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For one use special abilities, see Powers.
For the unit of Paragon Power, see Paragons#Sacrifice Requirements.
For the very best Monkey Cities, where real estate becomes precious, you can upgrade one of your existing Watermills or Windmills to produce more power. Upgrade one now.
~ "Power Spike" Quest description

Almost every building in Bloons Monkey City requires Power (BMCF-Power-Icon) to build. To get power, the player must build new windmills or watermills, or upgrade existing ones. Power is not like city cash, there is no maximum capacity and it cannot be spent. It simply gets used up. When the player buys a new building, more power will used.

BMCF-Power-IconGenerated Windmill Watermill
Level 1 BMCF-Power-Icon70 BMCF-Power-Icon75
Level 2 BMCF-Power-Icon150 BMCF-Power-Icon155
Lightning thing-0

The power icon

Games Bloons Monkey City, BMC Mobile
What? Currency/Resource
How to get Windmills and Watermills
Achievements Feel the Power (requires BMCF-Power-Icon1,000)
Power Mad (requires BMCF-Power-Icon5,000)
Base Buildings Tower Unlocked Power Used
Dart Monkey Hall Dart Monkey BMCF-Power-Icon5
Tack Shooter Storage Facility Tack Shooter BMCF-Power-Icon5
Boomerang Hut Boomerang Thrower BMCF-Power-Icon8
Sniper's Recluse Sniper Monkey BMCF-Power-Icon8
Ninja Abode Ninja Monkey BMCF-Power-Icon8
Pineapple Stand Exploding Pineapple (5) 5
House of Ice Ice Monkey 8
Spike Shack Road Spikes (5) 5
Dartling Gun Cache Dartling Gun 10
Glue Gun Range Glue Gunner 10
Bomb Range Bomb Tower 10
Spike Factory Warehouse Spike Factory 10
Port Monkey Buccaneer 15
Engineer Workshop Monkey Engineer 15
Mortar Range Mortar Monkey 10
Ace Airport Monkey Ace 20
Wizard's Tower Monkey Apprentice 20
Monkey Village Monkey Village 20
Super Monkey Villa Super Monkey 40
Chipper Shed (Mobile only) Bloonchipper 15
Submarine Berth (Mobile only) Monkey Sub 15
Heli Pad (Mobile only) Heli Pilot 20
Upgrade Buildings Tower's Upgrades Unlocked Power Used
Monkey Town Hall (already built) Monkey Village 10
Monkey Academy (Flash version) Dart Monkey/Boomerang Thrower 10
Ninja Dojo Ninja Monkey 15
Cryo Lab Ice Tower 15
Gun Training Hall (Flash only) Sniper Monkey/Dartling Gun 20
Glue Factory Glue Gunner 15
Aeronautics Laboratory Monkey Ace 20
Spike Production Building (Flash version) Tack Shooter/Spike Factory 25
Ship's Foundry Monkey Buccaneer 15
Ordnance and Munitions Support (Flash only) Bomb Tower/Mortar Monkey 20
Engineering School Monkey Engineer 15
School of Wizardry Monkey Apprentice 20
Micro Agriculture Development Building Banana Farm (Tower) 30
Super Enhancements Super Monkey 40
Bloon Research Lab Bloons (Monkey vs. Monkey) 20
Mobile only buildings Tower's Upgrades Unlocked Power used
Monkey Academy (Mobile version) Dart Monkey ?
Boomerang Institute (Mobile only) Boomerang Thrower 10
Tack Production Building (Mobile only) Tack Shooter ?
Rifle Training Hall (Mobile only) Sniper Monkey ?
Cannon Support (Mobile only) Bomb Tower ?
Mortar Support (Mobile only) Mortar Monkey 15
Advanced Chipper Lab (Mobile only) Bloonchipper ?
Heli Pilot Flight School (Mobile only) Heli Pilot ?
Sub Weapons Research (Mobile only) Monkey Sub ?
Dartling Test Range (Mobile only) Dartling Gun ?
Spike Production Building (Mobile version) Spike Factory ?
Special Buildings Unlocks Power used
Centre of Camo Countermeasures Enhanced Eyesight, Night Vision Goggles, Crow's Nest,

Spy Plane, Monkey Sense, Radar Scanner, Signal Flare, etc.

