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Start each game with a pile of permanent Road Spikes at the end of the track.
~ Pre-Game Prep description

A fresh Bloody Puddles run with six piles of spikes at the end of each exit

Pre-Game Prep is an upgrade in the Powers Monkey Knowledge Tree. When starting a new game with this knowledge enabled, a pile of Road Spikes will be placed at all the exits of the track. It requires 4 points to be invested in the Powers Knowledge Tree, Longer Boosts unlocked, as well as BloonjaminsIcon.png250 as a one-time purchase.



Pre-Game Prep is a useful addition to helping make the early-game become easier, with the other being Mana Shield. This is especially valuable on Impoppable Mode, as Mana Shield is disabled in that game mode. The one major downside with Pre-Game Prep is the constant need to invest in the Powers Knowledge Tree in order to access this MK Point's perks.


  • This knowledge can be very useful in tanking the leaking bloons in early rounds, especially in modes like Alternate Bloons Rounds, Half Cash and Impoppable Mode, especially for the last one since Mana Shield, another useful knowledge for surviving leaking bloons, is disabled for that mode.
  • Players can get a quicker understanding of how bloons travel on a new map by checking it with this knowledge on, since spikes will appear at where bloons will escape.
  • On some maps where the exit(s) are at the same place as the entrance(s) like Haunted, the bloons appearing on the first rounds may take away all the spikes before being able to appear on the track.
  • The Road Spikes from this knowledge wasn't affected by the Just One More knowledge until Version 19.0; prior to the update, the spike piles generated at the exit consisted of 20 spikes instead of 21.

Version History[]

Buff Pre-Game Prep is now affected by Just One More, allowing each spike pile to have 21 spikes instead of 20.




  • There was a bug in Version 19.0 where the Pre-Game Prep's Just One More MK buff could stack indefinitely, particularly when reloading a game. It could work unless the player restarted the game. This was fixed in Version 19.1, and this bug was not at all mentioned on the official Version 19.1 patch notes.