For the Bloons TD Battles track, see Park.

Park Path is one of the 10 Beginner Difficulty tracks featured in Bloons Tower Defense 5.


A clean and autumnal environment. Due to its spiraling nature, this map, if properly utilised, can be relatively easy to beat on Easy and Medium, even for the newest of players. Key terrain locations include the various clearings, which are great for Mortar Towers, Sniper Monkeys, and Banana Farms.

It is recommended that one reserves the locations closest to where the track loops for more powerful towers, such as Super Monkeys, fully upgraded Ninja Monkeys or Monkey Apprentices.

There is also water in a form of a stream where Monkey Buccaneers and Monkey Subs can be built.


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $75
Completed $15

Token Rewards
Easy Medium Hard
Token 1 Token 2 Token 3


Name Awesome Points Image
Park Path Bronze AwesomeIcon10 Park Path Bronze
Park Path Silver AwesomeIcon25 Park Path Silver
Park Path Gold AwesomeIcon50 Park Path Gold




Glaive Lord defense on Park Path

  • Up to 15 Monkey Buccaneers can be placed in the water. Further testing will be required to know whether the 3 missing Buccaneers cannot actually be placed in the iOS version.
  • A 2/3 Cannon Ship placed in the center supported by a 1/X Monkey Village can cover almost the entire track.
  • The player can beat this track with only Dart Monkeys, even on Hard Difficulty. The player can test this on the Daily Challenge #77 (A Walk in the Park).
  • This is the first beginner track in Bloons TD 5 that has water (a nice little stream).
  • This track is very similar to the Track 7 on Bloons Tower Defense 3, however, it is much easier.
  • Park Path is considered one if not the easiest track in BTD5 for these reasons:
    • 1) It is a one-entry-one-exit track (unlike Z Factor)
    • 2) It contains an adequate amount of water for water-based towers to be placed on (unlike Monkey Lane, which does not have water)
    • 3) The track is reasonably long (3 Times Around can be shorter than this by some)
    • 4) There are many choices of corners for some towers to take advantage of (unlike Express Shipping)
    • 5) There are no tunnels (unlike Monkey Lane)
    • 6) There is still plenty of open space for towers with unlimited range or Banana Farms to be placed on (unlike Maze and Skull Peak)
    • 7) There is very little unplaceable space (unlike Space Truckin' and Express Shipping)
  • Special Mission Full House is on this track.

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