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Perma Charge has a permanent super fast attack speed. Ability increases the lethality even more.
~ In-game description

Perma Charge is the fifth upgrade of Path 2 for the Boomerang Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It buffs the tower to attack permanently with the stats of Turbo Charge's activated ability but with an additional +2 damage, alongside a new activated ability that increases damage by +8 for 15 seconds. The ability cooldown is also decreased from 45 seconds to 40 seconds, duration from 10 seconds to 15 seconds, and initial cooldown from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.

Additionally, there is a special interaction with Red Hot Rangs. It grants +4 damage instead of +1 and increases the ability's bonus damage from +8 to +10, for a total of 8 damage per boomerang without the ability and 18 damage while the ability is active.

This upgrade costs $29,750 on Easy, $35,000 on Medium, $37,800 on Hard, and $42,000 on Impoppable.



Perma Charge turns the yellow stripes on its head into rows of green lights, adds a crest at the top of its head, colors the stripe down its chest blue-gray, as well as adding two similarly colored stripes on its off hand.

The boomerang launcher now gains an additional green chevron, and a green tube connecting to the monkey itself; it also glows magenta while the ability is active.

The boomerangs it launches are now black with green stripes, and turn into glaives when given the upgrade of the same name.


Perma Charge, true to its name, permanently gains the stats of Turbo Charge, most notably the attack speed and bonus damage, while adding an additional +2 base damage on top of the increased damage, for a total of 4, 6 vs MOABs.

Its ability is also changed, granting a flat +8 damage for 15 seconds, with a cooldown of 40 seconds and initial cooldown of 10 seconds.

Red Hot Rangs has several unique interactions with this tower: it improves the base damage of the boomerangs by 4 instead of 1 (for 8 total, 10 to MOABs) and causes the ability to deal +10 damage rather than +8, (for 18 total, 20 to MOABs) along with its standard benefit of granting Normal type, allowing this tower to pop any bloon type.

Targeting Priorities[]

Perma Charge targets bloons using the standard targeting priorities. It shoots curved movement projectiles.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Like all Boomerang Monkeys, Perma Charge can access Change Hands secondary targeting priority to switch hands, changing the origin and direction of the boomerangs.

Full Popology[]


The following is a list of statistics of a Boomerang Monkey with Perma Charge. It includes its base statistics and all associated crosspathing interactions. Expand the box on the right to see further information.

Updated as of Version 27.3
Base stats
  • Boomerang:
    • Projectile, sharp type, detects partial hitbox, 43 range, 0.04s attack cooldown, 4 damage, 5 damage to MOAB-Class Bloons, 4 pierce.
Ability stats
  • Turbo Charge:
    • Lasts for 15 seconds, 45 seconds cooldown, and 10 seconds initial cooldown.
    • Boomerang deals 12 (+8) damage, 13 (+8) damage to MOAB-Class Bloons, and other stats remain unchanged.
Crosspathing interactions
  • 1-5-0:
    • Boomerang and Turbo Charge gains +4 pierce, for a total of 8 pierce.
  • 2-5-0:
    • Glaives have increased pierce up to 13 pierce per shot.
  • 0-5-1+:
    • Base range increases to 49.5
  • 0-5-2:
    • Boomerang deals 8 (+4) damage and 9 (+4) damage to MOAB-Class Bloons, normal type.
    • Turbo Charge deals 16 (+4) damage and 17 (+4) damage to MOAB-Class Bloons, normal type.

Damage Types[]

See also: Damage Types/Bloons TD 6/Primary

The following are a list of wiki-written damage types associated by a Boomerang Monkey with Perma Charge. These damage type statistics include how it attacks and how these attacks would affect bloons. Expand the box on the right to see further information.

Updated as of Version 27.3
Base attack(s)
  • Boomerang:
    • Sharp Type (pops Black, White, Purple) Sharp
    • Single Projectile Single Projectile
    • Curved Attack Curved Attack
    • Extra damage to all bloon types (4) Extra Damage
    • Extra damage versus MOAB-class Bloons (+1, inherited from previous upgrades) Extra Damage to Blimps
  • Turbo Charge:
    • Sharp Type (pops Black, White, Purple) Sharp
    • Single Projectile Single Projectile
    • Curved Attack Curved Attack
    • Extra damage to all bloon types (+8, for 12 damage per shot) More Extra Damage
    • Extra damage versus MOAB-class Bloons (+1, inherited from previous upgrades) Extra Damage to Blimps


Updated as of Version 32.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (X-5-X) $29,750 $35,000 $37,800 $42,000 -
Total (0-5-0) $35,185 $41,400 $44,710 $49,680 $24,630 $28,980 $31,297 $34,776
Crosspath (1-5-0) $35,355 $41,600 $44,925 $49,920 $24,749 $29,120 $31,448 $34,944
Crosspath (2-5-0) $35,595 $41,880 $45,225 $50,255 $24,917 $29,316 $31,658 $35,179
Crosspath (0-5-1) $35,270 $41,500 $44,820 $49,800 $24,689 $29,050 $31,374 $34,860
Crosspath (0-5-2) $35,525 $41,800 $45,145 $50,160 $24,868 $29,260 $31,602 $35,112

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: CheapRangsIcon.png Cheap 'Rangs, ComeOnEverybodyIcon.png Come On Everybody!, BetterSellDealsIcon.png Better Sell Deals



Perma Charge is one of the most well-rounded towers in the game. It offers a high amount of DPS while being at a great price-point. It is also extremely versatile, still demolishing dense and DDT rounds alike without needing a specific hero or buff (except possibly Monkey Village). As such, it features as a prominent DPS tower in many strategies.


