Automatically triggers MOAB Assassin effect whenever MOAB-Class Bloon spawns from the Bloon entrance.
~ In-game description

Pre-Emptive Strike is the final upgrade for Path 2 for the Monkey Sub in Bloons Tower Defense 6. It automatically triggers a MOAB Assassin-esque effect whenever a M.O.A.B-Class Bloon spawns from the entrance, dealing 700 damage. In addition, its Ballistic Missile attack deals 10 damage (from 6 damage) to Ceramics and MOAB-class per missile, shot every 0.5 seconds instead of every 1.5 seconds. It costs $29,750 on Easy, $35,000 on Medium, $37,800 on Hard, $42,000 on Impoppable.


  • Each missile deals 700 damage, enough to destroy the outer layer of a M.O.A.B, a D.D.T and a B.F.B. Note that it leaves the children unharmed.
  • The triggered special missiles can be fired at an infinite fire rate, always shooting a missile at every M.O.A.B-Class Bloon that spawns from the entrance.
  • Note that Pre-Emptive Strike will not be able to fully pop Fortified DDTs on Round 99, since every round after Round 80+ adds around +2% bonus health to all MOAB-class bloons per round, enough for a Fortified DDT to survive the triggered special missile blasts.
    • Interestingly, Pre-Emptive Strike is able to fully pop Fortified DDTs without such bonus health ramping.
  • Regardless of camo detection, Pre-Emptive Strike will still shoot triggered special missiles to DDTs that come from the entrance.

Version HistoryEdit


Buff Missile fire rate increased (2 sec. → 0.5 sec.)


Buff Price reduced ($40,000 → $35,000)


Nerf First Strike Capability ability missile deals less damage (16700 --> 10000)



  • This upgrade is one of four x/5/x upgrades to keep the same ability as the preceding upgrade, the others being the Druid, Spike Factory and the Heli Pilot.
  • This upgrade is one of the few Tier 5 upgrades to have multiple appearances from crosspathing. It will have a second gun if there are any upgrades on the bottom path.
  • This, Carpet of Spikes, and Commanche Defense are the only upgrades that have automatic abilities. (Pre-Emptive Strike with its triggered missiles, Carpet of Spikes with its periodical Spike Storms, and Commanche Defense calling backup commanches)

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