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Start each game with a pile of permanent Road Spikes at the end of the track.
~ In-game description

Pre-Game Prep is an upgrade in the Powers Monkey Knowledge Tree, added on initial release. When starting a new game with this knowledge enabled, a pile of Road Spikes will be placed at all the exits of the track, popping 20 bloons each. It requires three points to be invested in the Powers Knowledge Tree, Longer Boosts, as well as BloonjaminsIcon250 as a one-time purchase.


Bp spikes

A fresh Bloody Puddles run with a pile of spikes at each of the six exits.

Pre-Game Prep sets a fresh pile of Road Spikes at every possible exit; maps with more than one exit contain more than one Road Spikes pile. However, an exit with multiple converging entries only counts for one Road Spike pile. Note that the bloons can collide with the Pre-Game Prep Road Spikes even if they originate from the entrance (notably on maps such as End of the Road, Adora's Temple, X Factor, and Flooded Valley).

Pre-Game Prep Stats[]

This is to list a bunch of Pre-Game Prep statistics relevant to Pre-Game Prep strategization.

Beginner Maps[]

All Beginner Maps have only one Road Spikes pile near the exit, as the single lane consists of a single entry and a single exit (i.e. they are all single-entry-single-exit maps).

Map Spike piles Spike piles (Reverse Mode) Notes
Monkey Meadow 1 1
Tree Stump 1 1
Town Center 1 1
Middle of the Road 1 1 Hits MOAB on entrance
Close to entrance on Reverse
One Two Tree 1 1
Scrapyard 1 1 Hits ZOMG midway through on Reverse
The Cabin 1 1
Resort 1 1 Hits BAD midway through
Hits ZOMG midway through on Reverse
Skates 1 1
Lotus Island 1 1
Candy Falls 1 1 Hits BAD midway through
Winter Park 1 1 Hits MOAB on entrance
Carved 1 1 Hits MOAB on entrance
Uses 3-5 spikes per MOAB depending on gamemode
Park Path 1 1
Alpine Run 1 1 Hits BAD midway through on Reverse
Frozen Over 1 1
Cubism 1 1 Hits BAD midway through
Four Circles 1 1 Hits ZOMG on entrance
Hedge 1 1 Hits ZOMG midway through
End of the Road 1 1 Close to entrance
Logs 1 1

Intermediate Maps[]

While some Intermediate Maps are single-entry-single-exit maps (e.g. Streambed, Downstream), some have more than one entry and/or more than one exit.

Map Spike piles Spike piles (Reverse Mode) Notes
Water Park 2 2
Polyphemus 2 2 All spikes close to entrances
Covered Garden 1 1
Quarry 1
2 (if starting on Rounds 38-40, or 39-40 in ABR)
2 (if starting on Rounds 38-40)
Quiet Street 3 3 All spikes close to entrances
Bloonarius Prime 2 2
Balance 2 2 All spikes close to entrances
Encrypted 2 2 Hits BAD midway through on Reverse
Bazaar 2 2
Adora's Temple 4 4 Horizontal 2 spikes close to odd rounds, vertical 2 spikes close to even rounds
ZOMG uses 5-12 spikes on left depending on gamemode
ZOMG uses 2-7 spikes on right on Reverse
Hits BAD midway through on both gamemodes
Spring Spring 2 2
KartsNDarts 1 1
Moon Landing 1 1
Haunted 2 2 All spikes close to entrances
Downstream 1 1
Firing Range 2 2 Right-path MOAB uses 10-12 spikes midway through on Reverse
DDT uses ?? spikes midway through on Reverse
BFBs hit them midway through on Reverse
Cracked 1 1
Streambed 1 1
Chutes 2 2
Rake 2 2 Top lane Bloons hit left lane path spikes before the spikes of their exit.
Spice Islands 1 1

Advanced Maps[]

Very few Advanced Maps are single-entry-single-exit maps (e.g. Off the Coast, Geared), and most have at least one entry and/or more than one exit.

