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For the Engineer Monkey Tier 5 upgrade, see Sentry Paragon.
Upgrade one of your Tier 5 Monkeys into a Paragon! Paragons absorb all Monkeys of their type, including the Tier 5 Monkeys from the other two paths.

The degree of the Paragon is influenced by how much power is absorbed at the moment of the upgrade.

~ Paragon description after getting for the first time all 3 Tier 5 upgrades of a tower that has a Paragon
This action will create a Paragon [tower_name]. All other [tower_name]s will be destroyed in the process, feeding the Paragon's Power!
~ "Upgrade to Paragon" warning

Paragon icon

Paragons or Tier-6 Upgrades (unofficially called 5-5-5 Towers) are the ultimate tower upgrades that were first added to Bloons TD 6 in update 27.0 on 25th July 2021. Paragons are created by placing one of each of the three Tier 5 Upgrades of the desired tower type and then merging them — any of the Tier 5 towers can be upgraded to Paragon once all of them are placed, and the others will be merged in — combining their powers along with all other currently placed towers of their type. Additionally, Paragons are the only towers that deal bonus damage to Boss Bloons. Extra damage versus Boss Bloons (unspecified damage)[1].

Like the Sun Temple, True Sun God, Monkeyopolis, Adora, and previously Soulbind, upgrading a tower to a Paragon sacrifices towers. When purchased, they consume all towers of their type on the screen, their "number and effectiveness" determining the "Degree" of the Paragon, ranging from 1 to 100[1]. Both the cost of the sacrificed towers and their pop counts are factors in this determination. The required Tier 5 towers are included in the pop count of sacrificed towers. Unlike the VTSG, it is possible to place new Tier 5 towers after creating a Paragon (though it is not possible to make multiple Paragons of the same type even in Co-Op).

Paragon towers cannot be buffed or have their upgrade price reduced (except by the difficulty)[1]. In addition, Paragons cannot be moved by the Support Chinook's Redeploy Ability, so positioning is essential. They are not able to be consumed as temple sacrifices either, allowing any Paragon to neighbor with Sun Temples. If placed on water via Arctic Wind Ice Monkey's ice platforms, Paragons will remain on the water even if the Ice Monkey is removed.

Towers can only be upgraded to Paragons in normal game modes and Challenge Editor. Like the Vengeful True Sun God, they cannot be obtained in Sandbox Mode.


As of Version 27.0, there are 2 Paragons in the game. The other tower Paragons will come in future updates.

Paragon-ApexPlasmaMaster.png ParagonGlaiveDominus.png
Apex Plasma Master
Glaive Dominus

Paragon Degrees[]

Degrees of a Paragon tower range from 1 to 100. Towers of the same tower type (Dart Monkey, Boomerang Monkey etc.) as the Paragon can be sacrificed to the Tier 5 tower when upgrading to Paragon. The exact effects of each Paragon Degree varies for each Paragon, and the only true fact is that each Degree makes the Paragon much stronger.

In Singleplayer, currently, Paragons cannot reach level 100. A Singleplayer Apex Plasma Master can only reach level 79, and a Glaive Dominus can only reach level 76. This is due to how Paragon leveling works, which depends on total pop count, extra T5 monkeys (not the ones originally used to form) consumed by the paragon, non-T5 upgrades and how much money is spent on extra upgrades. To get a degree 100 Paragon, the player will need to accumulate 16.2 million pops, $250K worth of towers, 100 Upgrades, and 9 T5s.[2]

Reaching high Paragon Degrees can alter the appearance of the Paragon tower, making it appear more powerful. There are 5 different appearances to each Paragon. Appearance changes every 20 degrees (1-20 is the same appearance, and it changes at 21 and so on).



Paragons are superior in strength but they cannot be affected by other towers. In order to afford the best Paragons, they must receive the highest degrees. To gain high degrees, all towers of the same type must accumulate very high damage counts in addition to a very high monetary investment on that tower type. Use Banana Farms to save large amounts of money, maximize pops for single tower types, and invest both elements together.


  • In order to achieve the most pops for a single tower type, try focusing on a single Paragon first. Use the most of one tower type. Try the strategies used for the Tier 5 Upgrades of the same tower type, to maximize pops.
  • Use all Tier 5 upgrades of the same type in order to rack up the most pops and costs, which can be then utilized for a much stronger Paragon. After obtaining all Tier 5 upgrades possible, buy the most expensive possible Tier 4 crosspath.
  • As a rule of thumb when investing for a single high-level Paragon, try aiming for ~$300,000+ total value of a specific tower type and ~17,000,000+ damage count when taking into account the sum of all towers of the same type.
    • The precise monetary and damage count amounts are actually $250,000+ and 16.2M pops, respectively, but aiming for $300K+ and 17M+ pops should almost guarantee that any unexpected miscalculations are negligible.
  • Since Paragons cannot be buffed or altered once placed, except for selling, it requires no support and requires proper placement prior to upgrading.
  • In a single player game, the max level of paragons is 76 (except Dart Monkey, whose max level is 79, due to Master Double Cross MK). Additional levels requires the use of multiple tier 5s via Co-Op Mode.
    • You can get to Degree 100 Dart Paragon with only three players, however four players are required to get the others.
  • Like Temples, Paragons are unaffected by sold ice platforms. If a location on top of water is optimal for a Paragon, go ahead to plan the Paragon on that spot without issue upon unlocking said Paragon.
  • While most paragons are capable of soloing to round 100, they are not viable for popping Golden Bloons since it will only result in the Golden Bloon rapidly jumping to the end of the track due to the invulnerability.
  • Even though Paragons can not receive buffs, they can still benefit from the status effects on bloons, such as Debuff Cripple (unspecified cripple variant), making bloons take extra damage.


