Pop Count is how many bloons a tower has popped. Every layer of a bloon a tower pop adds one to the towers pop count. Every time a tower hits a Ceramic Bloon, M.O.A.B., B.F.B., or Z.O.M.G., that does not go to their pop count, except in Bloons Tower Defense 6 where they count. However, if they get their multi-hit layer destroyed completely, it does count and gives the Pop count equivalent to the multi-hit layer bloon's children. However, in Bloons Tower Defense 6 damaging a Ceramic Bloon and M.O.A.B. Class Bloon does count.

In BTD6, the Pop Count is now called the Damage Count, due to how significantly different the counter now counts, counting the amount of points of damage rather than the number of bloons popped. This allows specified damage-boosting upgrades to display a much more accurate reading of damage amount.


  • Even though some towers like the Banana Farm do not pop Bloons, they still have a pop count.
    • In the mobile version the Banana Farm doesn't have a pop count. Neither does the Monkey Village, which will get pop count if upgraded to High Energy Beacon though.
  • Before the 5.0 update in BTD6, the pop count increases with cash collected from Banana Farms or other money-making towers like Merchantmen.
    • This was replaced with a new "Cash Count" icon, but only works for Banana Farms.
  • In Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile, the Pop Count counter becomes 0 when a tower gets upgraded. This also applies to Bloons Tower Defense Battles Mobile and Bloons Monkey City Mobile, but in both cases it becomes normal again when that tower pops a bloon or if the player exits the tower's menu and reopens it.


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