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For power in Bloons Monkey City, see Power.
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All Powers in Bloons TD 6 in Version 4.0

Powers are single-use items that the player can use to gain an advantage. These were first introduced in Bloons TD 5 under the name "Special Agents". In future games, Special Agents were replaced with Powers, which were added for Bloons TD Battles Mobile and Bloons Monkey City, and then returning in Bloons TD 6 and Bloons Adventure Time TD. They all cost Monkey Money (or Coins in BATTD). Powers in general have some restrictions, generally due to certain challenge restrictions: in BTD6, they can't be used in CHIMPS mode at all; in BATTD, Powers are only restricted in certain Martian Games events.


Bloons TD Battles Mobile[]

Main article: Powers (BTDB Mobile)

In Bloons TD Battles Mobile, Powers are powerups that can be activated in each game. Originally, there were three categories of Powers: Track Powers, Tower Powers, and Bloon Powers. In Version 6.0, many more Powers have been released for each category. New Powers can be unlocked for XP Points of a respective Power category, along with Universal XP for any Power category. In Version 6.2, Eco Powers are released as a fourth Power that can be exchanged for any of the other three Powers categories. XP Points can be gained for any Power category that are equipped into battle. Version 6.3 adds Sabo Powers as a fifth Power, again exchangeable as part of three-power loadout.

Bloons Monkey City[]

Main articles: Monkey Boost (BTD5), Red Hot Spikes

In Bloons Monkey City, including Bloons Monkey City Flash and Bloons Monkey City Mobile, there are only Monkey Boost and Red Hot Spikes as powers.

Bloons TD 6[]

Main article: Powers (BTD6)

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In Bloons TD 6, Powers replace Special Agents from Bloons TD 5. Many of the utility-oriented Special Agents from that game had returned to Bloons TD 6, but not all. Unlike Special Agents, which offer both damage-dealing and supportive towers, Powers are mostly limited to supportive, supplementary, or quality-of-life effects.

Bloons Adventure Time TD[]

Main article: Powers (BATTD)

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In Bloons Adventure Time TD, Powers are special powerups that can be activated in each game. You can only have at most 8 different types of Powers of your choice equipped when playing on a map. Placeable Powers (such as Hotdog Knights) have a limit of 10, while all ability-type Powers (such as Hugsplosion) have a specific cooldown before being able to be used again. Some Powers (such as Party Time) can only be used once per game, though they will last for the whole game (until the game is quitted), unless consumed such as the case of life-restore Powers.

Bloons TD Battles 2[]

Main articles: Monkey Boost (BTDB2), Bloon Boost (BTDB2)

In Bloons TD Battles 2, only Monkey Boost and Bloon Boost have returned as available Powers in that game.