Place almost any land tower on water with the Pontoon! Deploy the Pontoon on water, then place your land tower on top.
~ Official BTD5 Description

The Pontoon is a Special Agent that was released on May 17, 2012. It allows all land towers to be placed on water and costs Monkey Dollar.png40.


The Pontoon Pro gives towers a range boost. You need 50 Pontoons to unlock it, which costs Monkey Dollar.png2,000.


You can't sell the pontoon until you sell the towers on top of it first.


  • It is possible to place a Pontoon on a Portable Lake but this is worthless and wastes Monkey Dollar.png80.
    • When placing a Pontoon Pro on a Portable Lake though, it becomes pretty useful.
  • The art of the Pontoon has an inflatable tube underneath the Pontoon (probably because the Pontoon doesn't have enough buoyancy on its own to carry towers
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