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Parking Lot is a Beginner map released on August 20, 2020 in Bloons TD 5 Mobile.


The Bloons enter from the left path of the bottom left, traveling up and then turn back (like in End of the Road in BTD6), but entering the path in the bottom and leave the track at the bottom right exit.


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money.png Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $75 $125 $200 $300
Completed $30 $50 $80 $120

Token Rewards
Easy Medium Hard
Token.png 1 Token.png 2 Token.png 3


  • A map with the same name appears in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It was added in the latest major update of that game. In that map, the cars will move to change the position of the track every round.