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Piercing Darts (pre-BTD4) is an upgrade for the Dart Monkey that appears in Bloons TD 1, Bloons TD 2, Bloons TD 3, and Bloons TD 4. This upgrade allows the Dart Monkey to throw darts that can pop 2 bloons at a time. The Piercing Darts upgrade was renamed to Sharp Shots in Bloons TD 5.


The appearance of a Piercing Darts Dart Monkey is the exact same as that of an un-upgraded Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 1, Bloons TD 2, and Bloons TD 3.

The BTD 1 and BTD2 upgrade button is a dart with two pop icons in front, in BTD3 it is changed to a dart with a shining start on its tip.


Piercing Darts gives the dart monkey +1 pierce in all games. This doesn't increase damage.


BTD1: $210

BTD2: $180 (Easy), $205 (Medium), $210 (Hard)

BTD3: $120 (Easy), $145 (Medium), $150 (Hard)


This upgrade is worth getting in any situation due to the lack of upgrades and cheap price.

Preferably get in straight lines to use more its pierce in early rounds.