The Powerful Shots upgrade in BTD4.

Powerful Shots is the second upgrade for the Dartling Gun in BTD4. There is also the same upgrade called Powerful Darts in BTD5, which is the first upgrade in path 2 for Dartling Gun, making its darts pop 3 bloons. It costs $510 on Easy, $600 on Medium, $650 on Hard, and $720 on Impoppable. The Dartling Gun is much more powerful with it. Its image has 2 Upgrade Marks in BTD4. This upgrade also gives a slight dart rate increase for the Dartling Gun, just like the Missile Launcher upgrade on the Bomb Tower.



  • There used to be a bug in Bloons TD Battles Mobile where the Powerful Darts description was not updated to match the existing buffs that were done in Version 4.3.1. This has since been fixed in Version 5.0.

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