Pirate Cove

Pirate Cove is a specialty building that was created for the Monkey Buccaneer. This was released on July 5th, 2012. The building consists of a skull carved out of rocks and a rock staircase leading into its mouth. The mouth contains a treasure chest of coins, as well as rubies and emeralds. There is a broken mast and a pirate flag around the outside, as well as 3 purple grapes and a Bomb Tower (the grapes is what CAN be shot when it has the right upgrade and the bomb tower is the cannons on the ship)

This Specialty Building is useful in tracks predominantly of water, such as Archipelago, Dockside or Ice Flow, when Buccaneers would most likely be used. It is also useful for the Covert Pops Special Mission, as the Tier-3 Pirate Cove can make Buccaneers with Crow's Nest act like cheap aquatic Radar Scanners. However, it is not useful at all on tracks with absolutely no water whatsoever, especially on tracks where Monkey Ace runways can be placed well.


Pirate Cove Upgrades

  • Initial cost is Monkey Dollar750. After purchasing it, Monkey Buccaneers and their upgrades cost 5% less, but Monkey Aces and their upgrades cost 5% more.
  • Second upgrade costs Monkey Dollar750. It increases the Monkey Buccaneer's attack speed.
  • Third upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1250. It allows Monkey Buccaneers to pop camo bloons without the help of Crow's Nest, but at the same time, if Crow's Nest is used, then the Buccaneer grants camo detection to all towers within its radius.
  • (Bloons TD5 Mobile only) Fourth upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1250 (based on the Premium Upgrade, Dreadnought. It replaces the Buccaneer's primary dart attack with a fire ball, thus allowing it to pop lead bloons without the help of Cannon Ship).



  • The Tier 3 upgrade makes the Monkey Buccaneer act like it did in Bloons TD 4 with Crow's Nest.
  • It has a Bomb Tower in the bottom right corner representing the cannons on the Monkey Buccaneer, not the tower.
  • The Tier 3 upgrade combined with the Aircraft Carrier gives Camo Detection to every tower of the field.
  • On BTD5 Mobile, a tier 4 upgrade allows the popage of camo leads with a 0/0 boat.
    • This makes it the only tower that can pop camo leads unupgraded.
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