For the upgrade in the Bloons Super Monkey 2, see Plasma Vision (BSM2).
Plasma vaporizes everything it touches
~ BTD3 and BTD5 descriptions
Plasma shoots twice as fast and vaporizes everything it touches!
~ BTD4 descrpition
Plasma vaporizes almost everything it touches.
~ BTD6 description

Plasma Vision is the 3rd upgrade for the Super Monkey in BTD4, and is the second upgrade on Path 1 in BTD5. It has appeared in BTD3, BTD4 and BTD5. It costs $4250 on Easy, $5000 on Medium, $5400 on Hard and $6000 on Impoppable. In BTD5, it is called Plasma Blasts. This upgrade lets the Super Monkey shoot Plasma Beams, doubles the firing rate, increases pierce from 2 to 3 (4 in BTD6) and can pop Lead Bloons. In BTD5, a Plasma Monkey has less accuracy than a Robo-Monkey since it shoots a single beam, instead of 2 guns. This makes it so that a 0-3 Robo-Monkey is better at taking down Bloons in some situations.



$3400 (Easy), $4080 (Medium), $4320 (Hard)


$3400 (Easy), $4000 (Medium), $4320 (Hard)


$4250 (Easy), $5000 (Medium), $5400 (Hard), $6000 (Impoppable)




  • A Super Monkey with Plasma Vision is better at taking down non M.O.A.B. Class Bloons than a Robo Monkey with no Path 1 upgrades.
  • A Robo Monkey with Plasma Vision can fire 2 Plasma streams, with a higher popping power of 5 for each arm compared to the 3 of this tower. (7 in BTD6)
  • In BTD3, this upgrade doesn't change how the Super Monkey looks. In BTD4 and later versions however, it'll give the Super Monkey a purple cape and goggles, possibly to prevent copyright problems.
  • In Co-op Mode, Plasma Vision used to be nerfed and it shoots slower, but pops twice as much bloons; this was mostly based on computer performance.
  • On BTD Battles, this tower (and by extention the Robo Monkey) is affected by lag, and can in some cases shoot at half speed. While on BTD5 (and Deluxe), it is a solid beam of plasma.
  • On Bloons TD 5 Mobile, and Bloons TD Battles Mobile, this tower shoots slower than double the speed of lasers. This is noticable when comparing its firing speed to the Robo Monkey, the gap between each projectile is larger.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, the artwork shows the "B" from the chest in a mirror-like view.
  • In BTD3 and BTD4, Plasma Vision cost the same as the Super Monkey without upgrades.
  • With the introduction of the Purple Bloon in Bloons TD 6, the Plasma Vision info was changed from "Plasma vaporizes everything it touches" to "Plasma vaporizes almost everything it touches."


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