Boosts attack speed for all Druids in the radius. Can stack up to 5 times on a single Druid.
~ BTD6

Poplust is the fourth upgrade of Path 3 for the Druid. It allows all Druids around its radius to increase attack speed by 15%, stacking up to 5 times additively (75% increased attack speed). This attack speed buff also stack multiplicatively with Heart of Vengeance and Druid of Wrath, at maximum attack speed it attacks seven times quicker.


With 5 or more Poplust with Thorn Swarm, these Druids can dish out a lot of damage in combination with previous upgrades. These Druids can also boost Superstorm Druid, with it shooting so much projectiles, the attack boost from Poplust increases every projectiles attack speed and make it a very strong tower. In combination of level 18+ Obyn Greenfoot, Druids gets a head start being at 200 damage at the start of each round so they starts of attack twice as fast already, and with Obyn's pierce boost to Magic Monkeys at level 2 increasing thorns pierce from 1 to 3. All the Druids can also be boosted by Alchemist's Berserker Brew and Stronger Stimulant with increased attack speed, range, pierce and damage as well, with each of the eight thorns dealing two layers of damage and more, this is a deadly combo.



  • Part of the upgrade description used to be "[...] Can stack with up to 4 other Poplust Druids" but this segment of the description has changed in Version 3.0 due to ambiguity.
  • "Poplust" is a reference to the term "bloodlust".
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