Increases the popping power of all nearby monkeys by 1.
~ BTD5M/BMCM description for the Monkey Village x/1, Monkey Fort upgrade
Grants a (2-20)% increase in popping power of every offensive tower and agent you deploy...
~ Level based description for 'Popping Power' upgrades from the Monkey Lab function of BTD 5 Mobile. The percentage increase is dependent on the level of upgrade. (L1 gives 2%, L2 gives 4%, L3 gives 6%, L4 gives 8%, L5 gives 10%, L6 gives 12%, L7 gives 15% and L8 gives 20%).
Larger blast area and more popping power.
~ BTD5M/BMCM description for the Bomb Shooter x/1 Bigger Bombs upgrade
Airburst darts split into 3 on impact for massively increased popping power
~ BTD5M/BMCM description for the Monkey Sub x/2, Airburst Darts upgrade
Snipers set to strong targetting can help maximize their popping power
~ BMC/M "Loading ..." screen advice
Researching upgrades allows you to increase your Monkeys' popping power.
~ BMC/M "Loading ..." screen advice

Popping Power can simply be considered as being the power of a tower to pop bloons. In this view it can be considered to have a number of parameters:

  • the Attack's Extent to which any element in an attack (dart, tack, glue, bomb...) can pierce, splatter, blast... bloons counting the potential number of bloons affected.
    (Popping power has been defined by Attack Extent alone which may been due to the viewing the description of the Monkey Fort upgrade in isolation);
  • the depth of Damage inflicted on bloons measured in layers popped;
  • the number of elements in an attack inclusive of multiple darts, tacks, frags, nails, energy, an extra fireball attack etc.
  • Attack speed;
  • Abilities to inflict increased levels of damage on certain types of bloon such as ceramics or MOABs.
See also: Tower and upgrade stats (BTD5M, BMCM and Battles Mobile)
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