Map Spike piles Spike piles (Reverse Mode) Notes
Dark Path 1 1
Erosion 6 6 Round 90+ spikes hit BFB on Rounds 72-89 path
Midnight Mansion 2 2 BFB hit both spikes on exit
DDT uses some spikes on the other path on exit
spikes are present on reverse, although not visible
Sunken Columns 2 2 BFB hit both spikes
DDT uses some or all spikes on the other path depend on gamemode
Spikes hit MOAB midway through on Reverse
X Factor 8 8 Bloons coming from the entrance can hit some of the spikes, depleted by about Round 6 (?)
Mesa 2 2
Geared 1 1
Spillway 4 4 Exit spikes close to entrances; M.O.A.B class hit for spikes on the left, all Bloons hit for the spikes on the right
Cargo 1 1 MOAB lane spikes is absent even once unlocked, unless the starting round has a MOAB class bloon, in which case the map will have 2.
Pat's Pond 2 2 Exit spikes are close to entrances
Peninsula 1 1
High Finance 2 2 Even lane spikes close to odd lane; D.D.Ts and larger hit it
Off the Coast 1 1
Another Brick 1 1
Cornfield 1 1
Underground 2 2

Additional Conditions

Expert Maps[]

With exceptions of Blons and Glacial Trail, all Expert Maps have at least one entry and/or more than one exit. Several maps have only one exit (e.g. Dark Castle, Workshop).

Map Spike piles Spike piles (Reverse Mode) Notes
Glacial Trail 1 1
Dark Dungeons 3 4 Except for Reverse Mode, the horizontal MOAB lane does not have spikes.
Sanctuary 4 2
Blons 1 1
Flooded Valley 2 2 All spikes close to exits
Infernal 2 2
Bloody Puddles 6 6 2 middle lane spikes close to exits
Workshop 1 2
Quad 4 4 Only spikes on the right and top hit entering bloons(before 42.0 all spikes except north spike requires obstacle removal, and all spikes close to exits)
Dark Castle 1 4 Spikes on Reverse require obstacle removal
Muddy Puddles 4 4
#Ouch 4 4



Pre-Game Prep is a useful addition to helping make the early-game become easier, with the other being Mana Shield. This is especially valuable on Impoppable Mode, as Mana Shield is disabled in that game mode. The one major downside with Pre-Game Prep is the constant need to invest in the Powers Knowledge Tree in order to access this MK Point's perks. Also, Pre-Game Prep is sort of map-dependent, as maps with overlapping or closely adjacent entrances and exits may prevent Pre-Game Prep from being usable as an exit protector.


  • This knowledge can be very useful in tanking the leaking bloons in early rounds, especially in modes like Alternate Bloons Rounds, Half Cash and Impoppable Mode, especially for the last one since Mana Shield, another useful knowledge for surviving leaking bloons, is disabled for that mode.
  • Players can get a quicker understanding of how bloons travel on a new map by checking it with this knowledge on, since spikes will appear at where bloons will escape.
  • On some maps where the exit(s) are at the same place as the entrance(s) like Haunted, the bloons appearing on the first rounds may take away all the spikes before being able to appear on the track.
  • The Road Spikes from this knowledge wasn't affected by the Just One More knowledge. Between version 19.0 and 37.0, however, the spike piles generated at the exit consisted of 21 spikes instead of 20.
  • Pre-Game Prep can be extremely useful in acquiring just enough money to purchase your hero without buying any other towers/losing any lives.

Version History[]

  • Released
  • BUFF Pre-Game Prep is now affected by Just One More, allowing each spike pile to have 21 spikes instead of 20.
  • NERF [undocumented] Pre-Game Prep is no longer affected by Just One More.




  • There was a bug in Version 19.0 where the Pre-Game Prep's Just One More MK buff could stack indefinitely, particularly when reloading a game. It could work unless the player restarted the game. This was fixed in Version 19.1, and this bug was not at all mentioned on the official Version 19.1 patch notes.