  • Despite Paragons often being considered as a 5-5-5 tower, they're actually labeled as a 6-0-0 (Specifically Tier 6) tower, regardless of the upgrade that the paragon is bought on and any cross-path upgrades.


Paragons were first teased here on Twitter, at July 1st/2nd, 2021, and were later revealed at July 8th/9th, 2021, here. Another teaser was shown on Facebook on July 15th/16th, 2021.

The first Paragon to be revealed was the Paragon Dart Monkey, the "Apex Plasma Master", as part of the second teaser for Paragons. The same teaser also features a mysterious language whose letters arrange to form the word "paragon". The second Paragon revealed is a merge for the Boomerang Monkey, the "Glaive Dominus", as seen in the third teaser for Paragons; this teaser features the same mysterious language writing seen in the Dart Monkey Paragon teaser.

Ninja Kiwi confirmed with their 16th July 2021 blog that the There Can Be Only One MK would remain the same. Unlike VTSG, the Super Monkey Paragon is expected to not need Monkey Knowledge, will not require Sacrifices for the Temple and True Sun God upgrades, and can allow The Anti-Bloon and Legend of the Night to be spawned after its own upgrade. Potentially, the VTSG can be summoned after the Super Monkey Paragon is upgraded.

It is also confirmed that Sentry Paragon would not receive a name change after the release of Paragons.

Weekly since the release of Version 27.0, starting from the first Friday since the release date of said update, Ninja Kiwi answered several questions regarding Paragons, including their development and some lore about them. Ninja Kiwi's 30th July 2021 blog reveals a response that stated that they are working on releasing all Paragons but will need time to balance every Paragon before they can officially make any announcement for releases of them. Paragons were further revealed on their August 6th 2021 blog, with refinements on what is being developed in regards to the Paragons and how each Paragon will be released and dealt with in the future.

NK Blog reveals[]

Almost week since Version 27.0, information related to Paragons is answered in the NK Blogs. It may contain an indiscriminate amount of information about them, but the below information is all the information gathered out of the blogs since the release of Paragons.

  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 30th July 2021 blog, all other variants of Paragons will eventually be released but not always on every update, due to the need to balance each and every possible Paragon of the existing towers at the time. In fact, it may take forever for certain Paragons to be eventually released. Information for all other paragons aside from the first two have not been confirmed as of the release of that blog.
    • Canonically, Paragons do not need abilities as part of their attacks, hence the lack of abilities for Paragons.
    • Sentry Paragon canonically may have contributed in creating Paragons.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's August 6th 2021 blog, further information about Paragons has been revealed.
    • Each Paragon is created from merging all of their tower kind into a single being.
    • Paragons will be chosen based on what NK believes "would be best".
    • Blocking Paragons in Challenge Editor is not planned yet but Ninja Kiwi said that blocking any Tier 5 upgrade of a certain tower kind will restrict Paragons of that tower kind.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's September 17th 2021 blog, Paragons were once planned to be available in Sandbox Mode if used in non-Sandbox gameplay first, but Ninja Kiwi decided not to implement that.


FIRST RELEASED: Version 27.0
Description: Upgrade to a Monkey Paragon Tower



Official artwork[]

Version History[]

  • Introduced Paragons, with the first two towers received being Dart Monkey and Boomerang Monkey.


  • The popup for "Paragon Upgrade Enabled!" is triggered upon buying all Tier 5 upgrades of the same tower type for the first time.
  • The option to upgrade a Tier 5 into a Paragon is locked until all Tier 5's of the same tower type are placed on screen. Until then, the upgrade button for the Tier 5 will read "Max Upgrades".
  • The current two Paragons collectively are the 3rd and 2nd most expensive upgrades in the game alone, the 1st being True Sun God.
  • It is technically possible to obtain a paragon in C.H.I.M.P.S mode, though it is incredibly difficult to save up the required cost without income. An Apex Plasma Master was achieved by YouTuber "Baumfall."
  • The Paragon upgrades joins "Prince of Darkness" as being a completely new upgrade that was introduced after the base tower was added.
  • Paragons as a concept resemble and may be inspired by the Wizard Lord from Bloons TD 5.