws darts to pop bloons. Each dart pops up to 2 bloons by default. The Dart Monkey possesses many upgrades that are very helpful in the earlier rounds, including a low-cost camo detection upgrade. In fact, they are vital in almost all CHIMPS games because of their high early-game value.
  • Boomerang Monkey: Instead of darts, the Boomerang Monkey throws boomerangs that come with a decent amount of pierce and a good amount of range. Unlike most projectiles, boomerangs are typically thrown along a curve, making these projectiles quite effective around track bends where they can maximize travel against the direction of the bloons. Boomerang Monkeys can be upgraded to increase their potential for countering various types of non-camo bloons.
  • Bomb Shooter: This "monkey" is actually a cannon that shoots bombs, which create explosions that can hit many bloons affected by the blasts. Bombs tend to pack a high amount of pierce per shot but are shot quite slowly. Bomb Shooters are normally used to deal with Lead Bloons and counter densely packed bloons, maximizing their high pierce potential. They can be upgraded towards many different paths to improve their overall damage and bloon stall potential, with paths focused on stunning Bloons, massive MOAB damage, and general grouped bloon damage. However, the Bomb Shooter lacks reliable camo detection, and thus needs support to detect camos.
  • Tack Shooter: It is a monkey-operating stationary multi-gun turret that shoots many tacks per shot, initially shooting 8 tacks in a radial pattern. It is generally low-cost but comes with low range and an inability to adjust its aim. Many of its upgrades are based on dealing with bloons quickly within its close range, whether it be converting into a hot infernal zone, becoming a blade-dispersing machine, or simply shooting many more tacks per second to shred stronger bloons. It has many different ways to counter non-camo bloon types.
  • Ice Monkey: The endothermic anatomy of the Ice Monkey allows it to pop and freeze bloons within its range by generating radial waves of coldness, clapping perpetually for every attack. It packs with a substantially high pierce but has low range and attacks very slowly. Freezing a bloon will temporarily stop the bloon in place, but it will be unable to be damaged by sharp objects until unfrozen. Ice Monkeys cannot affect White, Zebra or Lead Bloons without proper upgrades. Ice Monkeys can be upgraded to improve its method of freezing bloons, including crippling frozen bloons, freezing them more effectively, or converting it into a destructive ice cannoneer. Ice Monkeys have a camo-detecting upgrade, Cold Snap, and is one of two Primary Monkeys with a readily available camo detection.
  • Glue Gunner: Instead of directly damaging bloons, the Glue Gunner coats them with sticky glue, slowing down each affected bloon by 50% for a limited time. A Glue Gunner comes with a decent amount of range, and it can be upgraded to improve the strength of the glue, including slowdown potency, numbers of bloons affected and capability of gluing MOAB-class Bloons, and can even slowly damage bloons or cripple the bloons with higher level upgrades.



Primary Monkeys are the simplest towers. They usually offer straightforward but viable defense for a relatively cheap cost. They are the only towers to be affected by Upper Path 1 Village, giving them a unique synergy with Villages.


  • Ice Monkeys and Glue Gunners are support-oriented Primary Monkeys, and generally have the role of reducing the progress of bloons.
  • Primary Monkeys are generally quite cheap for their roles. This is especially the case for most Dart Monkey upgrades.
  • Most Primary Monkeys lack reliable camo detection, with exception of Dart Monkeys with Enhanced Eyesight or above and Ice Monkeys with Cold Snap. Adding a Radar Scanner or having Etienne as a hero can help reliably deal with Camo Bloons in later rounds.
  • The Monkey Village has upgrades that can specifically support Primary Monkeys, specifically Primary Training and above. It is worth placing any Primary Monkey under the range of such Villages if possible.


Bloons TD Battles 2 assets[]


  • Primary Monkeys are the only class to not have a Tier 5 upgrade that cost $100k or more.
  • Primary Monkeys are the only class to not have a direct way of making additional cash.
  • Primary Monkeys also have the cheapest Tier 5 upgrade by cumulative cost, that being Ultra-Juggernaut.