For the Bloons TD 5/Bloons TD 6 track, see Park Path.

Park is a track in Bloons TD Battles. In this track, normal rounds are sent from the bottom, and in assault mode enemy bloons are sent from the top. There is a pond in the far left/right. The track makes semi-circles around the pond. The track has 2 U-turns, and 3 long 90 degree turns very good for tack shooters, and water for Buccaneers. There are 2 summer trees on each side, a bench on the left, and a spring tree on the right side. All of these objects cannot support towers. Its center part is similar to Dreadbloons map. The curvature of the map makes Tack Shooters a good idea. The length of the map, as well as the lack of space to fit farms efficiently, makes Bloon economy a better choice over Farm economy.

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