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An undetectable disguise for getting close to MOABs for extra damage.
~ BATTD description
Paper Plate Mask info

Description before potential collecting of the trinket

The Paper Plate Mask is a Common Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has no character restrictions, letting any character equip it.


Paper Plate Mask

The Paper Plate Mask is made of a white face mask made of a paper plate, shaped as a skull with three jagged teeth and angular eye holes. Connected to its sides is a thin headband supporting two plastic forks at the sides of the head.


The Paper Plate Mask has a single, simple purpose: allow the character who equips it to fight MOAB-Class bloons more competently or efficiently. This effect is obviously most important to characters like Supermonkey or Commander Cassie who attack with high attack rates but low damage to compensate, making the Paper Plate Mask increase their MOAB popping power twofold as a result.

Though counterintuitive, there are obvious characters to avoid equipping this trinket onto, such as Max or Finn, who can benefit from having an extra damage point initially, but have easy access to options for increasing their MOAB damage output (Weak Spots and MOAB Ripper, respectively), making other trinkets which boost other aspects (e.g. speed and range) much more beneficial in the long run. This also applies to characters who can deal more than one damage per attack, such as Dungeon Finn by default.

An interesting combination of low rarity trinkets is the Paper Plate Mask and an Uncommon trinket: Treetrunk's Dagger. This combination of Trinkets allows the recipient character to gain an extra +2 damage per hit to MOAB-Class bloons and an extra point of damage to the children Ceramic Bloon layer. While alone Treetrunk's Dagger serves as a direct upgrade to the Paper Plate Mask, combination allows some of the best suited characters like Supermonkey to take down MOABs thrice as fast with his main attack.

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