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List of non-premium powerups

Powerups are activated special attacks in Bloons Pop!. Powerups take the shape of Powerup Bloons, and many of them also appear directly in levels, requiring 3 damage to be dealt before they can be unleashed automatically. All powerups earned by gameplay are stored in the player's Powerups menu, ready to be used at the will of the player. When a powerup is used in the game, the powerup automatically creates a powerful effect to the whole screen in some way shape or form. Many powerups will still have inherent weaknesses to certain bloon types, however.


  • Maelstrom (x3 for 900 Monkey Money): Sawblades, similar to those of the Maelstrom/Super Maelstrom upgrades for the Tack Shooter (BTD6) spawn around the popped power-bloon/center of screen and move in a counterclockwise spiral towards the edges of the screen, cutting through blocks as they do so.
  • Spiked Ball Storm (x3 for 1,000 Monkey Money): Spike balls, similar to those of the Juggernaut upgrade for the Dart Monkey (BTD6) spawn around the popped power-bloon/center of screen and move in a spiral towards the edge of the screen, bouncing off walls as the do so.
  • Ballistic Missile (x3 for 600 Monkey Money): Missiles spawns in the center of the screen and target nearby bloons, before blowing them up
  • Lightning Storm: Creates chain lightning across many bloons on screen. Deals 5 damage per strike. Must have at least two targets for it to deal damage.
  • Monkey Ace (x3 for 550 Monkey Money): A Monkey Ace spawns and drops bombs on the bloons. First, it travels horizontally through the middle of the screen, then through the center again, but vertically.
  • Phoenix (x3 for 900 Monkey Money): A Phoenix, similar to the Summon Phoenix power from a x4x Wizard Monkey (BTD6) spawns in the center of the screen and move in a spiral, shooting fire projectiles that can pop lead bloons
  • Pop and Awe (x3 for 850 Monkey Money): A few randomly spawning Mortar projectiles spawn around the screen
  • Radar (x3 for 300 Monkey Money): Turns all camo bloons on screen into their regular bloon counterparts
  • Super Monkey Storm: a couple of super monkeys fly across the screen, instantly popping all Bloons that are green and under. All other types of Bloons take heavy damage
  • The Anti-Bloon: Drops a special bomb that wipes out all bloons on screen completely and utterly. Can't be used on boss levels.
  • Insta Megas: All monkeys (excluding Heroes and Mega Monkeys) become their mega counterparts. Can't be used on boss levels.