Preferred Monkey description

Description shown upon initial availability

Preferred Monkey is an event in BTD5 Mobile where players must possess at least all of the towers highlighted in the event to win double rewards. Each Preferred Monkey event is randomly placed on any track (including Extreme Difficulty), regardless of Rank, and contains a group of towers with their respective minimum required quantities of the towers shown. The tower types highlighted are also discounted by 20%.

It was first released on Version 3.13, on March X 2018.



  • It is possible to earn quadruple rewards from this event. This can be done by earning Preferred Monkey on the same day that a Double Monkey Money event is running.
    • You can be lucky and earn 8x the reward by playing the event with Double Monkey Money from the event and getting Double Monkey Money from the Daily Chest on top of the other reward buffs.
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