Perma Charge has a permanent super fast attack speed. Ability increases the lethality even more.
~ BTD6 description

Perma Charge is the final upgrade in Path 2 for the Boomerang Monkey in BTD6. It buffs the tower to attack permanently with the stats of Turbo Charge's activated ability, alongside a new activated ability that increases damage by +8 for 15 seconds. The cooldown is also decreased from 45 seconds to 40 seconds. It costs $29,750 on Easy, $35,000 on Medium, $37,800 on Hard, and $42,000 on Impoppable.


  • On most occasions, it is better to get a 2-5-0 Perma Charge rather than a 0-5-2 Perma Charge, due to how Glaives provides both extra pierce and attack speed, which generally far outweighs the extra damage at a lesser attack speed with little pierce.

Update HistoryEdit


Buff Ability now has increased damage (+4 → +8).


Buff Cooldown reduced (45 sec. → 40 sec.)


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