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Hi there! I'm Patch. I can help with most things around town.
~ Patch introducing herself for the first time in Bloons Pop!

Patch, formerly Jessica, is the monkey in Bloons TD 6 who gives the player the patch notes for every subsequent release of the game and she also makes an appearance as the guide for Quests, telling the player about stories along the way. She can also be found in the Events Menu where she is displayed next to the Community Challenges. She also appears in Bloons Pop! as a helpful guide to the player.

Prior to Patch having an official name, Patch's name was unknown to the BTD6 community. The name "Jessica" was spontaneously confirmed in 2018 by user u/rohan_spibo when asked by fans of the series what her name was (on the BTD6 reddit). She was also known as the "Patch Notes Monkey", "Updates Monkey/Girl", or "Clipboard Monkey/Girl", but according to an avatar unlockable on the Trophy Store, her official name is "Patch", which is confirmed in her reappearance in Bloons Pop!. Patch reappears, guiding the player through the Monkey Town Hall menu. In a 2021 Ninja Kiwi blog, the name "Patch" was revealed to actually be just a given nickname for her, and also that her first appearance was as the spokesmonkey for BTD6's patch notes. Her true real name still remains unknown.


The Village Market has all the items we need to restore. Patch will help you find what we need.
~ Mayor Monkey telling the player about repairing Monkey Town



  • In the game files of Bloons TD 6, the file for Patch's artwork is PatchNoteMonkeyPortrait.png.
  • Patch is notably the only named character in BTD6 who is not wearing clothes other than Pat Fusty. She is the only confirmed female monkey who wears no body clothing at all.