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Incinerate the bloons with the power of the Phoenix!
~ BATTD description
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The Phoenix Wand is a Super Rare weapon in Bloons Adventure Time TD that gives a Summon Phoenix ability. It can be equipped by Sam or Flame Princess.


The Phoenix Wand is useful, since it gives a free ability and adds six pierce. The ability has a cooldown of 60s, which is also the lifespan of the Phoenix, allowing full uptime and can allow the player to place a second phoenix with cooldown reduction trinkets. It has 5 pierce, 10 plasma damage, 0.1s cooldown, and 150 range (not quite full map coverage, but very close). It is very similar to the Summon Phoenix ability in BTD5 and BTD6. The damage is great, especially with the constant fire, and it detects camo by default.


  • The phoenix is not very accurate, so you can't depend on it for most of your defense.
  • The Pheonix can solo up to round 15 on Cursed Mirrors.
  • If Sam or Flame Princess holds the wand and gets a negative effect while the Phoenix Ability is activated, the Phoenix will also get the negative effect.


Phoenix Wand status page

The statistics page of the wand


  • The wand cannot be equipped by Ice King, as it's element is opposite to his ice-based attacks.
  • There are notable grammar errors in its special properties description, specifically the use of it's/its. The correct sentence would be "Its [The Phoenix's] flaming breath destroys all bloons in its path".