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For power in Bloons Monkey City, see Power.

Powers redesigned menu in Version 4.0

Powers are a replacement for Special Agents introduced in Bloons TD 6 and returning in Bloons Adventure Time TD. They all cost Monkey Money (or Coins in BATTD), but can't be used in CHIMPS mode at all. In BATTD, they are only restricted in certain Martian Games events.

In Bloons Adventure Time TD, Powers are special powerups that can be activated in each game. You can only have at most 8 different types of Powers of your choice equipped when playing on a map. Placeable Powers (such as Hotdog Knights) have a limit of 10, while all ability-type Powers (such as Hugsplosion) have a specific cooldown before being able to be used again. Some Powers (such as Party Time) can only be used once per game, though they will last for the whole game (until the game is quitted), unless consumed such as the case of life-restore Powers.

In Bloons TD Battles Mobile, Powers are powerups that can be activated in each game. Originally, there were three categories of Powers: Track Powers, Tower Powers, and Bloon Powers. In Version 6.0, many more Powers have been released for each category. New Powers can be unlocked for XP Points of a respective Power category, along with Universal XP for any Power category. In Version 6.2, Eco Powers are released as a fourth Power that can be exchanged for any of the other three Powers categories. XP Points can be gained for any Power category that are equipped into battle. Version 6.3 adds Sabo Powers as a fifth Power, again exchangeable as part of three-power loadout.

List of Powers in Bloons TD 6[]

Powers button in BTD6

  • Super Monkey Storm - Summons a squadron of Super Monkeys that destroy all Bloons onscreen and deal heavy damage to MOAB Class Bloons. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png100 to purchase one storm from the Powers shop.
  • Monkey Boost - Causes all towers to attack twice as fast for 15 seconds. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png100 to purchase one boost from the Powers shop.
  • Thrive - Increases cash production from all towers by 25% for the rest of the round and the entire next round. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png70 to purchase one Thrive from the Powers shop.
  • Time Stop - Freezes time for 10 seconds. Bloon speeds are reduced to 10% and Tower attack speeds to 30% during this time. Ability cooldowns still function normally. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png50 to purchase one Time Stop from the Powers shop.
  • Cash Drop - Spawns a crate full of cash worth $2,500. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png200 to purchase one Cash Drop from the Powers shop.
  • Banana Farmer - Automatically gathers all bananas spawned by Banana Farms within his radius. Also collects money crates and health crates. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png50 to purchase one farmer from the Powers shop.
  • Pontoon - Provides a platform on top of water where land towers can be placed. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png50 to purchase one Pontoon from the Powers shop.
  • Road Spikes - Deals damage to any bloon that touches it. Each Road Spike pile contains 20 spikes. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png50 to purchase five piles.
  • Glue Trap - Slows down the first 300 Bloons that touch it before disappearing. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png50 to purchase one trap from the Powers shop.
  • MOAB Mine - Detonates when it detects a MOAB Class Bloon nearby, causing lots of damage. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png50 to purchase one mine from the Powers shop.
  • Camo Trap - De-camoizes the first 500 bloons that reach the trap. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png50 to purchase one from the Powers shop.
  • Portable Lake - Provides a pool of water on land where water towers (Monkey Buccaneer, Monkey Sub, etc.) can be placed. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png50 to purchase one Portable Lake from the Powers shop.
  • Tech Bot - Activates abilities for the player when they are available on the linked tower. The bot is placed down on land. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png50 each.
  • Energizing Totem - Increases attack speed of all towers by 25% in its radius for five rounds. Costs BloonjaminsIcon.png70 to buy one totem. After the totem expires, it can be recharged for BloonjaminsIcon.png20 to last another five rounds.
  • Insta-Monkeys - free towers, either unupgraded or pre-upgraded that can be either directly bought with real money or earned through Daily Challenges and other events. These can be placed onto the track for free via the Powers menu.

List of Powers in Bloons Adventure Time TD[]


Powers are single use items that have a huge impact on the game.

They can range from character boosts to full screen effects which devastate all bloons.

Powers will level up with your overall player rank. Use the Hugsplosion now to save the Candy Kingdom.↵

"Finn that was awesome. What was that?"↵
"The power of HUGS."↵
"Well whatever it was it just saved the Candy Kingdom."

~ Introductory texts to Powers and reactions of Jake, Finn and Princess Bubblegum in the Candy Throne Room of BATTD

Post introduction Powers menu with hugsplosion luckily reloaded

Common Powers (cost 50 Coins to purchase):

  • Witch's Donuts - Tasty treats that restore lives at the end of each round
  • Bag of Butter- Drops a huge bag of butter that stuns all bloons.
  • Golden Crown - Become true royalty and gain extra cash from each pop.
  • Hot Dog Knights - These brave knights will help pop bloons if placed on the track. Purchasing gives you a set of 4 Knights.
  • Twinkling Eye Potion - All characters gain captivating, twinkling eyes that slow bloons near them.

Uncommon Powers (cost 100 Coins to purchase):

  • Apple Pie - Treetrunks' famous apple pie is so delicious it adds extra lives.
  • Trail Mix - Tasty trail mix revitalizes your heroes giving them an attack speed boost.
  • Heavy Weapons - Extra weight means extra damage to bigger bloons.
  • Marauder - The Marauder grabs the strongest bloon he can reach and crushes the life out of it!

Rare Powers (cost 300 coins to purchase)

Super Rare Powers (cost 500 Coins to purchase):

Epic Powers (cost 1000 Coins to purchase):

  • Crystal Copy - Use Crystal Magic to temporarily duplicate one of your characters.
  • Dimension Disruptor- Destroys all bloons and heals all lives when you lose.
  • Fire Wolves - A pack of fire wolves to charge down the bloons.
  • Nightosphere Amulet - Spawns a Nightosphere Cloud to rain down death and damnation on the bloons.
  • Fire Eyes - Flying eyes that deal fire damage. The bloons are no match for their gaze!

Bloons TD Battles Mobile[]

Main article: Powers (BTDBM)

In Bloons TD Battles Mobile, Powers are special powers that can change the battle tide to the player's favor.

Version History (BTD6)[]



More TBA



Version History (BATTD)[]

  • BuffCold Spell now freezes MOABs too. Freeze duration increased to 6 seconds.
  • BuffDecorpsinator serum now spawns Mr Cremepuff with a base attack speed of 2 instead of 1.
  • NerfNightosphere Amulet MOAB damage decreased to 80 from 100
  • NerfParty Time attack speed boost reduced to 80% from 100%
  • Nerf Gold Coin rarity is now changed from Uncommon to Rare. Additionally, it has a longer cooldown.
  • Nerf Nightosphere Amulet no longer detects camo.



Types of Powers in BTD6[]


Bloons Adventure Time TD[]


  • In BTDB Mobile, only Eco Powers all use the same sound effect. All other Powers each have a unique sound.