Anti MOAB Research Lab MOAB Mauler, MOAB SHREDR Spikes, Super Monkey Villa 5
Thermite Plant Ring of Fire 40
Oversize Projectile Workshop Juggernaut 40
Blademill Blade Maelstrom 40
Wind Spire Tempest Tornado 40
Fiery Pit Summon Phoenix 40
Super Monkey Fan Clubhouse Super Monkey Fan Club 40
Superior Adhesive Factory Glue Striker 40
Naval Base Aircraft Carrier 40
Altar of Sun Sun God 40
Guerilla Tactics Training Camp Sabotage Supply Lines 40
Experimental Materials Lab Viral Frost, Bloon Liquefier 40
Energy Concentration Cells High Energy Beacon 40
Zero Point Energy Machine Absolute Zero 40
Advanced Rocket Lab MOAB Assassin, Bloon Area Denial System 40
Biomech Enhancements Robo Monkey, Turbo Charge 40
Experimental Materials Lab Bloon Liquefier, Viral Frost 40
High Intensity Explosives Workshop Spiked Mines, Bloon Impact 40
Anti-Materials Gun Lab Cripple MOAB 40
Archives of Ancient Knowledge Glaive Lord, Bloonjitsu 40
Radio Comms Support Supply Drop 40
Super-Bomb Research Centre Ground Zero, First Strike Capability (Mobile only), The Big One 50
Heavy Artillery Factory Artillery Battery 50
Banana Research HQ Banana Research Facility 50
Pirate School Monkey Pirates 50
Spike Dispersal Unit Spike Storm 50
AC130 Construction Hangar Spectre 50
Chinook Supply Depot (Mobile only) Support Chinook (Mobile only) 60
Extreme Suction Engine (Mobile only) Supa-Vac (Mobile only) 60
Bloon Containment Unit Bloon Trap 60
Giant Funnel Foundry (Mobile only) Super Wide Funnel (Mobile only) 60
Dartship Hangar (Mobile only) Apache Dartship (Mobile only) 60
Submarine Core Reactor (Mobile only) Bloontonium Reactor (Mobile only) 60
High Performance Unit Overclock 60
Crystal Fusion Array Ray of Doom 75
Advanced Monkey Intelligence Comms MIB Call to Arms 75
Antimatter Weapon Facility Technological Terror 120
Temple Complex Temple of the Monkey God 200
MvM Buildings Function/Unlock Power Used
Bloon Research Lab Research Bloons 20
Bloontonium Storage Tank +1000 Bloontonium capacity 10
Bloon Inflation and Deployment Factory Attacking 10
Bloontonium Generator Produces Bloontonium 10
Rubber Repair Nano-tek Regrow Bloons upgrade unlocked 25
Lead propulsion Lab Lead Bloons upgrade unlocked 25
Camo Modification Den Camo Bloons upgrade unlocked 20
Bloon Kiln Ceramic Bloons upgrade unlocked 30
Blimp Construction Hangar MOAB upgrade unlocked 40
Oversize Airship Support Bay BFB upgrade unlocked 55
Gargantuan Vessel Assembly Yard ZOMG upgrade unlocked 100
Armored Stealth Silo DDT upgrade unlocked 100
Mobile only Function/Unlock Power Used
Bloon Inflation Factory Generates and stores Bloontonium, Attacking ?
Bloon Sprint Track Fast Bloons 15
Extreme Temperature Chamber Thermal Bloons 20
Bloon Compression Tank Multilayer Tech 25
Resource Buildings Function Power used Power Generated
Windmill Generates Power 0 70 (level 1) 150 (level 2)
Watermill Generates Power 0 75 (level 1) 155 (level 2)
Monkey Bank Stores City Cash 5 0
Banana Farm Generates City Cash 10 0



  • It is possible to demolish a Windmill or Watermill even if it would possibly make the amount of power consumption overflow.