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Plasma shoots twice as fast and vaporizes everything it touches!
~ Bloons TD 4 Description

Plasma Vision is the third upgrade for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 4. It is unlocked with the Super Monkey. The upgrade increases the pierce per projectile from 2 to 3, and doubles the attack speed of the Super Monkey.

This upgrade costs $3,400 on Easy, $4,000 on Medium, and $4,320 on Hard.


Plasma Vision fires one projectile with 3 pierce as a Straight Attack Straight Attack; these projectiles are now normal type and are fired 2x as fast as Laser Vision. More specifically, it is changed from every 2 frames (0.057s) to every 1 frames (0.029s) on flash. On Mobile, attack cooldown instead decreases from 0.1s to every 0.05s. Jungle Drums cannot boost its attack speed due to Plasma Vision already attacking at the speed cap.

Targeting Priorities[]

The Plasma Vision uses the standard target priorities: First, Last, Strong, and Weak.



A stepping stone upgrade to Sun Avatars, they are still very cost inefficient and provide a less than stellar saveup to Sun Avatars in the midgame. They cannot be buffed by Jungle Drums due to already reaching the attack speed cap without it.


  • Plasma Visions are primarily useful to clean up stray bloons from a long distance, due to their high range of 200.