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Pop these to trigger the Powerup inside
~ Short description

Powerup Bloon is a bloon that first appeared in Bloons Pop!. It appears on select levels that contain the Powerup Bloon. It has 3 HP. When popped, it triggers a Powerup based on the picture on the bloon.

Types of Powerup Bloon[]



Usually safe to pop them right away to clear the screen, but sometimes the game may pull a trick that may actually make the Powerup inside become less effective or even useless.


  • The best monkeys to pop Powerup Bloons include Mortar Monkey and Sniper Monkey. Area monkeys like Ninja Monkey, Boomerang Monkey, Ice Monkey, and Bomb Shooter can also pop Powerup Bloons near a surface easily if properly aimed.
  • For more advanced Powerup Bloon use techniques, one can use Ice Monkey or Mortar Monkey to immobilize the Powerup Bloon without popping it so it can be saved to deal with the bottommost bloons that appear. Doing this is helpful for getting Powerup Bloons out of enclosed obstacles, in which they occasionally appear in.



  • Among Bloon types, the Powerup Bloon's appearance is unique in that it resembles a foil balloon rather than a traditional party balloon or a blimp.
  • When glued with acid, the Powerup Bloon's acid has the same appearance as that of regular bloons.
  • The Powerup Bloon can still cause a game over if it reaches the top of the screen.
  • In the ZOMG boss level, the Powerup Bloon can also have the Fortified property, with 6 HP instead of 3, despite appearing the same as other Powerup Bloons.
    • This is no longer the case as of Version 6.0(?).