Pro Portable Lake unlocked!

Pro Upgrade - Sea Monster! New Activated Ability temporarily awakens the Sea Monster, which bashes nearby bloons, popping 5 layers and sometimes stunning them. Any water unit can be placed in the Lake.

The next Portable Lake you place will have this upgrade.

~ Official Description after unlocking the Portable Lake Pro.

Portable Lake Pro is the pro version of the Portable Lake. It is unlocked after buying and placing fifty Portable Lakes.


It activates the ability "Activate Sea Monster!", temporarily popping five layers of bloons with its tentacle. The tentacle can lash out five times before returning to normal pool state. The tentacle seems to have unlimited popping power.


  • The Activate Sea Monster! ability cannot pop Camo Bloons even if under the influence of a Monkey Village with Radar Scanner or in the range of a Meerkat Spy.
  • It has a red rubber duck, a pink and green tentacle and also a pink and blue exterior design.


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