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Mortar shattering shells removes Fortification from DDT Bloons.
~ In-game description

Paint Stripper is an upgrade in the Military Monkey Knowledge tree, added in Version 6.0. It allows Shattering Shells to strip DDT fortification, even if they cannot damage them. It requires eight military knowledge points invested, Extra Burny Stuff, and a one-time purchase of BloonjaminsIcon250.



Paint Stripper allows the Shattering Shells to strip DDT fortified in all cases even if it cannot damage it. No matter what circumstances, even when given supports such as MIB and Striker Jones, Paint Stripper is the required method for the less expensive Mortar Monkey upgrades to defortify.

The main use case for Paint Stripper is the reduced DDT health by removing the fortifications from DDTs, which lets DDTs become an easier kill.


  • Use the 0-2-4 Shattering Shells to defortify DDTs. As much higher attack speed has much better consistency at focused spots than bigger blasts. Pierce isn't usually as much of an issue when handling DDTs.

Version History[]

Paint Stripper was redundant in 27.0 due to the Signal Flare rework.

Buffs and nerfs are shown in relation to overall player favorability.

  • Released. Initially allows Shattering Shells to decamo DDTs.
  • BUFF Paint Stripper no longer does anything, due to the reworks to Signal Flare and Shattering Shells
  • BUFF [Undocumented, possibly a bug] Paint Stripper allows Shattering Shells to defortify DDTs
  • NERF Paint Stripper is now required to decamo DDTs with Signal Flare, Shattering Shells, or Blooncineration
  • BUFF [Undocumented bug fix] Paint Stripper is no longer required for Blooncineration to strip DDT camo
  • Change Paint Stripper MK now instead allows Shattering Shells to remove Fortification from DDT's
    • Description also changed from "Camo." to "Fortification."



  • Paint strippers are chemicals that remove paint. They are often alkaline or made of solvents.
  • The likely unintended interaction in Version 28.0 that allows Shattering Shells to defortify DDTs with this MK may be caused by letting the main explosion defortify DDTs but the secondary "flare" explosion decamo DDTs. However, when Ninja Kiwi buffed Signal Flare and Shattering Shells to decamo DDTs again, they officially stated the defortification aspect.
  • While Shattering Shells (and its preceding upgrade) was buffed in Version 27.0 to be able to decamo DDTs on its own, this MK is still required for decamoing DDTs. Version 28.0 fixed both upgrades from doing so without the Paint Stripper MK, but it now allows Shattering Shells to defortify DDTs too.