  • A 2-5-0 Perma Charge provides extra pierce which helps immensely with tightly packed groups and rushes. However, the damage bonus from the Red Hot Rangs crosspath is increased from +1 to +4, which means each Perma Charge boomerang will deal up to 8 damage each (or 18 damage with the ability active). This essentially doubles the damage of the base attack and makes the tower better against smaller groups of tough bloons, such as ZOMGs and BADs. Also, a 0-5-2 does not require a Monkey Intelligence Bureau to destroy DDTs, as long as it has camo detection. This can be useful in certain challenges.
  • Perma Charge should be placed around a curve where it can optimize its attacks.
  • It is often worth to get a Primary Mentoring Village (4xx Village) for the Perma Charge. Primary Mentoring will help reduce the ability cooldown and increase its range, and also give it +1 pierce from the Primary Training benefit.
    • While expensive, upgrading into Primary Expertise decreases ability cooldowns and increases pierce even further, allowing for even more frequent boosts in DPS whenever needed.
  • Perma Charge's high cost efficiency makes it desirable for winning on CHIMPS, shredding through groups of bloons with ease and deals a big chunk to single-targets. Even without its ability active, it is highly effective at cleaning up Super Ceramics and weaker MOABs, and with its ability active it can deal high impact onto much tougher bloons thanks to its higher damage.

Version History[]

Perma Charge has been buffed significantly since it was first released. Alongside more bonus damage with its new ability, inherited buffs from Turbo Charge, and some extra damage to its main attack, Perma Charge has become a solid late-game option at performing high DPS. In addition, it is among the earliest Tier 5 upgrades to have been directly buffed with a special interaction with its generally weaker crosspath choice (in this case, the 0-5-2 crosspath with even more base damage).

Version 26.0 intended to make 2-5-0 a purely pierce path while equalizing 0-5-2's speed to the 2-5-0 path, but ended up nerfing 2-5-0 until Version 27.0 fixed this.

  • Buff Ability now has increased damage (+4 → +8).
  • Buff Perma Charge cooldown reduced (45s → 40s)
  • Buff [Undocumented] Perma Charge initial cooldown reduced (15s → 10s)
  • Buff Perma Charge ability speed multiplier increased from x5 to x7
  • Buff Perma Charge base damage increased from 2 to 4
  • Buff Perma Charge with Red Hot Rangs now (correctly) deals +1 damage to bloons.
  • Buff 052 Red Hot Rangs bonus to Permacharge increased from +1 to +4. This increases the base 052 Boomerang damage from 5 to 8.
  • Buff 250 Perma Charge should (correctly) no longer lose its bonus +1 damage to MOABs
  • Nerf [Unintentional bug] Perma Charge attack speed has not scaled with the base Boomerang Monkey buffs, causing 2-5-0 to become indirectly nerfed.
  • Buff Affected by Bionic Boomerang buff
While the higher tiers are quite good, Bionic Boomerang does not feel like a strong stepping stone, and 052 is still mostly considered an inferior crosspath due to base tower damage already being high, so Bionic's ability increase to damage has been increased further. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Perma Charge MOAB damage bonus increased from +1 --> +2, from the Bionic Boomerang buff
  • Buff 0-5-2 Perma Charge ability bonus damage increased from +8 -> +10


When activating Turbo Charge Ability:



Official artwork[]



  • There was once a bug where Perma Charge with Red Hot Rangs after Version 7.0 did not deal +1 damage. This was discovered most notably in Version 11.0, but was likely present since the Version 7.0 Red Hot Rangs damage buff. In Version 12.0, Perma Charge with Red Hot Rangs now correctly deals +1 damage to bloons.
    • The lack of +1 damage buff to the earlier Turbo Charge with Red Hot Rangs still existed as a bug, which means it only dealt 2 damage instead of 3, though this was fixed as of a later update, at least definitely not in Version 20.0.

Balance Changes (Trivia)[]

  • The interpretation of the 26.0 base Boomerang buffs was different among the community. Other experts believed that the Bionic Boomerang (and subsequently later upgrades) was unaffected by the 26.0 rework, while Bloons Wiki interpreted this as an inherited buff. This was later proven in favor of the other experts with the 27.0 Bionic Boomerang buff, which is actually a bug fix listed as a balance change.